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Dublin City Directory 1850 : Ferguson - Fleet
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Ferguson Ferns Ferrall Ferrens Ferrier
Ferris Fetherston Fetter Fewtrell Fibbs
Field Figgis Filgate Filman Filton
Finch Findlater Finegan Finglas Finigan
Finlay Finlayson Finn Finnelly Finneran
Finney Finucane Fishbourne Fisher Fitt
Fitz Fitzgerald Fitzgibbon Fitzharris Fitzhenry
Fitzmaurice Fitzpatrick Fitzsi(m)mon Fitzsimon(s) Fitzwilliam
Flanagan Flannery Flatley Flavelle Fleet

and Co., 24 Bachelor's walk (saddlers)
and Delmege, 6 Lower Gloucester St North (solicitors)
A.W., 10 Lower Sackville St (perfumer)
Archibald, 63 Stephen St (timber merchant)
Frederick C., 81 Woodstock, off Charlemont terrace (Esq.)
Frederick C., Linenhall (linen factor)
Hugh, 14 Pitt St (veterinary institution)
J.H., 103 Grafton St (merchant tailor)
John, 1 Upper Rutland St (solicitor)
John, 25 Upper Gloucester St North (solicitor)
John, 6 Lower Gloucester St North (solicitor)
John C., M.D., 16 North Frederick St (medical doctor)
John K., 25 Upper Gloucester St North (M.B.)
John Ripton, 25 Upper Gloucester St North (not listed at address)
Mrs., 83 Woodstock, Charlemont terrace (occup not listed)
Mrs., 101 Phibsborough Road (occup not listed)
Mrs., Upper Sheriff St (occup not listed)
Robert, 32 Great Charles St (barrister - Hilary term 1839)
Samuel, 9 Upper Gloucester St (barrister - Trinity term 1838)
Rev. William, 35 Lower Camden St 
From the Law Directory (not listed at stated address)
George, 1 Upper Rutland St (solicitor)
W.D., 49 Blessington St (barrister - Hilary term 1839
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Mrs. Anne, 24 Palmerston place (occup not listed)-spelt Ferrens in street listing
Thomas, 9 Seville place (Esq.)
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Henry, 7 Molesworth St (general dealer)-spelt Fennell in general listing
Luke, 19 Lower Sherrard St (Esq.) - spelt Farrell in general listing
Thomas, 10 Great Strand St (auctioneer)
Thomas, 10 Lower Ormond Quay (auctioneer, valuator and upholsterer)-also listed under Farrell
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Mrs. Anne, 24 Palmerston place (occup not listed)-spelt Ferns in general listing
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Pollock and Co., 59 South William St (warehousemen)
Alexander, 59 South William St and Belvue Park, Knockmaroon (not listed at address)
Alexander James, 59 South William St and 69 Lower Leeson St (gentleman)
John Pollock, 30 Upper Pembroke St (Esq.)
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Eliza and Ellen, 38 Lower Camden St (linen drapers)
John, 42 City Quay (haberdasher - spelt Fennis in street directory)
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and McCausland, 21 Wellington quay (solicitors)
H. Godfrey, 21 Wellington quay (solicitor)
H. Godfrey, 18 North Great George's St (solicitor)
The Misses, 9 Upper Fitzwilliam St (occups not listed)
From the Law Directory (not listed at stated address)
H.E., 78 Lower Mount St (solicitor) - address listed as vacant
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Miss, 16 Richmond place (occup not listed)
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and Meyler, 4 Holles St (solicitors)
Samuel, 4 Holles St (solicitor)
William, 52 Queen St (occup not listed)
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George, 34 Bride St (dairy)
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Andrew, 104 Upper Leeson St (victualler)
Mrs. Dorothea, 5 North Richmond St (occup not listed)
George, 9 Lower Exchange St (jeweller)
James, 86 Meath St (general dealer)
Joseph, 20 Lombard St (occup not listed)
Mrs., 4 Lionmount (occup not listed)
Patrick, 2 Lower Ormond quay (not listed at address)
Patrick, 156 Capel St (boot maker)
Thomas, 25 Heytesbury St (collector of police tax)
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and Oldham, 16 Capel St and 69-71 Great Strand St (perfumers and druggists)
Mrs., 55 Capel St (occup not listed)
Thomas, 73 Middle Abbey St and Residence: 33 South Richmond St (wholesale coach furnisher, varnish and leather warehouse)
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William Henry, 40 Westland Row (barrister - Michaelmas term 1836)
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John, 23 North Anne St East (coal factor)
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George, 26 North Cumberland St Lower (solicitor)
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From the Law Directory (not listed at stated address)
William, 36 Summerhill (barrister - Michaelmas term 1818) - appears as William Lynch in general and street directory
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and Co., 188 North King St (whiskey stores)
Alexander and Co., 31 Prince's St North (business not stated)
Alexander, 30 Upper Sackville St, 82 Lower George's St, Kingstown and Johnstown House, Chapelizod (grocer, tea, wine and spirit merchant)
William, 14 Talbot St (solicitor)
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John, 5 Sinnott St (occup not listed)
Michael, 7 Stephen St (baker)
Peter, 154 New St (grocer)
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Isaac, 10 Pembroke Road (Esq.)
