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Dublin City Directory 1850 : Luffington - Lyster
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Luffington Lugard Lugton Luke Lumley
Lund Lundy Lunn Lunny Luscombe
Luther Luttrell Lyle Lynagh Lynam
Lynch Lyne Lynes Lyneham Lynott
Lyon Lyons Lysaght Lyster

Miss, 81 Stephen's green South (occup not listed)-spelt Luffingham in street listing
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Captain Edward John, 59 Upper Leeson St (not listed at address)
Henry, 59 Upper Leeson St (captain)
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George, 14 Leinster St (Italian shop)
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Margaret, 9 Holles St (occup not listed)-spelt Tuke in general listing
From the Law Directory (not listed at stated address)
Joseph George, 40 Summerhill (solicitor)
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Edward, 3 York St (letter-press printer)
Harriet, 3 York St (milliner)
Thomas, 140 North King St (dairy)
From the Law Directory (not listed at stated address)
John, 3 Henrietta St (solicitor)
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John, 10 George's quay (proprietor - Old England Hotel and Tavern)
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Foot and Co., 6-7 Essex bridge, 22 Westmoreland St, and 51 Skinner St, Snow hill, London (tobacco and snuff manufacturer)
James, 35 New St (tea and spirit dealer)
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Jacob, 59 Charlemont St (stained paper manufacturer)
Jacob J., 20 Duke St (manufacturer of paper hangings)
John, 32 Ellis' quay (bookseller)
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Patrick, 3 Lower Temple St (clerk)
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and Johnston, 24 Talbot St (civil engineering contractors)-spelt Tuscombe in street listing
T.P., The Queen's Mews, Mabbott St (proprietor)
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Augustus, 3 Mountjoy Sq East (not listed at address)
Charles W., 40 Stephen's green East (M.D.)
Gustavus, 3 Mountjoy Sq East (M.D.)
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Mrs. Catherine, 8 Great Ship St (occup not listed)
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Acheson, 17 Gardiner's place (barrister - Trinity term 1818)
From the Law Directory (not listed at stated address)
R., 18 North Frederick St (solicitor)
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Richard, 80 Bride St and Carysfort avenue, Blackrock (pawnbroker)
From the Law Directory (not listed at stated address)
Henry, 20 North Cumberland St (solicitor)
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Edward, 11 Mary St (tailor)
Francis, 7 Herbert place (Esq.)
James, 1 City quay (victualler)
John, 145 Thomas St (tobacco manufacturer)
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122 Great Britain St (trimming, stationery and tea warehouse)-no first name or initial listed
Miss A., 23 Lower Camden St (occup not listed)
Andrew, 1 Suffolk St (hair cutter)
Anne, 9 Redmond's hill (provision dealer)
Bernard, 121 North King St (tailor)
Rev. C.H., 8 Synnott place 
Charles, 55 Patrick St (clothier)
David, 60 Lower Dominick St (barrister - Trinity term 1833)
Edward, 20 North Cumberland St (solicitor)
Ellen, 31 Lower Coombe (haberdasher)
Francis, 4 Golden lane (shoe maker)
G., 46 Lower Sackville St (portmanteau manufacturer)
George, 43 Lower Sackville St (military portmanteau makers)
Rev. Gregory, 47 Westland Row (C.C. St. Andrew's R.C. Church)
H., 15 Castle St (surgeon)
Henry, 14 Cork hill (surgeon)
James, 70 South Great George's St (linen draper)
James, 27 Fleet St (lodging house)
James, 1 Cardiff's lane (lodging keeper)
James, 93 Marlborough St (dairy)
James, 134 Old Church St (provision dealer)
John, 8 Lower Temple St (boot maker)
John, 39 Patrick St (tin man)
John, 7 North William St (painter)
John, 4 Pibsborough avenue (occup not listed)
John, 4 Hawkin's St (saddler)
John, 159 North King St (shoe maker)
John, 138 North King St (provision store)
John, 150 Upper Abbey St (oyster shop)
