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Rathfarnham is a neat, well-built village in the parish of the same name (baronies of Upper Cross and Rathdown) about four miles from the General Post Office. The parish comprises an area of nearly 2,300 acres, with a population of 9,210. The neighbourhood is exceedingly interesting, and contains many well-arranged villa residences chiefly occupied by the higher professional and mercantile classes of Dublin. It is also considered an educational centre, as there are several colleges and schools of national repute in the immediate vicinity, the Loretto Convent Boarding School being one of the oldest and most successful in the kingdom. The Augustinian and St. Columba's Colleges almost adjoin the village. The School of St. Enda was founded in the autumn of 1908, with the object of providing a secondary education distinctively Irish in complexion, bi-lingual in method and of a high modern type generally for Irish Catholic boys. Already it is an assured success. There are several elementary National Schools in the district, having a large average attendance. The Catholic Church is a very large and handsome edifice, capable of accommodating nearly 1,000 worshippers. It was opened for divine worship in November, 1879. It is built in the early Gothic style of architecture, and is one of the most ornate and beautiful parish churches in the kingdom. It contains three altars and several beautiful stained glass windows. It was consecrated by His Eminence Cardinal McCabe, and the dedication sermon was preached by the celebrated Dominican, the Rev. Thomas Burke. The cost of construction was nearly 10,000. Meade and Sons of Dublin, were the builders and G.C. Ashlin, Esq., the architect. The Very Rev. Canon Myler, P.P., was P.P. during its construction and was succeeded by the Very Rev. Thos. Kennedy, P.P., who died 1900, and was succeeded by the Very Rev. Pierce (Canon) Gossan. Transferred to Donnybrook in 1909, he was succeeded by the present highly esteemed P.P. the Very Rev. Joseph (Canon) O'Keefe. There is a small church of Ireland in the centre of the village with a tower and a spire. There is a Constabulary Barracks, Petty Sessions Court and a Dispensary. The chief residence of the celebrated Irish orator and wit, John Philpot Curran, was situated at the priory, a short distance from the centre of the village. The Castle of Rathfarnham was built by Archbishop Loftus in the reign of Queen Elizabeth.

Magistrates attending Rathfarnham every alternate Tuesday at 11 o'clock-- J.D. Tottenham, Esq.; Albert Croly, Esq., M.D.; Robert Tedcastle Esq.; Thomas W. Russell, Esq.; Major Sir Fredk. W. Shaw, Bart.; Francis McBride, Esq.; John Ryan, Esq.; Ernest W. Guinness, Esq.; Wm. M. Jones, Esq.; Robert Brown, Esq., M.D.; Sir Howard Grubb, F.R.S.; Henry J. Allen, Esq.; Hercules D. Rowley, Esq.; Lord Massy; Sir Andrew Reid; Raol C. De Verson, Esq.; Dr. G. Joyce; Judge Adye-Curran; Gerald Begg, Esq.; Col. F.G. Adye-Curran, M.D.; Charles Lyndon, Esq., J.P.; Charles Lawlor, Esq. . Clerk, Mr. James Keating, 46 Brighton Square East, Rathgar

Rathfarnham Commercial List
Adams, J.J., Fountain Cottage
Alford, Mrs., Castle View
Allen, C.F., Newtown Villas
Ard, Geo. Fredk., Edenbrook, Willbrook
Atkins, Mrs., Whitechurch
Augustinian Novitiate College. Rev. C.J. O'Gorman, O.S.A.; Rev. Henry Joseph Kenny, O.S.A.; Rev. Columbanus Murphy, O.S.A.; Rev. Edward O'Leary O.S.A.

Behan, The Rev. Michael, C.C., B.A.
Berwick House, Miss Ewart, Lady Superintendent
Bird, Rev. J.S., The Rectory
Bishop, Mrs. Mary Jane, Home for Ladies Mentally Affected, Woodtown
Blackburn, Mrs., Rathfarnham Castle
Bloomfield Steam Laundry Co. Ltd., James Mallen, Manager
Bourke, The Rev. C.C.
Boyd, T.H., Butterfield Avenue
Brady, C., farmer, Cruagh, Rockbrook
Bright, Wm., St. Thomas, Whitechurch
Burke, Catherine, nurse
Butler, T. O'Brien, Murgheis Hall
Byrne, Mrs., farmer, Rockbrook
Byrne, Mrs., Grange Lodge
Byrne, Jane, dressmaker, Wolfe Tone Terrace

