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Elwood -Eyre Index for Dublin Directory Ferguson - Fleet
Dublin City Directory 1850 : Fade - Fenton
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Fade Fagan Fahey Fail Fairbrother
Falconer Falkner Fallon Falls Falvey
Fannin Fanning Farendon Faris Farley
Farlon Farmer Farquhar Farquharson Farran
Farrara Farrell Farrelly Faucett Faulkner
Faure Fausett Faussett Favre Fawcett
Fay Fayle Feagan Fearnly Feehan
Feeling Feely Feeney Fegan Fenelon
Fenlon Fenn Fennell Fennessy Fenton

John, 12 Montgomery St (furnished lodgings)
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Bernard, 43 Moore St (victualler)
Edward, 101 Old Church St (hayseed stores)-spelt Fegan in street listing
Eliza, 1 George's quay (vintner)
James, 7 Percy place (not listed at address)
James, 5 Annesley bridge (bricklayer)
James, 1 and 2 Great Britain St (brass founder and spirit stores)
James, 70-71 and 73 Sir John Rogerson's quay (timber merchant)
James, 37 Cuffe St (tailor)-spelt Fegan in street listing
John, 8 Haymarket (broker)
Mrs., 3 Cornmarket (coffee shop)-spelt Fegan in street listing-listed as Mr.
Owen, 4 Jervis St (turner)
P., 9 Blackhall place (livery stables)
Patrick, 1 Powers court (occup not listed)
Peter, 16 Wellington St (occup not listed)
Thomas, 59 Lower Kevin St (broker)
Thomas, 63 Wellington St (dairy)
Thomas, Egg Market (egg factor)
Thomas, 17 Blackhall place (egg factor)
William, 1 Longford terrace (occup not listed)
From the Law Directory (not listed at stated address)
Michael J., 4 Summerhill (barrister - Easter term 1839)-address listed as vacant
Thomas, 16 Kildare St (solicitor)
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James, 28 Lower North Cumberland St (solicitor)
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M., 10 Cope St (merchant)
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Abraham, 4 South William St (dairy)
Abraham, 62 Old Church St (lime stores)
George, 112 Upper Dorset St (grocer)
George B., 9 Usher's island Residence : Berry's buildings, Rathmines Road (wool agent)
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John, 32 Abbey St and 5 Upper Sackville St (not listed at either address)
John, 32 Marlborough St (printer)
Miles, 27 Lower Pembroke St (Esq.)
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Bridget, 21 Grafton St (grocer)
Francis, 78 Grafton St (merchant)-spelt Faulkner in general listing
Richard B., 13 North Cumberland St Lower (solicitor)-spelt Faulkner in street listing
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Mrs. Belinda Maria, 39 Upper Gloucester St North (seminary)
Fergus Charles, 13 Dame St (professor of music)
James, Alderman, 38 Arran quay (wholesale merchant)
John, 20 Tighe St (dairy)
John, 21 Poolbeg St (corn stores)-spelt Tallon in general listing
John Joseph, 28 South Richmond St (confectioner)
Mathew, 68 Francis St (boarding house)-spelt Tallon in street listing
Mrs., 17 Tighe St (vintner)
Patrick, 3 James' lane (horse shoer)
Thomas, 27 Henry St (address listed as vacant)
William Harris, 11 Hardwicke place (barrister - Easter term 1838)-spelt Falloon in Law Directory
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Henry, 7 Lower Dominick St (solicitor)
James, 47 Marrowbone lane (general smith)
From the Law Directory (not listed at stated address)
James, 7 Lower Dominick St (solicitor)
James O'Neill, 69 Capel St (solicitor)
Robert, 59 Upper Dominick St (solicitor)
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and Cassin, 45 Fleet St (wine merchants)
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John, 10 Queen St (chandler)-spelt Ternan in general listing
John, 41 Grafton St (medical and general bookseller, agent for Weiss' surgical instruments and the vulcanized Indian rubber stockings and bandages)
Mrs., 52 Lower Leeson St (occup not listed)
Patrick, 47 Golden lane (shoe broker)
Thomas, 18 Summerhill (occup not listed)
Thomas, 62 Marlborough St, 12 Lower Mecklenburgh St Residence:4 Blakeney parade, Sandymount Strand (pawnbroker)
Thomas, 7 Redmond's hill (tailor)
William, 9 Lower Mount St (Esq.)
