Porter's Guide and Directory
for North County Dublin

Index to Porter's Directory 1912


My copy of the directory is missing a couple of pages, one of which contains the introduction to Balbriggan. I intend to track down a complete copy, but here is what my copy says:

(this begins with what is presumably the end of the list of Church of Ireland Ministers...)

Benson, the Rev. Charles W., LL.D., Incumbent of St. George's Church, Balbriggan, Bedford House, Balbriggan
Scriven, the Rev. Rowland, M.A., Honorary Curate, St. George's Church, Balbriggan, Rochfort House, Balbriggan
CATHOLIC CHURCH - The old church was built about 150 years ago, and is still extant but used as a boys' school. The construction of the present church in the Dublin Road was delayed for some time owing to a difficulty arising as to its site - some of the congregation desiring that it should be built in their own immediate neighbourhood; but when this was settled a commencement of the present imposing edifice was made and the principle of 'direct labour' instituted, as many of the parishioners were very poor - men who personally assisted in quarrying, carrying and drawing the stone from a considerable distance.

The church was almost completed in 1857, when a violent thunderstorm almost demolished the whole structure. Any reference to the building of this church would be incomplete if it was not stated that it was largely owing to the indefatigable energy of Father John Smith, materially assisted by the members of his congregation, that the present structure was built. For a long time it remained in an unfinished state, not even plastered, until the advent of the Very Rev. Canon Fee, who built the annexe and presbytery. Many improvements have been made by the present popular Parish Priest. The clergymen attached are the Very Rev. Eugene Byrne, P.P., Rev. Edmund O'Sullivan and the Rev. Wm. Murphy.
BALBRIGGAN POST OFFICE - Money Order, Savings Bank, Parcel Post, Telegrams, Insurance and Annuity, Stamps. Public Telephone Office. Mrs. Dennis, Postmistress.
ROYAL IRISH CONSTABULARY - District Inspector, Thomas Dowling; John E. Hunter, Head Constable; Edward Kenny and Patrick Kilkenny, Sergeants, and 8 constables.
BALBRIGGAN MIXED NATIONAL SCHOOL - J.A. Douglas, Principal; Mrs. E. Douglas, Assistant, Skerries Street
MRS. HAMILTON'S GIRLS' SCHOOL - Miss Mason, Principal, Skerries Street
ST. MARY'S INFANT NATIONAL SCHOOL - Average attendance 107 mixed. Miss Marcella Rogers, Principal; Miss Amelia Canty, Assistant; Miss Anne Corry, Assistant.
ST. PETER'S BOYS' NATIONAL SCHOOL, BALBRIGGAN - Mr. William Butler, Principal; Mr. Francis Shaw, Assistant. Average attendance 90.
ST. MARY'S GIRLS' NATIONAL SCHOOL, BALBRIGGAN - Miss M.A. Butler, Principal; Miss S. Proctor, Assistant. Average attendance 70.

MAGISTRATES ATTENDING PETTY SESSIONS - Louis Whyte, Wm. J. Comisky, Col. Richard T. Woods, Anthony Hussey, Charles Gallen, James Ennis, Dr. Scriven, Edward Brady, Bartholemew Grimes, Frank Flanagan, R.A. Butler, Captain E. Taylor. Robert Cosgrove, Clerk.
CARNEGIE FREE LIBRARY COMMITTEE - James Canty, Librarian; Very Rev. Eugene D. Byrne, P.P., Chairman; Rev. Charles W. Benson, M.A., LL.D., Vice-Chairman; Louis Whyte, J.P., Wm. J. Comisky, J.P., Col. Richard T. Woods, J.P., Anthony S. Hussey, J.P., Charles Gallen, J.P., James Ennis, J.P., Wm. G. Percival, Wm. Bannon, D.C., Charles Graham, D.C., Christopher Smyth, T.C., Michael Ennis, D.C., James McGlew, Thomas Wade, D.C., John Maher, D.C., Edward Maher, Michael J. Sharkey, David A. Ellis, T.C.