Caffrey, Matthew, farrier, Newbrook
Caldwell, Edward Albert, Harold Grange
Campbell, Ellen, dairy
Carey, Mrs. Elizabeth, dairy, Willbrook
Carey, Geo., slater and contractor, Willbrook
Casey, James, farmer, Cruagh, Rockbrook
Casey, Patrick, farmer, Rockbrook
Christie, Mrs. M., 3 Daly Terrace
Clarke, John, farmer, Rockwood, Ballyboden
Club Pavilion, M. Mooney, caretaker
Coates, R., Butterfield Lodge
Cooney, Richd., bootmaker
Cosgrove, Wm., dairyman, Kilmashogue
Croly, A.J., physician and surgeon, Silveracre
Croly, The Misses, Greenfield
Cullen, John, grocer and vintner, Willbrook
Cullen, Mary, newsagent
Custis, Wm., saddler and vintner

Daly, Wm., property owner, 3 Daly Terrace
Daly, Wm. Thomas, grocer and spirit merchant
Delany, Richd., grocer and vintner, Rockbrook
Dickson, Thomas, coachbuilder
Dollard, Daniel, Rose Villa, Willbrook
Donnellan, Mary Anne, Cruagh Lace Industry
Donnelly, John, sand contractor
Donohoe, John, greengrocer
Donohoe, Mrs. Kate, dressmaker
Dowd, Chas. Wm., Barton
Doyle, Garrett, sand contractor, Scholarstown
Doyle, Mrs. M., purveyor
Downey, John, nurseryman, Nutgrove
Duffy, John, tailor

Edmundstown National School, James Hegarty, B.A., Principal
Edmundstown Paper Mills Co.
Egan, Mrs., dressmaker, 5 Castle View
Elrington, Maurice, Colingwood

Falkenstein, George, Fowl Farm Manager, Beaufort
Falkenstein, Mrs. G., Tea and Refreshment Rooms, Loretto Cottage
Faloon, Maurice, dairyman
Farrell, Daniel, farmer, Rockbrook
Farren, Miss A., Highfield Manor
Featherstonehaugh Convalescent Home, Miss Sayers, Matron
Fish, Mr., Edmundstown Mills
Fox, John, farmer and spirit merchant, Rockbrook

Gahan, John M., builder, Kilmashogue
Gallagher, Denis, cattle dealer
Gallagher, Patrick, cattle dealer
Gallagher, Patrick, vintner
Gannon, Henry, painter
Grange Golf Club. Mr. Henry Buchannan, Hon. Secretary; Michael McGlue, professional golfer
Gregory, Wm., fishmonger
Grimwood, The Misses, Washington House
Guinness, Mrs. Mary, Tibradden

Hagarty, James, B.A., Snugborough House
Hall, Mrs., Laundry, Brooklawn
Hanlon, P.J., victualler
Haslam, Wm., summons server
Hayes, Wm., chemist, Edmundstown
Healy, John, farrier
Herbert, Nicholas, 4 Castle View
Hill, Rev. Walter A., M.A., Woodlawn Preparatory School
Hogan, Edwd., bootmaker, Main Street
Hopkins, Edward, St. Catherine's, Ballyboden
Horan, P., Ballyhoran Lodge, Ballyboden
Houghton, James, Hillcott House
Houston, David, Grange House
Hughes, G.C., Whitechurch Lodge
Hughes, James, dairyman, Hazlebrook

Irwin, John, Newbrook House
Irwin, S. and Son, Paper Manufacturers, Newbrook Mills

Jenkins, Nicholas, farmer, Kilmashogue
Jenkins, Miss, laundress, Kilmashogue
Jolly, Christopher, dairy
Jones, Wm. M., J.P., Rosebank, Willbrook
Jordan, Mrs. M., Millmount

Kane, Joseph, car owner
Kavanagh, Patrick, Silverstone Mill
Kearney, Martin, farmer
Keating, Christopher, farmer, Ballyboden
Keeley, James, painter, Willbrook
Kelly, James J., St. Gatien
Kelly, P., farmer, Kilmashogue
Kennedy, John, farmer, Mount Venus
Kennedy, Thomas, dairyman, Harold's Grange
Kennedy, Thos., farmer, Mount Venus
Kenny, Simon, dairyman
Keogh, John, Dr., Kilmashogue
Kernan, Joseph, sand contractor, Rathfarnham Bridge
King, Thos., Greenroyd
Knox, Mrs., 2 Castle View
Kyle, James A., Ballyboden Cottage

Lambert, Thomas D., Veterinary Surgeon, Prospect Hill, Ballyboden
Landy, John, baker
Lee, Joseph, coal and sand contractor
Leedom, Mrs.
Leet, F.L., LL.D., Elmpark
Lennon, Mrs. Kate, confectioner
Lenton, Thos.
Loretto Convent, a high-class Boarding School for Young Ladies
Lovering, William, painter and signwriter, Main Street, and at 46 Middle Abbey Street, Dublin
Lundy, Henry J., The Hersel
Luttrell, Michael, Laurel Hill
Lyndon, Charles, J.P., Bolton Hall, Willbrook