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Michael, 23 Tighe St (baker)
Michael, 82 Patrick St (baker)
Owen, 139 North King St (dairy)
Peter, 18 Great Britain St (dairy)
Philip, 71 James' St (grocer)
Thomas, 46 Marlborough St (merchant tailor)
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Charles, 20 Aston's quay (vintner)
Edward, 5 Heytesbury St (A.B., T.C.D.)
Edward, 31 Upper Kevin St (ironmonger)
George, 14 Fleet St (commission agent)
Gerald, 7 Moore St market (victualler)
John, 31 North Cumberland St (barrister - Hilary term 1809)
John, 37 Stafford St (tailor)
John, 3 Moore st Market (victualler)
Mrs., 26 Little Mary St (clothier)
Richard, 34 Clarendon St (vintner)
Richard, 153 New St (dairy)
From the Law Directory (not listed at stated address)
F., 9 Upper Temple St (solicitor)
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George, 16 Lower Baggot St (barrister - Trinity term 1840)
Rev. Henry, 16 Lower Baggot St
John, 16 Lower Baggot St (Esq.)
Rev. John, 60 Lower Baggot St
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Anne, 25 Cuffe St (provision dealer)
J., 21 Sir John Rogerson's quay (dairy)
James 68-69 Cook St (undertaker)
Miss Mary, Asylum for Aged Unmarried Females, 8 Lurgan St (matron)
Miss, 1 Bloomfield (occup not listed)
The Misses, 7 Hardwicke place (occups not listed)
Thomas, 18 Northcourt (occup not listed)
Thomas, 17 Lower Abbey St (vintner)
Thomas, 53 Hatch St (jaunting-car owner)
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John, 129 Lower Coombe (licensed vintner) - listed as Kinnally in street listing
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Thomas, 89 Talbot St (stone cutter)
Thomas, 3 Montgomery St (builder)
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Mrs., 41 Stephen's green East (boarding house)
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Michael, 92 Lower Baggot St (Esq.)
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24 Duke St (agent to the Great Southern and Western Railway)-no initial or first name
Joseph, 26 Bachelor's walk, 16 Duke St and 33 Lower Gardiner St (forwarding agent)-Duke St address is a hotel
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9 Westmoreland St (newspaper agency office)
and Bewley, 64 Dame St (family chemists)
Denis and Co., 94 Lower Mount St (solicitors)
James O'Callaghan, 198 Great Brunswick St (attorney)
James, 65 Lower Mecklenburgh St (printer)
James, 13 Dame Court (watch and glass manufacturer)
John, 14 King's Inns quay (fancy warehouse)
Mrs., 37 Little Denmark St (broker)
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Margaret, 14 Upper Baggot St (linen draper)
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John, 1 Phibsborough avenue (clerk)
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Bernard, 9 Harcourt place (dairy)
Charles, 28 Stafford St and Dundrum (solicitor)
Charles Junior, 28 Stafford St and 3 St. John's terrace, Clontarf (Esq.)
David, 2 Fleet St (solicitor)
Edward, 23 North Great George's St (solicitor)
Edward William, 8 Hatch St (barrister - Trinity term 1829)
Francis Alexander, 8 Hatch St (barrister - Easter term 1834) - listed as James Alexander
George William, 34 Upper Fitzwilliam St (Esq.)
Gerald, Chambers, 3 Chancery place and Clonmel (solicitor)
Gerald, 8 Blessington St (Esq.)
Henry B., 54 Upper Baggot St (Esq.)
Horace, 58 Great Charles St (barrister)
James, 5 Haddington Road (Esq.)