TOWN COMMISSIONERS - Chairman, Archdale Graham, Christopher Smyth, David A. Ellis, R.S. Gorman, Charles Graham, Andrew Corcoran, John Corcoran, James Timmon, Thomas Cashell.
BALBRIGGAN DISPENSARY, HIGH STREET - Dr. W. F. Fullam, Medical Officer and Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages. J. Larkin, Deputy Registrar.
BALBRIGGAN HARBOUR OFFICE - Thomas Knight, Harbour Master, Strand House.
BALBRIGGAN LIGHTHOUSE - Mr. Kennedy, Light Keeper
BALBRIGGAN GAS. CO. LTD.- John Canning, Manager
BALBRIGGAN RAILWAY STATION - John Forsyth, Stationmaster, Station Street.

Balbriggan Private Residents
Archer, Arthur, Retford House

Bankhead, Miss, Fancourt
Benson, The Rev. Charles W., LL.D., Incumbent of St. George's Church, Bedford House
Boyd-Gardner, Wm., Veterinary Surgeon and at Drogheda
Brady, Edward, J.P.
Brady, John, Hampton Street
Butler, R.A., J.P.

Cary-Caddell, Mrs., Harbourstown
Comisky, Patrick, Tankerville

Filgate, T.M., J.P., D.L., Lowtherstown Castle
Flanagan, Frank, J.P.
Fullam, Wm.F., M.D., Dublin Street

Gallen, Charles, J.P., Mill House
Good, Rev. H.B., Incumbent, Balrothery
Gormanstown, The Right Honourable Lord, Gormanstown Castle
Grimes, Bartolemew, J.P.

Hayes, Richard Francis, M.D., Dublin Street

Jameson, R.D., J.P., Delvin Lodge

Leonard, Francis, Seapoint

Markey, N., J.P., Naul Park
Mitchette, Richard, Hampton Street
Moorhead, Samuel, Bank House
Murphy, Rev. Wm., C.C., The Presbytery

Ogle, John, Seapoint
O'Sullivan, Rev. Edmund, C.C., The Presbytery

Preston, The Hon. T., Silverstream

Scriven, Rev. Rowland, M.A., Hon. Curate, Rochfort House
Scriven, Dr., Hampton

Taylor, Captain Edward, Ardgillan Castle
Tunstall-Moore, Henry T., Stedalt

Wade, John, Sea View
Warren, Mrs., Maryville, Seapoint
Warren, Miss M., Laragh, Hampton Street
Whyte, Louis, J.P., General Manager, Balbriggan Mills, George's Hill
Woods, E.H., Milverton Hall
Woods, Col. Richard T., J.P.
Woods, R.T., Whitestown House
Woodward, John, Prospect

Yeates, Wm., Grangemount

Balbriggan Commercial List
Ahern, Francis, Solicitor, Drogheda Street and 14 College green
Austin, Mrs., Dublin Street

Balbriggan Gas. Co. Ltd., J. McGowan, Manager
Balbriggan Railway Station, John Forsythe, Stationmaster
Bannon, M.J., Solicitor, Bridge Street
Bannon, Wm., Clerk to the Urban Council
Barton, Wm., Hosier, Drogheda Street
Barry, Wm., Oil and Colour Merchant, Drogheda Street
Bray, James, Car Proprietor, Chapel Street
Burke, Patrick, Shopkeeper, Clonard Street
Burke, Miss Susetta, Dublin Street
Butler, Miss, Head Mistress, St. Peter's Girls' School, Dublin Street
Butler, William, Head Master, St. Peter's School, Church Street
Byrne, The Very Rev. Eugene, P.P., The Presbytery
Byrne, Kate, Tobacconist, Drogheda Street
Byrne, Peter, General Draper, Clothier and Boot dealer