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George, 3 Love lane South (not listed at address)
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Mrs. Elizabeth, 25 Upper Leeson St (occup not listed)
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Alexander, 30 Gardiner's place and Shannon lodge, Carrick-on-Shannon (clerk of the peace)
John, 30 Gardiner's place and Merton, Malahide (solicitor)
Miss, 23 Hardwicke St (occup not listed)
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Christopher, 46 Phibsborough Road (flour merchant)
Christopher, 48 Phibsborough Road (tea warehouse)
J., 135 Thomas St (grocer)-listed as F. Farley in street listing
James, 48 Upper Baggot St (Esq.)
James L., 92 Lower Gardiner St (public accountant)
James L., and Co., 92 Lower Gardiner St (wine merchants)
John, 67 Patrick St (victualler)
John, 171 Old Church St (comb maker)- listed as Turley in general listing
John, 71 North King St (boat owner)
John, 13 South King St (boot maker)
Joseph, 8 South Great George's St (victualler)
Mr., 29 Upper Dorset St (seminary for young ladies)
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Samuel, 16 Beresford St (occup not listed)
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Mrs. Frances, 5 Preston St (occup not listed)
From the Law Directory (not listed at stated address)
Edward, 10 Upper Pembroke St (solicitor)-address listed as vacant
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Alexander, 17 Upper Dominick St (Esq.)-spelt Farquharson in general listing
John, 17 Upper Dominick st (solicitor)-also appears under Farquharson
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Alexander, 17 Upper Dominick St (Esq.)-spelt Farquhar in street listing
John, 17 Upper Dominick St (solicitor)-spelt Farquhar in street listing
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David, 24 Upper Liffey St (furniture broker)
James, 23 Green St (cabinet maker)
Joseph, 44 York St and Rathgar (Esq.)
Michael, 21 Lower Abbey St (stained glass, patent metal, zinc, and Irish sash and skylight manufacturer)
Mrs., 41 North Cumberland St occup not listed)
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Dominick, 85 Capel St (boarding house and statuary moulder)
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64 Upper Leeson St (solicitor - no initial or first name)
Andrew, 28 Bride St (leather seller)
Austin, 6 Mountjoy place and 28 Lower Bridge St (Esq. - not listed at Bridge St address)
Bridget A., 28 Jervis St (occup not listed)
Charles, 34 Middle Gardiner St (plumber)
Charles C., 16 Lower Ormond Quay and Fair Street, Drogheda, Co Louth (auctioneer and valuator)
Christopher, 112 Marlborough St (tavern)
Denis, 131 Capel St (trunk manufacturer)
Edward, 48 Jervis St (coachmaker)
Edward, 11 Bishop St (builder)
Edward, 47 South King St (chimney sweep)
Edward, 4 Molesworth place (Tuscan and straw bonnet maker)
Fergus, 120 Capel St Residence: Ellenfield, Clonturk, Drumcondra (seed merchant)
George, 12 and 17 Wentworth place (builder)
Hugh, 72 Summerhill (bricklayer)
Hugh, 101 Thomas St (card manufactory)
Isaac, 210 Great Brunswick St (architect and surveyor)
J., 16 Trinity place (lodging house)
J., 18 Clanbrassil terrace (Esq.)
J., 38 College green (military chest and portmanteau manufactory)
James, 53 Pill lane (comb maker)
James, 10-11 Leinster market (provision merchant and victualler)
James, 30 Townsend St (harness maker)
James, 33 North King St (dealer in bones)
James, 11 Castle Market (victualler)
James, 14 Castle Market (victualler)
James, 20 Aungier St (lodging house)
James, 184 Great Britain St (chandler)
James, 74 Great Britain St (boot and shoe maker)
James, 27 Essex Quay (bootmaker)
James Thomas, 35 North Great George's St (barrister - Easter term 1844)
John, 15 Little Mary St (grocer)
John, 17 Digges St (bricklayer)
John, 17 Park St East (greengrocer)
John, 9 Castle Market (victualler)
Rev John, C.C., 48 Westland Row (St. Andrew's R.C. Church)
L., 5 Fitzwilliam Market (victualler)
Loftus, 125 Francis St (new-milk dairy)
Luke, 19 Lower Sherrard St (Esq.) - spelt Ferrall in street listing
M.J., 18 Clanbrassil terrace (Esq.)
