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Devine - Donnellan Index for Dublin Directory Dubedat - Dyott
Dublin City Directory 1850 : Donnelly - Drysdale
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Donnelly Donner Donohoe Donough Donovan
Doody Doolan Dooley Doolin Dooner
Doony Doorly Doran Dormer Dornin
Dougherty Douglas Doull Dousley Dowall
Doway Dowd Dowdall Dowling Downes
Downey Downs Dowse Doyle Doyne
Drake Draper Drennan Drevar Drew
Drewett Drinan Driscoll Dromgoole Drought
Drum Drummond Drury Dry Drysdale

A. and Co., 32 Little Denmark St (merchants)
Catherine, 19 West Arran St (dairy)
Charles, 2 Charlemont Mall (commission agent)- spelt Donnehy in street listing
John, 16 Winetavern St (undertaker)
John, 10 Kennedy's lane (smith)
John, 4 Bessborough terrace (occup not listed)
John, 4 Queen St (soap and candle warehouse)
Joseph, 30 Jervis St (coach maker)
Mathew, 9 Westmoreland St (hosier and glover)
Michael, 49 Lower Coombe (huxter)
Michael, 88 Marlborough St (grocer)
Mr., 33 Heytesbury St (occup not listed)
Owen, 5 Jervis St (stucco plasterer)
Patrick, 4 Eden quay (law agent)
Thomas, 18 Clarendon St (occup not listed)
Thomas, 22 Lower Gardiner St (solicitor)
William, 17 Holles St  and 24-25 Wentworth place (grocer and spirit dealer)
William, Queen's Inns, Henrietta St (barrister -  Michaelmas term 1833)
From the Law Directory (not listed at stated address)
James, 115 Lower Gardiner St (solicitor)
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Thomas, 31 Mountpelier hill (wool factor)
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Denis, Bell's lane (provision dealer)
E., 19 Thomas court (occup not listed)
Edward, 3 Carman's Hall (occup not listed)
Eliza, 55 Lower Kevin St (provision dealer)
Hugh, 23 Blackpitts (nursery man)
James, 2 Bride St (dairy)
James, 97 Thomas St (provision dealer)
John, 29 Barrack St (provision dealer)
Mark, 36 Lower Mecklenburgh St (servant)
Michael, 63 Bolton St (provision dealer)
Patrick, 22 Stoneybatter (bricklayer)
Richard, 11 Carman's Hall (provision dealer)
Thomas, 35 Upper Fitzwilliam St (barrister - Easter term 1844)
Thomas, 7 Great Britain St (dairy)
Thomas, 5 Phibsborough (gentleman)
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William, 120 Francis St (provision dealer)
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Alicia, 40 Great Britain St (cap and umbrella maker)
Edward, 11 Parkgate St (provision dealer)
John H., 4 Royal Canal Bank (professor of languages)
Michael, 11 Clare St (apothecary)
Robert, 92 Capel St (baker)
Thomas, 53 South Great George's St (provision dealer)
From the Law Directory (not listed at stated address)
Jeremiah, 9 Wood St (solicitor)
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Philip, 11 Mabbott St (printer)
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Bryan, 48 Newmarket (occup not listed)
Nicholas, 12 Lower Gardiner St (solicitor)
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and Martin, 10 Little Ship St (wire workers)
Mrs. Anne, 3 Margaret place (occup not listed)
Edward, 11 Nicholas St (baker)
Henry, 126 New St (green grocer)
Philip, 3 Upper Sherrard St (occup not listed)
Robert, 23 Lower Rutland St (merchant tailor)
Samuel, 3 Margaret place (solicitor)
Thomas, 11 Lower Mountjoy St (solicitor)
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Mrs. C., 22 Westland Row (occup not listed)
William and Walter, 22-23 Westland Row (builders)
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and McCay, 5 Kildare St (solicitors)
John, 45 Mount St (occup not listed)
John, 8 South King St (shoe maker)
From the Law Directory (not listed at stated address)
John, 2 Kildare St (solicitor)
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Edward, 33 Phibsborough Road (gentleman)
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Mrs., 43 Thomas St (provision dealer)
Walter, 144 Francis St (pawnbroker)
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and Begg, 105 Capel St (wine, tea and general merchants)
James, 143 Gt Britain St (chandler)
Jeremiah, 17 New Church St (grocer)
John, 7 Upr Bridge St (no occup listed)
John, 51 Montgomery St (policeman)
John, 64 Aungier St (merchant tailor)
Joseph Henry, 5 Andrew St (solicitor)
Laurence, 1 Annesley Bridge (coal factor)
Luke, 8 Cuffe St (no occup listed)
Miss, 8 Hume St (no occup listed)