James, 44 Bolton St (solicitor)
James, 70 Mary's lane (broker)
Miss Jane, 19 Upper Fitzwilliam St (occup not listed)
J. Lloyd, Upper Queen's Inns Chambers, Henrietta St (barrister - Michaelmas term 1831)
John, 32 Great Charles St (solicitor)
John, 59-60 Golden lane (shoe broker)
John, 53 Lower Mount St (barrister)
John, 1 Newport St (stores)
John, 33 Temple bar (provision stores)
John, 35  Marlborough St (solicitor)
John D., Q.C., 1 Merrion Sq West (barrister - Easter term 1838)
John Lloyd, 35 Lower Mount St (Esq.) -listed as John Fitzgerald Floyde
John, 72 Great Brunswick St (occup not listed)
Joseph R., 2 Haddington Road (Esq.)
Lady, 15 Merrion Sq North 
Michael, 122 James' St (fruit seller)
Miss, 15 Haddington Road (occup not listed)
Mrs., 89 Upper Dorset St (boarding school)
Richard A., 14 De Grey terrace, Haddington Road (solicitor)
Thomas, Q.C., 31 Merrion sq North (barrister - Trinity term 1828)
Thomas, 2 Fleet St (solicitor)
Lord William, 12 Fitzwilliam Sq East 
William, 26 Hanover lane (clothes broker)
Major William Edward, 15 Henrietta St 
From the Law Directory (not listed at stated address)
C., 53 Lower Mount St (solicitor)
Edward, 19 Talbot St (solicitor)
G. Junior, 4 Denzille St (solicitor)
H., Lower Merrion St (barrister - Michaelmas term 1840)
J., 80 Great Britain St (solicitor)
John, no address (barrister - Michaelmas term 1829)
John A., 14 Upper North Cumberland St (solicitor)
John J., 17 Anglesea St (solicitor)
Michael J., Lower Gardiner St (barrister - Michaelmas term 1846)
P. Nugent, 24 Dawson St (barrister - Hilary term 1830)
Richard, 1 Leinster St (solicitor) - address listed as vacant
Robert G., 6 Holles St (solicitor)
Samuel Richard, no address (barrister - Easter term 1847)
T.W., no address (barrister - Trinity term 1801)
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Gerald, Q.C., 29 Upper Gloucester St and Larkfield, Palmerstown (barrister - Hilary term 1830)
Henry, 29 Upper Gloucester St (barrister - Michaelmas term 1848)
Henry, 3 Dawson St (woollen draper)
Mrs. Mary, 2 Waterloo avenue, North Strand (occup not listed)
Mrs., 35 Seville place (occup not listed)
From the Law Directory (not listed at stated address)
Michael, 41 Wellington quay (solicitor)
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Bridget, 92 Marlborough St (baker)
C., 6 Leinster market (victualler)
John, 117 Upper Leeson St (slater and builder)
John, 6 Quinn's lane (vintner)
John, 30 Old Church St (provision dealer)
P., 12 Fitzwilliam Sq North (Esq.)
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David, Richmond lodge, Milltown and 160 Capel St (house furnishing and ironmongery warehouse)
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Miss E., 50 Clarendon St (occup not listed)
John, 13 Off lane (occup not listed) - spelt Fitzmorris in street listing
From the Law Directory (not listed at stated address)
F., 2 Great Brunswick st (solicitor)
H., 34 Upper Abbey St (solicitor)
H.B., 71 Upper Baggot St (solicitor)
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Charles, 7 White's lane South (carpenter)
Mrs. Charlotte, 91 Upper Dorset St (school)
Mrs. E., 13 Buckingham place (occup not listed)
Edward, 9-10 Kelly's row (tailor)
Felix, A.M., 16 Grenville St (barrister - Trinity term 1839)
George and Thomas Tudor, 41 Stafford St (scrivener)-listed as Mr. Fitzpatrick
J., 101 Upper Dorset St (provision dealer)
James, 11 Lower Abbey St (vintner)
James, 11 Park St East (victualler)-listed as Jane
Jeremiah and Co., 8 Parliament St (woollen drapers)
John, 44 Lower Dominick St (solicitor)
John, 114 Aughrim St (occup not listed)
John and James, 132 Thomas St (soap manufacturers)-listed as H.J. Fitzpatrick
John, 15 Montague St (boot and shoe maker)
John, 17 St. Andrew St (occup not listed)
Hugh, 172 Old Church St (provision dealer)
Mrs., 30 Cornmarket (leather cutter)
Margaret, 21 Duke St (vintner)
Mathew and James, 12 Peter St (academy)
Moses, 114 Middle Abbey St (grocer, tea, wine and spirit dealer)
O'Keeffe, Newcomen bridge, North Strand (solicitor)
Patrick, 22 Moore St (victualler)
Patrick, 22 Meath St (victualler)
Patrick, 31 Back lane (leather stores)
Patrick, 44 Lower Dominick St (barrister)
Patrick, 6 Royal Canal bank (stucco plasterer)
Patrick Vincent, 29 Eccles St (occup not listed)
Peter, 6 Orr's cottages (tenements - indiv occups not listed)
Mrs. S., 6 Eccles St (occup not listed)
Samuel F., 7 Prince William Terrace, Grand Canal St (Esq.)
