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Towson - Tyrrell Index for Dublin Directory Valentine - Vowell
Dublin City Directory 1850 : Umphries - Ussher
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Umphries Underwood Union Upton Urwick
Usher Ussher

Miss Aves, 12 Bride's alley (cabinet maker)
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E., 12 Eden quay (millinery and dress warerooms)
James, 12 Eden quay (stationer)
William, 12 Eden quay and Old Abbey St (printer)
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Christopher, 6 Riddal's row (victualler)
Hugh, 23 Cash row (victualler)
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Henry, 3 North Clarence St (dyer)
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Rev. William, 40 Rathmines Road -outside area of directory
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and Boileau, 91-93 Bride St (wholesale druggists and manufacturing chemists)
John, 12 Northumberland Square (ship owner)
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From the Law Directory (not listed at stated address)
John, no address given (barrister -Hilary term 183? - last digit looks like a 6)
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