Cahill, Mrs., Dublin Street
Canning, John, Plumber, Mill Street
Canty, Alexander, Hosier, High Street
Canty, James, Librarian, Carnegie Free Library
Canty, Laurence, Hosier, Dublin Street
Carvill, John, Fisherman, Hampton Street
Clerkin, Patrick, Ex-R.I.C., Church view
Clinch, Patrick, Fish Merchant
Clinton, Alice, Shopkeeper, Drogheda Street
Cogan, Michael, General Draper, Bridge Street
Colgan, Bernard, Saddler and Harness maker, Bridge Street
Collins, John, Working Hosier, Station Street
Comisky, Thos. and William, Brick and Tile Manufacturers, Coal Merchants &c.
Connolly, Miss, Dressmaker, Mill Street
Connolly, Patrick, Grocer and Spirit Merchant, Bridge Street
Corcoran, Andrew, Victualler, Bridge Street
Corcoran, James, Boat Owner, Church Street
Corcoran, John, Victualler, Drogheda Street
Corcoran, John, Butcher, Drogheda Street
Corcoran, Miss, Confectioner and Refreshment Rooms, Bridge Street
Corry, Miss Anne, Teacher of Music
Corry, Edward, painter and decorator, Drogheda Street
Corry, James, Station Street
Corry, Patrick, Painting Contractor, Drogheda Street
Corry, Stephen, Painter, Quay Street
Cosgrove, Robert, Clerk, Petty Sessions, George's Square
Costello, Michael, Dairyman and Car Proprietor, Clonard Street
Coyle, Christopher, Butcher, Mill Street
Crawford, William, Quay Street
Cullen, John, Factory Worker, Dublin Street
Curran, Philip, Hosier, Hampton Street
Curtis, Mrs., Quay Street

Darcy, Edward, Tailor, Drogheda Street
Deeds, Templer and Co., Manufacturers of Real Balbriggan Hose, Cashmere, Lisle, and Marino, Sea Mills
Dempsey, Mrs. Catherine, Victualler, Bridge Street
Dennis, Robert, Cycle Maker and Agent for the Singer and Bown Cycles and accessories, Hampton Street
Derham, John, Family Grocer and Spirit Merchant, Drogheda Street
Devenish, The Misses, Church Street
Devoy, Miss, Dublin Street
Dilkes, Frank, Dyer, Drogheda Street
Donnell, Mrs. Mary, Shopkeeper, George Square
Donnelly, Patrick, Hosier, King Street
Donnelly, Peter, Signalman, Quay Street
Douglas, J.A., Principal, Balbriggan Endowed School
Dowling, John, Carpenter, Drogheda Street
Dowling, Patrick, Grocer and Spirit Merchant, Ballymadun
Dunne, John, Hosier, Hampton Street
Dunne, Thomas, Saddler and Harness Maker, Clonard Street

Ellis, David, Factory Manager, Agent for the Rudge Whitworth and the Northern Insurance Co., Station Street
Ennis, Michael, D.C.
Ennis, William, Baker, Family Grocer, Farmer, Spirit and Provision Merchant

Farrell, Miss E., Apartments, Dublin Street
Farrell, James, General Draper and Outfitter, Bridge Street
Finnigan, Mrs. Margt., Family Grocer, Spirit and Provision Merchant, Dublin Street
Fitzsimons, Mrs., Refreshment Rooms, Mill Street
Flower and McDonald, Coal and Salt Merchants, Thomas Griffin, Manager
Fullam, W.F., M.D., Physician and Surgeon, Dispensary Medical Officer and Registrar Births, Deaths and Marriages

Gallagher, Mrs. Eliza, Hampton Street
Gallen, Charles and Co., Water-power Linen Manufacturers, Lower Mills
Gaynor, John, Hardware and General Merchant, Bridge Street
Gaynor, Wm., Bootmaker, Dublin Street
Gibbon, John, Dairyman, Hampton Street
Gelsinan, Miss, Dressmaker, Dublin Street
Gilsenan, Peter, Carpenter, Wheelwright and Undertaker, Clonard Street
Gorman, Mrs. A., Dressmaker, High Street
Gorman, Richard, Clerk, Station Street
Gosson, James, Clerk, Mill Street
Graham, Archdale, County Councillor, Bridge Street
Graham, Charles, Family Grocer, Wine, Spirit, Seed and Manure Agent, Hamilton Arms Hotel, Bridge Street
Graham, Thomas, Bridge Street
Graham, Wm. Hy., Agent for the Royal Enfield Cycles, Practical Cycle Repairer, Station Street
Griffin, Thomas, Local Manager for Flower and McDonald