T., 4 Johnson's court East (provision dealer)
Terence, 1 Moore St (vintner)
Thomas,M.D., 31 Lower Baggot St (doctor of medicine)
Thomas, 44 Lower Dominick St (solicitor)
William, 16 North Summer St (occup not listed)
William, 23 Dame St (grocer)
From the Law Directory (not listed at stated address)
Henry, 25 Henry St (solicitor)
James, 45 Bolton St (solicitor)
P., 144 Lower Gloucester St (solicitor)
Patrick, no address (barrister - Michaelmas term 1838)
Patrick, 44 Dame St (solicitor)
Richard, 1 Leinster St (solicitor)-address listed as vacant
Thomas 30 Denzille St (solicitor)
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John, 16 Thomas Court (wheel wright)
John, Fish Market (factor)
Miss, 18 Lower Rutland St (occup. not listed)
Patrick, 93 North King St (dairy)
Thomas, 17 Mary's lane (broker)
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Christopher, 22 Great Britain St (stucco plasterer)
Mrs Eliza, 11 Digges St (occup. not listed)
James, 33 Old Church St (cooper)
James, 19 Bridgefoot St and 26 Usher's Quay (timber merchant)
John, 6 Charlotte St (provision stores)
Laurence, 8 Cutpurse Row (trimming shop)
Meredith, 34 South William St (solicitor)
From the Law Directory (not listed at stated address)
Christopher, no address (barrister - Hilary term 1821)
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Charles, 14 Kennedy's lane (lucifer match maker)
Michael, 11 Temple St West (dairy)
From the Law Directory (not listed at stated address)
and Foot, 100 Middle Abbey St (solicitors)
H., 100 Middle Abbey St (solicitor)
John, 100 Middle Abbey St (solicitor)
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Thomas, 9 Portland St North (Esq.)
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Denis, 25 Lower Coombe (grocer and spirit dealer)
Francis, 30 Wicklow St (occup not listed)
Humphrey, 23 North Summer St (occup not listed)
J., 45-46 East Essex St (proprietor - Dolphin Hotel and Tavern)
James, 22 Little Britain St (boot and shoe maker)
John, 32 Charles St West (cutler)
John, 41 Usher's quay (baker) - spelt Hanagan in street listing
John, 85-86 Lower Coombe (pawn broker)
John, 117 Upper Dorset St (provision dealer)
John, Cork bridge (vintner)
Joseph, 23 Ardee St (vintner)
Margaret, 137 Townsend St (provision dealer)
Patrick, 29 Great Ship St (coalman)
Patrick, 24 Stoneybatter (provision dealer)
Patrick, 2 Derby Sq (fire engine keeper)
Philip, 86 Thomas St (flax manufactory)-spelt Lanagan in general listing
Stephen, 9 Merrion row (fancy bread and biscuit bakery)
Thomas, 40 Mabbot St (mariner)
From the Law Directory (not listed at stated address)
S.W., Custom House (barrister - Michaelmas term 1838)-Inspector of Poor Law Commissioners
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James, 17 Blackhall place (jaunting car factor)
Mrs. Margaret, 27 Lower Rutland St (occup not listed)
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Edward, 21 Upper Kevin St (broker)
James, 23 Upper Kevin St (iron broker)
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Henry and Son, 5 D'Olier St (dentist)
Henry, 13 Eustace St (manufacturing jeweller)
William, 13 Eustace St (Esq.)
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Thomas, 22 Anglesea Fruit Market (fruit dealer)
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