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Wiley - Wray Index for Dublin Directory Yates - Yourell
Dublin City Directory 1850 : Wren - Wyse
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Wren Wrenfordsly Wrey Wright Wrigley
Wrixon Wybrants Wyer Wylde Wyle
Wyles Wyly Wynn Wynne Wyon

Edward, 54 Patrick St (broker)
John, 89 Lower Dorset St (not listed at address)-address shows John Weir
William, 41 Cook St (undertaker)
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From the Law Directory (not listed at stated address)
H., 25 Bachelor's walk (solicitor)-see Shy
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Atkinson, 16 Fitzwilliam Sq East (Esq.)-spelt Wray in general listing
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and Perrin, 65 Abbey St and 20 Lotts (general merchants)
and Stanley, 11-12 Great Strand St (hatters)
Brothers, 58 Dame St (hat manufacturers)
Anne, 77 Dame St (boot maker)
Anne, 61 Henry St (shoe warehouse)
Bernard, 78 Patrick St (victualler)
Edward, 26 Bull alley (victualler)
Edward, 51 Upper Leeson St and Lein (barrister - Trinity term 1833)
Edward J., 73 South Great George's St and Leinster Chambers, Dame St (shirt warehouse)
G., 3 Lion mount (gentleman)
James Frederick, 11 Lower Ormond quay (barrister - Michaelmas term 1847)
John, 53 Golden lane (boot and shoe maker)
John, 74 Stephen St (boot and shoe maker)
Jonathan and John, 7 Christchurch place (linen drapers)
Joseph Junior, 33 Westmoreland St, 30 and 50 Church St, Liverpool, 11 George's St, Limerick and Conyngham Road, Islandbridge (hatter)
Joseph William, 39 Summerhill (solicitor)
Mathew, 63 Middle Abbey St and 8 Percy place (wine merchant)
Thomas J., 8 Lower Sackville St and 1 Mulgrave cottages, Rumley avenue, Kingstown (hat manufacturer)
Thomas, 57 Moore St (grocer)
William, 5 Pembroke place (Esq.)
William, 17 Stephen St (boot and shoe maker)
William and John, 45 Dame St and Dawson grove, Beggar's Bush (brokers)-spelt Wight in general listing 
William Henry, 52 Rutland Sq West and Belfast (solicitor)
From the Law Directory (not listed at stated address)
John, 27 Wellington quay (solicitor)
T.E., 17 North Cumberland St (solicitor)-address lists George Wright Griffith
T.R., 18 Talbot St (solicitor)
William H., 39 Summerhill (solicitor)
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Edmond, Richmond, Drumcondra - outside area of directory
Grimshaw, 13 Molesworth St (Esq.)-listed as Wrigley Grimshaw in general listing
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Arthur N., 33 Harcourt St (barrister - Michaelmas term 1838)
John N., 28 Upper Leeson St (occup not listed)
From the Law Directory (not listed at stated address)
Edward, 17 Denzille St (solicitor)
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George Sisson, 7 Upper Ormond quay and Hollylodge, Rathmines (solicitor)
Robert, 47 Rutland Sq West (Esq.)
Misses, 50 Rutland Sq West (occups not listed)
William, 16 Bride St (coal factor)
From the Law Directory (not listed at stated address)
R.H., 42 North Cumberland St (solicitor)
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Eleanor M., 117 Great Britain St (linen draper)
James, 116 Great Britain St (paper and account book warehouse)
Laurence, 58 Lower Kevin St (house smith)
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Misses, 29 Dolphin's barn lane (occups not listed)
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James, 4 Richmond cottages (Esq.)
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Edward, 32 Golden lane (meal stores)
Edward, 33 Golden lane (tobacconist)
Michael, 32 Golden lane (not listed at address)
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James, 10 Upper Kevin St (saddlery and harness broker, vintner)
Thomas T., 12 Caroline row (accountant)
William, 5 Henrietta St (barrister - Trinity term 1829)-spelt Wily in general listing
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James, 25 Wellington quay (staymaker)-spelt Wynne in street listing
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Abraham, 123 Great Britain St (boot and shoe maker)
James, 25 Wellington quay (staymaker)-spelt Wynn in general listing
John, 58 Mary's lane (shoe maker)
Phoebe, 35 Lower Abbey St (occup not listed)
From the Law Directory (not listed at stated address)
James, 49 Lower Dominick St (barrister - Easter term 1828)
William, 1 Blackhall St (Esq.)
William, Templeogue (Commissioner of Appeals in Revenue Cases) - outside area of Directory
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Robert, 25 North Richmond place (Esq.)
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George, M.D., 34 Upper Sackville St (apothecary)
From the Law Directory (not listed at stated address)
George, Waterford (barrister - Easter term 1832)
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