M. John, 4 Cobourgh place (occup not listed)
Margaret, 8 South King St (dairy)
Mary, 44 Francis St (boarding house)
Mathew, 30 Grafton St (fancy bread maker to the Lord Lieutenant)
Mathew, 82 Meath St (dairy)
Michael, 50 Bride St (dairy)
Michael, 6 Upper Ormond Quay (seed warehouse to His Excellency the Earl of Clarendon)
Michael, 2 Elephant lane (locksmith)
Michael, 41 Upper Mecklenburgh St (tailor)
Miss, 24 Lennox St (occup not listed)
Mrs., 38 Castle Market (fishmonger)
Nicholas, 13 Queen St (grocer)
Patrick, 64 Marlborough St (wine merchant)
Patrick, 33 Bishop St (thread maker)
Patrick, 26 Meath St (greengrocer)
Patrick, 26 Temple bar (provision dealer)
Patrick, 16 Constitution hill (board and lodging)
Patrick 146-147 North King St (tobacconists)
Patrick, 39 Cork St (vintner)
Peter, 15,16 and 201 Great Brunswick St (job, coach and livery stable, funeral establishment and carriage mart)
Philip, 16 James' St East (builder)
Richard, 35 North Great George's St (barrister - Hilary term 1801(?) date unclear - Commisioner of the Insolvent Court)
Robert, 3 Lombard St (carpenter and builder)
Robert, 1 Haddington road (dairy)
Roger, 38 College green and 55 Fishamble St (trunk maker)
Terence, 85 Lower Mecklenburgh St (address listed as unoccupied)
Thomas, 3 Merrion Sq East (Esq.)
Thomas, 66 Marlborough St and 50 Mabbott St (undertaker - not listed at Mabbott St address)
Thomas, 11 UpperLiffey St (mattress maker and furniture broker)
Thomas, 65 Marlborough St and 50 Watling St (silk dyer)
Thomas, 41 Stoneybatter (porter)
Thomas, 69 Aungier St (dairy)
Thomas, 31 Temple bar (provision dealer)
Thomas, 60 Barrack St (grocer)-see Farrelly
Thomas, 4 Aston's quay (wine merchant)
Thomas, 48 Upper Mecklenburgh St (spirit dealer)
Thomas, 10 Lower Ormond Quay (auctioneer, valuator and upholsterer)-spelt Ferrall in street listing
William, 34 Fishamble St (trunk maker)
William, 12 Pembroke quay (general dealer)
William, 11 Bayview avenue (engineer)
William, 3 Longwood Avenue (no detailed street listing)
William and Son, 103 and 113 Lower Baggot St (architects)
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Miss Emma, 11 St. Andrew St (milliner)
Laurence, 7 Stafford St (chair maker)
Nicholas, 16 Hawkin's St (saddler)
Philip, 44 Townsend St (grocer)
Thomas, 60 Meath St and 60 Barrack St (grocer)-Barrack St address shows Farrell
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Major David K., 10 Fitzgibbon St
Edward, 82 Lower Leeson St (Esq.)-spelt Fawcett in general listing
George, 10 Buckingham place (occup not listed)
George, M.B. L.C.P., 19 Herbert St (doctor)-spelt Fawcett in general listing
John, 38 Middle Gardiner St (forge)
William, 20 Lower Mount St (Esq.)-spelt Fausett in general listing
From the Law Directory (not listed at stated address)
John, 10 Fitzgibbon St (barrister - Easter term 1841)
P., 34 Great Brunswick St (barrister - Easter term 1845)
William, no address (barrister - Easter term 1837)
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Denis, Blaquire bridge (fruiterer)
Francis, 78 Grafton St (merchant)-spelt Falkner in street listing
Francis, 1 Upper Leeson St (Esq.)
