Some Irish slang

Word or phrase Example Meaning
Acting the maggot He was just acting the maggot as usual Behaving foolishly, annoyingly
Bags He made a bags of doing it Messy inadequate job (see hames)
Banjaxed It was banjaxed beyond all help Broken, can also mean tired
Bold You are a very bold boy Naughty
Crack, craic We had great craic that night Hard to translate, roughly meaning fun
Culchies The culchies were all over the place Rural people, usually used disparagingly by city people
Cute hoor I always knew he was a cute hoor Untrustworthy male person, often a politician
Desperate The place is in a desperate state Bad, needing attention
Drawers Her drawers were the size of Cork Knickers, panties
Eat the head off I'll eat the head off her Attack verbally
Eejit You're a right eejit Idiot, fool
Fair play Fair play to you Indicates approval of someone's actions or opinions
Feck Feck off, fecking thing, feck-all Polite(-ish) version of other F word
Fella Come here young fella Male person, also used for boyfriend
Flitters The dog left the shirt in flitters Tatters
Fluthered He was fluthered again Drunk
Foostering Just foostering about Not getting much done, fussing
Full shilling He's not the full shilling Mentally competent
Gas We had a bit of gas that day Fun, enjoyment
Giving out The teacher was always giving out to the class Scolding.
Gob He never shuts his gob Mouth
Gobdaw That fella's a right gobdaw Fool, idiot
Gom You're just acting the gom Fool, idiot
Guff Don't give me any of your guff Idle talk or excuses
Gur He's been on gur since Saturday Staying away from home, usually a child
Hames You made a terrible hames of that Messy inadequate job (see bags)
Header Keep away from that header Mentally unstable person
Holliers Two weeks holliers for me Holidays, vacation time
Holy show You made a holy show of yourself Spectacle
Hop He's been on the hop since Tuesday Playing truant from school
Horse's hoof That's a bit of a horse's hoof I think Spoof, exaggerated story
Hump off Would you ever hump off? Go away, leave me alone
Jackeens The jackeens think they're smart Dublin person, usually used disparagingly by culchies
Jacks I'm just off to the jacks Toilet, restroom
Jaded We're all jaded after it Tired, exhausted
Kibosh He put the kibosh on it Added the last straw, completely banjaxed something
Langered/Langers We were all langers Drunk
Letting on I was just letting on Pretending
Mary Hick That dress is really Mary Hick Unfashionable, drab
Messages I have to get the messages Groceries
Mooching He's mooching again for money Sponging, almost begging
Mot Have you got a mot? Girlfriend
One Some oul' one told her Female person
Pictures Want to come to the pictures? Movies, Cinema
Puck He got a puck in the gob Sharp blow
Puss She'd a right puss on her Face, usually sulky
Reddener She took a reddener when she saw him Blush (see Scarlet)
Reef I'll reef him when I see him Attack, non-verbal
Scarlet I'm scarlet for you Blushing, often in sympathy with a friend's reddener
Scratcher He's always in the scratcher Bed
Scrawbed Her face was all scrawbed Scratched by fingernails
Shook He was very shook looking Pale, ill, scared
Slagging I'm only slagging you Making fun of someone, generally good-naturedly
Sleeveen She's a bit of a sleeveen Sly person, calculating
Stocious He was stocious this evening Drunk
Trish Loughman, Dublin, Ireland © 1997-2004

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