Hall, Mary Jane, Grocer, Drogheda Street
Hanrahan, A., Dublin Street
Hardy, Mrs. T., Stationer, Station Street
Harman, John, Hairdresser, Dublin Street
Harpur, Arthur, Hosier, Hampton Street
Harper, Geo., Working Hosier, Station Street Hartford and McDonald, General Drapers, Hosiers, Milliners, Boot, Shoe and Readymade Clothing merchants, Drogheda Street
Hartford, Richard, Hosier, Hampton Street
Hawkins, Mrs., Select Private Apartments, The Laurels
Hayes, Richard Francis, Physician and Surgeon, Medical Officer, Balrothery Union, Dublin Street
Heeney, Miss, Teacher of Music, Bridge Street
Heeney, Jospeh, Painting Contractor, George Square
Heeney, Michael, Builder and Contractor, Hardware and General Merchant, Dublin Street
Henry, Bernard,School Attendance Officer, Hampton Street
Herbert, Mrs., Drogheda Street
Hoey, Anne, Hardware dealer, Drogheda Street
Hussey, J.S., J.P., Westtown, Naul
Hyland, Stephen, Grocer and Provision Merchant

Keegan, Wm., Hosier, Dublin Street
Keeling, Mrs. Brigid, Spirit Merchant, Bridge Street
Keeling, William, Coach Builder, Bridge Street
Kennedy, Edward, Lightkeeper
Kenny, Mr., R.I.C., Drogheda Street
Kiernan, William, Miller and Corn Merchant, Stephenstown Mills, John Flynn, Manager
Knight, Geo., Trimmer, Drogheda Street
Knight, Thomas, Harbourt Master

Lacy, Valentine, Shoeing and General Smith, Dublin Street
Lamb, Miss Anna, Draper and Hosier, Dublin Street
Landy, John, Family Grocer and Spirit Merchant, Drogheda Street
Landy, Miss, Grocer and Outdoor Beer seller, Dublin Street
Larkin, J., Deputy Registrar, Births , Deaths and Marriages, Sanitary and Relieving Officer, Dublin Street
Larkin, John and Sons, Auctioneers, Dublin Street
Lawlor, James, Hairdresser
Lee, Mrs. Mary, Shopkeeper, Drogheda Street
Le Strange, Miss, Dressmaker, Drogheda Street
Lombard, Rev. George, Georgeville
Loretto Convent Boarding and Day School - Rev. Mother Mrs. Deasy
Lyons, P., Clonard Street

McCarthy, James, Dublin Street
MacDonald, J., Blackhall
McDonnell, Mrs. Mary, Dairy, Chapel Street
McEvoy, Mary, Lodging House, Drogheda Street
McGarry, John, General Smith and Agricultural Implement Merchant and Repairer, Fences, Gates &c., Clonard Street
McGilvery, John, Trimmer, Station Street
McGlew, James, Family Grocer and Spirit Merchant, Drogheda Street
McGonagle, John, Working Hosier, High Street
McGowan, Joseph, Wine and Spirit Merchant, Gladstone Inn, Drogheda Street
McGowan, Joseph, General Manager and Secretary, Balbriggan Gas Co., 4 Church terrace
McGrane, Richard, Commercial Traveller, Drogheda Road
McNally, James, Builder, Carpenter, Wheelwright, Undertaker, Hardware and General Merchant, Dublin Street
Magan, John P., Ironmonger, Dublin Street
Maher, Edward
Maher, John, D.C.
Malone, Thos., Shoeing and General Smith, Dublin Street
Mangan, M., Grocer, High Street
Markey, Patrick, Apartments, Dublin Street
Martin, Stephen, Carpenter, Hampton Street
Marron, Mrs., Quay Street
Mason, Miss, Private School, Hampton Street
Megan, Anthony, Retired R.I.C., High Street
Merrie, Mrs, Brigid, Private Apartments, Seapoint
Metchette, Richard, Mill Manager, Hampton Street - appears as Mitchette earlier
Mongey, George, Grocer, George, Square
Monks, Brigid, General Dealer, Drogheda Street
Mooney, James, Hosier, Drogheda Street
Moore, Miss Elizabeth, Dublin Street
Moorhead, Samuel Johnson, Bank Manager, Bank House
Morris, George, Victualler
Morrissey, P.J. and Co., Grocer and Spirit Merchants, Drogheda Street
Murphy, Miss Annie, Dressmaker, Dublin Street
Murphy, Mrs. Margt., Provision Dealer, George Square
Murphy, Mrs. Mary, Nurse, Hampton Street
Murphy, Patrick, Grocer and Spirit Dealer, Ballough