George, 33 Henry St (vintner)
George, 20 Cook St (linen merchant)
Captain George, 20 Lower Gloucester St North
Patrick, 110 James' St (hotel proprietor)
Richard B., 13 North Cumberland St Lower (solicitor)-spelt Falkner in general listing
Mr. Tenton P., Blaquire bridge (occup not listed)
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E., 33 Nassau St (hatter)-spelt Favre in street listing
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William, 20 Lower Mount St (Esq.)-spelt Faucett in Street Directory
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Rev. William, 6 Hatch St (chaplain)
From the Law Directory (not listed at stated address)
Charles, Middle Abbey St (solicitor)
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E., 33 Nassau St (hatter)-spelt Faure in street listing
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Major David K., 10 Fitzgibbon St
Edward, 82 Lower Leeson St (Esq.)-spelt Faucett in Street Directory
George, 16 Upper Mount St (Esq.)
George, M.B. L.C.P., 19 Herbert St (doctor)-spelt Faucett in Street Directory
From the Law Directory (not listed at stated address)
John, 16 Upper Mount St (solicitor)
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Margaret, 28 Temple Bar (soap manufactory)
Michael, 24 Richmond place (provision stores)
John, 1 William Row (vintner)
John, 47 Lower Kevin St (occup not listed)
William, 36 Nicholas St (dairy)
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Thomas, 4 Upper Erne St (Esq.)
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Bernard, 4 Wexford St (baker)-spelt Fegan in general listing
James, 14 Bridgefoot St (timber stores)
M.A., 73 Pill lane (fish monger)-spelt Fegan in general listing
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Richard, 11 Caroline Row (Esq.)
Richard, 24 Mabbot St (occup not listed)
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From the Law Directory (not listed at stated address)
James, 9 Lower Merrion St (solicitor)
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From the Law Directory (not listed at stated address)
John F., 76 Talbot St (solicitor)
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and Wilson, 50 Bridgefoot St (timber merchants)
John, 7-9 Thomas Court (timber yard)
Mathew, 49 Bridgefoot St (timber merchant)
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Alicia, 123 Old Church St (corn chandler)
Anne, 71 Great Britain St (haberdashery and trimmings)
Francis, 113 Great Britain St (green grocer)
John, 66 Lower Mountjoy St (Esq.)
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Alicia, 76 Townsend St (barm brewery)
Bernard, 4 Wexford St (baker)-spelt Feagan in street listing
Edward, 37 Aldborough court (brass founder)
Edward, 101 Old Church St (hayseed stores)-spelt Fagan in general listing
Francis, 3 Denzille St (baker)
George, 4 Arran quay (glass manufacturer)
James, 49 Upper Mount St (carriage factory)
James, 37 Cuffe St (tailor)-spelt Fagan in general listing
John, 35 North Strand (bricklayer)
M., 83 Capel St (boot maker)
M.A., 73 Pill lane (fish monger)-spelt Feagan in street listing
Mary, 200 Great Britain St (boot and shoe maker)
Miss, 44 Lower Charlemont St (seminary)
Miss, 2 Upper Dominick St (occup not listed)
Mrs., 3 Cornmarket (coffee shop)-spelt Fagan in general listing-listed as Mr.
Patrick, 51 Upper Dorset St (baker)
William, 13 High St (grocer)
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The Misses, 51 Queen St (seminary)
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William, 7 Haddington Road (flag merchant)
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Nicholas, 196 Great Britain St (chandler and tobacconist)
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Henry, 126 Townsend St (broker)
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Anne, 21 Exchequer St (dairy)
David, 2 Bayview avenue (occup not listed)
Henry, 7 Molesworth St (general dealer)-spelt Ferrell in street listing
P., 9 Binn's court (bellows maker)
Patrick, 16 Denzille St, 4 Denzille lane and Carrickmines Castle, Cabinteely (pawnbroker)
Terence, 6 Talbot St (pawn office)
Terence, 44 Blessington St (Esq.)
Thomas, 60 North King St (whipmaker)
Thomas, 33 Bull alley (victualler)
Thomas, 69 Patrick St (victualler)
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Hugh, 7 Russell place (Esq.)
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John, 42 City quay (haberdasher)
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and Co., 25 Parliament St (druggists)
Abraham Boyd, 13 North Frederick St (Barrister - Hilary term 1840)
John, 1 Mountjoy Sq East (Esq.)
Joseph, 8 Wellington place, off Clanbrassil St (occup. not listed)
Samuel, 23 Gloucester St North (solicitor)
From the Law Directory (not listed at stated address
George, 2 Great Brunswick St (solicitor)
Trevor A., 1 Mountjoy Sq East (Barrister - Hilary term 1833)
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