McCabe, Messrs., Wholesale Fowl Farm, Beaufort
McCabe, Peter Joseph, Ballyroan, Ballyboden
McEntaggart, J., Butterfield House
McGlew, Michael, Golf-club manufacturer, Grange Golf Club
McGrath, Peter, farmer, Woodtown
McGrath, Thomas, grocer and spirit merchant
McKenna, Patrick, golfer, Wolfe Tone Terrace
McKeogh, Luke, ex-R.I.C.
McLean, Thomas, Cloragh Cottage
Macken, John, hairdresser
Maguire, Miss F., District Nurse
Martin, Miss G., Chilham House
Massy, Lord John, Kilakee House
Matthews, John A., Woodbine, Woodtown
Mayers, Mr., Springvale
Millard, Wm., artist, Vicarage Cottage
Mitchell, John, Mill House, Whitechurch
Mooney, James, dairy, Mountain View
Morris, Mrs., Ely Lodge
Morris, P.P., Ely Lodge
Murphy, Thos., timber carrier, Willbrook
Murray, Christopher, sand contractor

National School, Whitechurch. Miss H.J. Malley, Principal
National School. John Quin, Teacher, Nutgrove
Nicol, Robert C., Medical Superintendent, Larch Hill Sanatorium
Nolan, Mrs., Delamaine, Whitechurch
Nolan, Patrick, carpenter, Ballyboden
Norman, Wm. H., Orchardstown House

O'Connor, Mrs., grocer and vintner, Ballyboden
O'Flaherty, Goodwin, Ballyboden
O'Keefe, The Very Rev. Joseph (Canon), P.P., The Presbytery
O'Neill, Wm., sand contractor, Rathfarnham Bridge
O'Tuathail, Thomas, Stationer, Bookseller, Newsagent, Cycle Agent and Repairer, Main Street

Pearse, P.H., B.A., B.L., Headmaster and Proprietor, St. Enda's College
Pedlow, Sinton, dairyman, Newtown Villas
Pender, W.J., Wolfe Tone House
Perkins, James P., Southwell
Philip-Smith, Chas. Wm., Woodfield
Phillips, Mrs. D. R., Riversdale
Prendergast, Mr., Fairbrook
Prosser, Christopher, farmer, Tibradden
Prosser, Francis, farmer, Tibradden
Prosser, Henry, farmer, Tibradden

Rathfarnham Court House. James Keating, clerk
Rathfarnham Boys' School, John Quin, Principal; D. O'Sullivan, Assistant. Average attendance, 80
Rathfarnham Girls' National School. Conducted by the Nuns of Loretto Convent
Rathfarnham Dispensary. Dr. Croly, Medical Officer
Rathfarnham Golf Club. J.G. Breakey, Secretary; P.McKenna, Professional Golfer
Rathfarnham Police Barracks. Wm. Corrigan, Sergt., and 5 constables
Rathfarnham Post Office. Mrs. Stanley, Postmistress
Rogers, Richard, dairy, Acre Brook
Rourke, Mrs., Washington Lodge

St. Columba's College
St. Enda's College, The Hermitage. P.H. Pearse, B.A., B.L., Principal
Senior, Arthur W., Glenbrook
Sharman-Crawford, Mrs. E., The Park
Sheridan, Mrs., Edmundstown
Sheridan, Francis, painter, 5 Castle View
Smith, Mrs. Mary, 2 Daly Terrace
Smyth, Major B., M.V.O., Woodbine, Woodtown
Stanley, Mrs., general draper

Taylor, Miss Julia, The Priory
Taylor, R., farmer, Woodtown
Taylor, Robt., farmer, The Grange
Taylor, Thomas, Mount Vernon
Tedcastle, Robt., Marley, Whitechurch
Tottenham, John D., Ashfield
Tunstall, Wm., Hollypark, Whitechurch

Vize, Mrs., Hollylands

Walker, Patrick, grocer and spirit merchant, The Yellow House
Walker, Richd. C., Fonthill Abbey
Warner, C.G., Boden Park
Warner, Thomas R., Somerville
Watson, Mrs., Ballyroan House
Whelan, Miss, Palmyra
Whitechurch Laundry Ltd.
Whitechurch Church of Ireland. Rev. D. F. Killingly, B.D., Vicar
Wilson, David, Poultry Farm, Orchardstown House
Winder, Mrs., Tower Ville, Ballyboden
Wisdom, Mrs., Postmistress, Rockbrook

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