Nulty, Mrs. Jane, Grocer, Clonard Street

O'Brien, Miss M.L., Private Apartments, Iona House
O'Brien, Patrick, Ex-R.I.C., High Street
O'Neill, Miss, George Square
O'Reilly, Bernard, Family Grocer, Provisions, Wine and Spirit Merchant, Bridge Street
Owens, Frank, Grocer and Spirit Merchant, Balrothery
Owens, John, Painter, High Street

Percival, W.G., Builder and Contractor, High Street

Reilly, Miss, Dublin Street
Reynolds, Miss Ellen, Stationer, Drogheda Street
Reynolds, Jack, Tobacconist, Agent for the Swift, Lucania and Ariel Cycles. Cycle repairs and Accessories, George Street
Richardson, Thomas, Dairyman, Clonard Street
Robinson, Walter, Hosier, Drogheda Street
Rogers, Miss, Teacher, Hampton Street
Rooney, Joseph, Builder and Contractor, Balrothery and Balbriggan

Savage, Miss Christina, Private Hotel, Dublin Street
Scanlan, Hugh R., Grocer and General Dealer, Dublin Street
Seaver, Joseph, Hosier, High Street
Sharkey, Elizabeth, Draper, Drogheda Street
Sharkey, John and Joseph, Brick and Fire Clay Goods Manufacturers, Drogheda Street
Sharkey, Michael
Sherlock, Thomas, Veterinary Surgeon, Kincora House and at Drogheda
Smyth and Co., (Esatblished 1780), The Original Balbriggan Hosiery Manufacturers. Warerooms, 36 and 37 Lower Abbey Street, Dublin, 3 and 4 Milk Street, London E.C., Prize Medal, London 1862; Dublin 1865; Paris 1867.
Smyth, Christopher, Poulterer and Grocer, George Square and at Church Street Skerries
Spencer, Robert, Hosier, Dublin Street
Spicer, John and Co., Ltd., Wholesale and Family Bakers and Flour Merchants. James Farrell, Manager
Stack, James, Clerk, Balrothery Union

Tapp, Horace, Working Hosier, Drogheda Street
Taylor, Mr., Chief Coastguard
Timmon, Joseph, Grocer, Dublin Street
Toland, Patrick, Grocer and Spirit Merchant,Farmer &c., Dublin Street
Townsend, Andrew, Carter, Hampton Street
Townsend, Joseph, Hosier, Hampton Street
Townsend, Mrs. Mary, Boarding House and Select Private Apartments, 'Brecon', Drogheda Street
Turner, George, Hosier, Station Street
Tyndall, Geo., Clerk, Staion Street

Wade, Thomas
Waddick, James, R.N., Quay Street
Warren, Miss May, Teacher of Music, Laragh House
Weir, Kate, High Street
White, John, Working Hosier, Drogheda Street
White, Michael, Dublin Street
White, Wm., Hosier, Drogheda Street
Woodhead, Charles, Engine Driver, Dublin Street
Wright, Phil, Pharmaceutical Chemist, Veterinary and Patented Medicines, Drogheda Street. Telegrams: Wright, Balbriggan
Wright, Thomas, Bank Cashier, Annadale

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