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Dublin City Directory 1850 : Mulville - Myler
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Mulville Mulvin Munday Murdoch Murdock
Murland Murphy Murray Murrell Murry
Murtagh Murtha Musgrave Muszard Muzard

Patrick, 41 Denzille St (occup not listed)-spelt Malville in street listing
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Francis, 111 Old Church St (board and lodging house)
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Mrs., 147 Lower Gloucester St North (occup not listed)
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William, 56 York St (surgeon)-spelt Murdock in general listing
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William, 56 York St (surgeon)-spelt Murdoch in street listing
From the Law Directory (not listed at stated address)
Robert, 31 College green (solicitor)
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and Nelson, 28 Upper North Gloucester St (solicitors)
James, 28 Upper North Gloucester St (solicitor)
James William, 9 Mountjoy place Upper (barrister - Easter term 1837)
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and Co., 38 and 39 Smithfield (salesmasters)
and Co., 7 Capel St (brush manufacturers and army contractors)
and Co., 72-74 Great Strand St (brush warehouse)
Mrs. A., 1 Bridgefoot St (occup not listed)
Alicia, 1-4 Dame Court (Albion Hotel and Music Saloon)
Andrew, 22 Upper Liffey St (broker)
Andrew, 9 Ardee St (harness maker)
Anne, 77 Old Church St (grocer)
Anne, 13 Exchequer St (straw dealer)
Arthur, 14 Bride's alley (occup not listed)
Arthur, 42 Marlborough St (occup not listed)
B., 35 Prussia St (occup not listed)
B., 32 Lower Gardiner St (Spanish consul)
Bartholemew, 65 Thomas St (grocer)
Benjamin, 2 Mountrath St (scrivener's office)
Bernard, 24 Wexford St (confectioner)
Bernard, 157 Capel St (confectioner and wholesale lozenge and comfit manufacturer)
Catherine, 36 Charles St West (spirit retailer)
Charles, 34 City Quay (soap and candle warehouse)
Charles, 7 Ship St Little (engraver)
Charles, 16 Mary St (shoe maker)
Charles, 4 Westland Row (merchant tailor)
Charles S., 22 Northcourt cottages, North Lotts (no detailed listing)
Christopher, 13 Fownes' St (surgical instrument maker)
David, 13 Charles St West (not listed at address)
David, 13 Great Britain St (vintner)
Denis, 1 Molesworth place (provision stores)
Denis Joseph, 102 Dorset St Upper (boot and shoe maker)
Dr., 2 Clare St (doctor)-no initial or first name
Dudley Fletcher, 69 Francis St (hosier)
E., 32 Bishop St (dress maker)
Edward, 131 Great Britain St (bakery and flour stores)
Edward, 133 Thomas St (dairy)
Edward, 26-27 Francis St (nailor)
Edward, 1 Lombard St (grocer and spirit dealer)
Edward, 111 Townsend St (grocer)
Edward, 24 New Bride St (clerk)
Edward, 73 Old Church St (grocer)
Edward, 190 Townsend St (lock-smith)
Edward, 175 Old Church St (grocer)
Edward, 117 Upper Abbey St (dairyman)
Eliza, 13 1/2 Great Britain St (provision shop)
Elizabeth, 119 Upper Dorset St (dressmaker)
George, 3 Albert Court East (occup not listed)
Hugh, 22 Robert St (corn factor)
James, 12 Charles St West (not listed at address)
James, 8 Great Britain St (provision dealer)