John, 1 Emerald place (tenements - indiv occups not listed)
John, 14 Moore St (factor and provision dealer)
Laurence, 34 Lower Dominick St (coach builder)
Laurence, 27 Westmoreland St (boot and shoe warehouse)-listed as Timothy in street lisitng
Mrs. Maria, 4 Mountjoy place Upper (occup not listed)
Rev. Mathew, 20 High St (R.C. clergyman)
Mathew, 34 Lower Camden St (builder)
Michael, 5 Capel St (Peking Tea Co. - wholesale tea, coffee and wine importers)
Michael, 2 Fitzwilliam lane (dairy)
The Misses, 34 Lower Camden St (French stay warerooms)
Mrs., 166 Old Church St (dairy)
Mrs., 6 Upper Sherrard St (occup not listed)
Mrs., 4 Hardwicke place (occup not listed)
Patrick, 10 Chicken lane (tailor)
Patrick, 63 Patrick St (clothier)
Peter, 18 Michael's hill (provision stores)
Philip, 15 St. Andrew St (solicitor)
Richard, 71 Stephen St (slater)
Robert, 28 Lotts (seed and corn merchant)
Thomas, 13 Little Denmark St (boot and shoe maker)
Thomas, 28 Stoneybatter (provision stores)
Thomas, 24 Lower Ormond quay (solicitor)
William, 54 Moore St (green grocer)
William, 14 Great Denmark St (boot and shoe maker)
William, 8 Phibsborough Avenue (gentleman)
William, 22 Sir John Rogerson's quay (provision dealer)
William, 26 Tighe St (clothes broker)
William, 36 Summerhill (barrister)- Law Directory shows a William Finch at this address
William, 37 Tighe St (broker)
From the Law Directory (not listed at stated address)
Daniel L., Tralee, Co Kerry (barrister - Easter term 1846)
George D., Lower Gloucester St (solicitor)
John, 21 North Cumberland St (solicitor)
John F., 44 Belvidere place (barrister - Hilary term 1833)
Patrick, 56 Rutland Sq West (solicitor)
Philip, 184 Great Brunswick St (solicitor)
Walter William, no address (barrister - Hilary term 1839)
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Miss, 15 Hume St (occup not listed)
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Mrs., 34 Denzille St (occup not listed)
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Laurence, 9 Paradise place (provision dealer)
Maurice, 67 Pill lane (dairy)
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Bernard, 16 Holles St (solicitor)
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David, 32 Blackhall St (apothecary)
Richard, 163 North King St (chemist)-spelt Lyons in general listing
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and Kelly, 103 Upper Dorset St (grocer)
and Moran, 30 Merchant's quay (wholesale stationers)
Andrew, 168 North King St (dairy)
Daniel, 59 Lower Dominick St (solicitor)
George, 48 Denzille St (druggist)
Henry, 20 Arran quay (solicitor)
James, 32 Lower Liffey St (tailor)
James, 21 Anglesea Fruit Market (fruit dealer)
James, 8 Anglesea Fruit Market (fruit dealer)
James T., Queen's Inns Chambers, 9-10 Henrietta St (solicitor)
John, 37 Lower Gloucester St North (Esq.)
John, 12 Blackhall St (Esq.)
John, 5 Hatch St (barrister - Michaelmas term 1833)
John Charles, 23 Kildare St (solicitor)
John Joseph, 36 Lower Gloucester St North (architect)
Joseph, Grand Canal harbour (office)
Mrs., 37 Lower Gloucester St North (boarding and day school)
Patrick, 32 Bolton St (dairy)
Patrick, 42 Denzille St (attorney)
Richard, 163 North King St (chemist)-spelt Lyon in street listing
Thomas, 56 Bride St (provision and flour shop)
Timothy, 56 Blessington St (solicitor)
William, 2 Dawson lane (occup not listed)
From the Law Directory (not listed at stated address)
James, 36 Upper Ormond quay (solicitor)
W.T.B., 29 Kildare St (barrister - Trinity term 1837)
William, 23 Kildare St (solicitor)
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From the Law Directory (not listed at stated address)
A., 42 Summerhill (barrister - Trinity term 1835)
Henry, 42 Summerhill (barrister - date of entry not given)
Henry, 20 North Cumberland St (solicitor)
John, no address (barrister - Hilary term 1840)
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Andrew, 1 Clare lane (vintner)
John, 113 Upper Abbey St (carver and gilder)
Thomas Mark, 65 Upper Gardiner St (solicitor)
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