James, 12 Great Britain St (dairy)
James, 10 Exchequer St (chimney sweep)
James, 13 Crane lane (tenements - indiv occups not listed)
James, 25 Great Strand St (occup not listed)
James, 8 Mary's Abbey (cork importer)
James, 2 Oriel place (occup not listed)
James, 4 Grand Canal St (occup not listed)
James, 4 North Clarence St (occup not listed)
James, 9 1/2 Golden lane (shoe maker)
James, 12 Cannon St (occup not listed)
James, 22 Upper Liffey St (broker)
Rev. J. A., 48 North Brunswick St -listed as T.A. in street listing 
James, 30 Watling St (builder)
James, 19 Clanbrassil St (beer and spirit dealer)
James, 136 Old Church St (dairy)
James, 32 Thomas St (carpenter)
James, 98 North King St (tallow chandler)
James, 43 South King St (tinplate worker)
Jeremiah John, Q.C., 18 Lower Fitzwilliam St (barrister - Hilary term 1828)
John, 17 Merrion Sq North (barrister - Trinity term 1846)
John, 22 North King St (tobacconist)
John, 90 Old Church St (hayseed dealer)-spelt Murray in general listing
John, 48 Queen St (occup not listed)
John, 1-2 Aughrim St (grocer)
John, 26 Charlotte St (hair dresser)
John, 111 Francis St (vintner)
John, 34 Francis St (grocer)
John, 9 Barrack St (carpenter)
John, 14 Lower Kevin St (not listed at address)
John, 43 Lower Mecklenburgh St (collector)
John, 56 Stephen St (baker)
John, 6 Parkgate St (saddle and harness manufacturer)
John H.B., 5 Lower Gardiner St (barrister - Easter term 1846)
John, 60-61 Francis St (grocer)
John, 79 Upper Dorset St (apothecary)
John, 140 James' St (coppersmith)
John, 27 North Frederick St (farming implement stores)
John, 79 Upper Dominick St (boot maker)
John, 28 Henry St (boot and shoe maker)
John, 19 Lower Camden St (victualler)
Joseph, 67 Upper Dominick St (occup not listed)
Joseph and Son, 37 Patrick St (flour merchant)
Laurence, 9 Peter's row (bell hanger)
Lucy, 30 Ellis Quay (confectioner)
Margaret, 15 Hanover lane (clothes broker)
Mrs. Margaret, Northumberland St (provision dealer)
Marie, 27 Lower Camden St (French corset maker)
Martha, 23 Whitefriar St (straw bonnet maker)
Martin, 24 Upper Kevin St (harness maker)
Martin, 2 Priestfield (gardener)
Martin, 25 Sir John Rogerson's Quay (grocer)
Martin, Rehoboth, South Circular Rd (occup not listed)
Mary, 65 Cook St (copper manufacturer)
Mathew, 20 George's hill (shoe maker)
Michael, 3 Lower Charlemont St (builder)
Michael, 16 James' St East (tailor)
Michael, 19 South William St (poulterer)
Michael, 27 Great Brunswick St (ship agent)
Michael, 38 French St (upholsterer)
Michael, 59 Francis St (boarding house)
Michael, 3 Francis Court (no detailed street listing)
Michael, 17 Merrion sq North (Esq.)
Michael, 64 Bolton St (grocer and spirit merchant)
Mr., 32 Lower Dorset St (occup not listed)
Mrs., 6 North Clarence St (provision dealer)
Mrs., 26 Lennox St (no occup. listed)
Mrs., 27 Lennox St (no occup. listed)
Mrs., 52 Blessington St (occup not listed)
Miss, 33 Hanover lane (clothes broker)
Misses, 59 Henry St (milliner)
N., 31-32 Ashe St (broker)
Nicholas, 3 Aldborough court (occup not listed)
Nicholas, 62 Aungier St (merchant tailor)
P., 6 Power's court (occup not listed)
P., 26 Upper Sackville St (tobacconist and cigar divan)
Rev. P., 8 Royal Canal terrace, Phibsboro (D.D.)
Patrick M., Q.C., 37 Lower Baggot St (barrister - Michaelmas term 1827)
Patrick, 98 North King St (tallow chandler)
Patrick, 15 Chamber St (carpenter in general, and pail maker to the bakers of Dublin)
Patrick, 11 Monck place (tenements - indiv occups not listed)
Patrick, 19 James' St (board and lodging house)
Patrick, 2 Winetavern St (herbalist)
Patrick, 1 Cannon St (cheap book and periodical depot)
Patrick, 76 Pill lane (dairy)
Patrick, 19 Bull Alley (victualler)
Patrick, 18 Prussia St (cooper)
Patrick, 2 Montague St (house painter)
Patrick, 9 Upper Granby row (frame maker)
Patrick John, 29 City Quay  (Caledonian House)
Patrick, 2 Nicholas St (boot and shoe maker)
Paul, 12 Garden lane (factor)
Peter, 3 Nicholas St (boot and shoe maker)
Peter, 7 Cuffe St (provision dealer)
Peter, 25 Golden lane (shoe maker)
Peter, 29 Hanover lane (clothes broker)
Peter, 10 Old Church St (hair dresser)
Paul, 12 Garden lane (factor)
Richard, 96 New St (provision dealer)
Richard Clarke, 48 Great Strand St (occup not listed)
Richard, 23 Sir John Rogerson's Quay (vintner)
Richard, 20 South King St (shoemaker)
Richard, 5 Upper Mecklenburgh St (occup not listed)
Robert, 17 Merrion Sq North (barrister - date of admittance not given)
Simon, 180 North King St (vintner)
Stephen, M.D., 12 Lower Fitzwilliam St (doctor of medicine)
Rev. T.A., 48 North Brunswick St - listed as J.A. in general listing
Talty, 10 Henry St (trim and haberdashery warehouse)
Thadee William, 9 Lower Ormond Quay (solicitor)
Thomas, 29 South King St (pawnbroker)
Thomas, 17 Bull Alley (victualler)
Thomas, 2 York St (boot maker)
Thomas, 8 Little Ship St (wire worker)
Thomas, 13 Garden lane (grocer)
Thomas, 5 Palmerston place, Upper Dominick St (occup not listed)
Thomas, 57 Aungier St (builder)
Timothy, 89-90 Amiens St (builder)
Timothy, 110 Lower Mecklenburgh St (chandler)
Timothy, 10 Golden lane (hatter)
Rev. Walter, 83 Marlborough St (Metropolitan R.C. Chapel)
William, 15 Queen Square West (occup not listed)
William, 10 Queen Square West (occup not listed)
William, 14 Fleet St (coal merchant)
William, 11 Royal Canal terrace, Phibsboro (occup not listed)
William, 71 Lower Gardiner St (Esq.)
William, 5 Castle Market (victualler)
William, 116 North King St (barm brewer)
William, 191 Townsend St (locksmith)
From Law Directory (not listed at stated adress)
B., 11 Middle Gardiner St (solicitor)
Edward, 51 Camden St (solicitor)
J., 40 Lower Sackville St (solicitor)
N. D., 25 College green (solicitor)
P.G., 11 Middle Gardiner St (solicitor)
Patrick J., 41 Wellington Quay (solicitor)
Richard, Cootehill (solicitor)
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and Denny, 68 Lower Gardiner St (architects)
and Kelly, 83 Bride St (dealers in foreign birds)
and Ross, 92 Upper Abbey St, and Ballinasloe and Main St Galway (plumbers, brass founders and lead founders)
Alexander T., 39 Mary St (tailor)-spelt Murry in street listing
Mrs. Anne, 21 Ellis' quay (occup not listed)
Catherine, 8 George's quay (sail cloth manufacturer)
Catherine, 55 Great Strand St (varnisher)
Charles, 10 Lower Temple St (spirit stores)
Charles, 16 Montgomery St (occup not listed)
Charles J., 50 Aungier St (apothecary - St. Peter's Dispensary)
Most Rev, Daniel, 9 Mountjoy Sq South
E., Provincial Bank of Ireland, 61 South William St (manager)
Edward, 3 Montpelier Hill (dealer in general)
Edward, 7 Aston's quay (assay master)
Edward, 7 Aston's quay (dentist)
Edward Charles, 65 and 68 Lower Gardiner St (solicitor)
Mrs. Frances, 20 Lower Sherrard St (occup not listed)
Mrs. Frances, 14 Usher's Island (occup not listed)
Frederick, 7 Aston's quay (dentist)
George Stanley, 15 Wellington quay and 17 Belvidere place (solicitor)
Gervas, 63 Great Britain St (looking glass warehouse)
Hugh, 7 Chatham St (victualler)
James, 53 Fleet St (vintner)
James, 1 Arran St East (tailor)
James, 18 Arran quay (fishing tackle and gunpowder manufacturer)
James, 21 Heytesbury St (solicitor)
James, 24 Little Mary St (clothier)
James, 70 Summerhill (provision dealer)
Sir James, 2 Merrion Sq South
John, 129 Great Britain St (provision stores)
John, 1 Wilton Sq, Baggot St (Esq.)
John, 5 Upper Gloucester St North (solicitor)
John, 90 Old Church St (hayseed dealer)-spelt Murphy in street listing
John, 10 City quay (boarding house)
John, 6 Archbold place (occup not listed)
John, 56 Lower Mount St (occup not listed)
John, 116 Summerhill (clerk)-spelt Murry in street listing
John, 25 Watling St (dairy)
John, 35 Lower Ormond quay and 2 T.C.D. (occup not listed)
John, 62 Lower Gardiner St (solicitor)
John C., Baggot place House and 9 Montague St (solicitor)
John, 33 Prussia St (occup not listed)
Joseph, 7 Lower Summerhill (turner)-spelt Murry in street listing
Laurence, 29 Bride St (leather dresser)
Laurence, 9 Little Ship St (wire worker)
M., 2 Back lane (leather warehouse)
Margaret, 1 Arran St East (dressmaker)
Mark, 58 Bolton St (butter factor, hotel and tavern)
Mary, 13 South William St (purveyor)
Mary, 18 Grenville St and 10 Lower Temple St (spirit dealer)
Mary, 49 Back lane (provision dealer)
Mary, 30 New Row South (huxter)
Mary A., 96 Marlborough St (bonnet maker)
Maurice, 2 Crown alley and 2 Wesley place, Clanbrassil St (merchant)
Michael, 10 Gordon's place (dairyman)
Michael, Egg market (butter factor)
Michael, 116 Aughrim St (Esq.)
Mrs., 7 Aston's quay (ladies' day school)
Mrs., 34 Richmond place (occup not listed)
Mrs., Annesley place (occup not listed)
Nicholas, 140 Upper Abbey St (provision dealer)
P., 39 Thomas St (baker)
Patrick, 80 Patrick St (occup not listed)
Patrick, 120 New St (nailor)
Patrick, 26 Beresford St (occup not listed)
Patrick, 10 Carman's hall (provision dealer)
Patrick, 84 Patrick St (occup not listed)
Patrick, 7 Mary's abbey (occup not listed)
Patrick, 3 Spittalfields (bacon factor)
Patrick, 5 Fownes' St (carpenter)
Peter, 5 Frederick lane South (car owner)
Terence, 52 Francis St (provision dealer)
Terence, 30 Denzille St and 10 Heytesbury terrace (solicitor)
Thomas, 10 Usher's quay and Ely Mills (woollen manufacturer)
Thomas, 26 and 27 Little Ship St (wire worker)
Thomas, 13 Lower Summerhill (coal merchant)-spelt Murry in street listing
Thomas, 32 Exchequer St (hair dresser)
William, 58 Mecklenburgh St (occup not listed)
William, 78 Queen St (dairy)
William, 13 Clanbrassil St (tenements-indiv occups not listed)
William, 33 North Frederick St (barrister)
William, 24 Middle Gardiner St (barrister - Hilary term 1842)
William, 68 Lower Gardiner St (architect)
William George, 68 Lower Gardiner St and Wellington Road (architect)
From the Law Directory (not listed at stated address)
Edward, 21 Blessington St (solicitor)
P.J., 20 Westland Row (barrister - Michaelmas term 1848)
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John, 2 North Portland St (Esq.)
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Alexander T., 39 Mary St (tailor)-spelt Murray in general listing
John, 116 Summerhill (clerk)-spelt Murray in general listing
Joseph, 7 Lower Summerhill (turner)-spelt Murray in general listing
Thomas, 13 Lower Summerhill (coal merchant)-spelt Murray in general listing
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and Coleman, 149 Upper Abbey St (finding shop and leather dealer)
James and John, 25 Bachelor's walk (flour merchants)
John, 25 Exchequer St (locksmith)
T., 22 Lotts (corn stores)
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C., 14 Norfolk market (victualler)
Christopher, 23 Lower Liffey St (dairyman)
Michael, 54 Thomas St (provision dealer)
William, 141 Upper Dorset St (baker)
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From the Law Directory (not listed at stated address)
William, 45 Hardwicke St (barrister - Hilary term, 1837)
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Les Demoiselles, 56 Dawson St (millinery ware room)-spelt Muzard in general listing
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Les Demoiselles, 56 Dawson St (millinery ware room)-spelt Muszard in street listing
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Thomas, 25 North Strand (harness maker)
Walter Thomas, 3 North Strand (occup not listed)
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