M., 35 Exchequer St (saddle tree manufacturer)
Miss Margaret, 2 Hume St (no occup listed)
Miss Margaret, 4 Fitzwilliam St Lower (no occup listed)
Mary, 13 Lower Gardiner St (no occup listed)
Mr., 9 Cornmarket (merchant tailor)
Thomas, 41 Lower Kevin St (not listed at address)
Thomas, 3-4 Little Strand St (coach maker)
Thomas, 4 Ormond Quay Upper (gig repository)
From the Law Directory (not listed at stated address)
Terence T., 47 Dame St (Clerk of the Crown, Co. Tyrone)
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Benjamin, 55 Bishop St (surgeon)
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Mrs., 2 George's place, North Circular Road (occup not listed)
Peter, 35 Fleet St (bank tavern)
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Edward, 34 Upper Liffey St (broker)- spelt Doherty in general listing
Henry, 30 Francis St (shoe maker)
John, 49 Francis St (provision dealer)
Patrick, 3 Charlotte St (gardener)
Widow, 29 Queen St (provision dealer)- spelt Doherty in general listing
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Miss C., 122 Great Britain St (millinery and dress warerooms)
George R., 5 Caroline Row (occup not listed)
James, 20-23 Grenville St (builder)
James, 44 North Great George's St (builder)
John and Co., 18 Wexford St (linen drapers)
John, 41 Golden lane (shoe maker)
John Cuppage,M.D., 16 Rutland Sq East (doctor)
Mrs., 21 Lower Rutland St (occup not listed)
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Patrick, 110 Upper Dorset St (cooper)
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James, 18 West Essex St (provision dealer)
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A., 9 Leinster market (vintner)
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John, 8 Pembroke Road (Esq.)
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William, 17 Off lane (lock smith)
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Christopher, 9 Trinity place (smith)
E., 11 Little Britain St (board and lodging house)
M.A., 4 Baggot lane (veterinary forge)
Nicholas, 2 Patrick St (soap boiler and chandler)
Patrick, 19 Ash St (broker)
Peter, 110 Upper Dorset St (not listed at address)-shows Patrick Doull, cooper
Robert, 108 New St (vintner)
From the Law Directory (not listed at stated address)
Peter M., 15 Summerhill (solicitor)-address listed as vacant
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William, 10 Barrack St (broker)
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Anne, 140 Francis St (bakery)
Anne, 11 Wood Quay (boot and shoe maker)
Beresford Baine, 1 Harcourt Road (Esq., A.B., T.C.D.)
C., 22 Wexford St (victualler)
Charles Foster, 32 Lower Leeson St (Esq.)
Christopher, 38 Bolton St (provision dealer)
Christopher, 34 Wexford St (provision dealer)
E., 19 Exchequer St (clerk of the market)
Edward, 47 James' St (victualler)
Eliza, 5 Lower Charlemont St (dressmaker)
Francis, 38 Upper Kevin St (tobacconist)
Mrs. Harriet, 1 Harcourt Road (occup not listed)
Henry, 67 Dame St (gun and pistol maker)
James, 51 Mabbott St (occup not listed)
James, 1 Little Britain St (dairy)
James Davy, 1 Little Britain St (dairy)
John, 59 Mary's lane (broker)
John, 15 Andrew St (printer)
John, 37 Francis St (vintner)
Joseph, 3 North Summer St (Lieutenant)
M., 21 Bachelor's walk (solicitor)
M., 21 Luke St (not listed at address)
Mrs. M., 18 High St (cloak and dressmaker)
Mrs. Margaret, 23 High St (boarding and lodging)
Martin, 38 Wicklow St (provision dealer)
Michael, 26 Castle market (victualler)
Michael, 74 Bride St (provision dealer)
Miss, 63 Thomas St (trimming warehouse)
Miss, 8 Lower Sherrard St (occup not listed)
Miss, 8 Essex bridge (importer of French vestments etc.)
Mrs., 16 Thomas St (victualler)
Mrs., 13 Wexford St (provision dealer)
Mrs., 13 King's Inns Quay (confectioner)
Patrick, 115 Church St and Kilmainham (baker)
Patrick, 37 City quay (ship stores)
Patrick, 27 High Road (miller)
Philip, 44 North King St (grocer)
Philip, 122 Church St (flour merchant)
Robert, 6 Adelaide Road (Esq.)
Thomas, 47 Manor St (carpenter)
William, 31 Bishop St (gun maker)
William Darcy, 102 Marlborough St (solicitor)
William P., 6 Parliament St (solicitor)
From the Law Directory (not listed at stated address)
John, 57 Lower Gardiner St (solicitor)
John Henry, no address (barrister - Michaelmas term 1848)
Richard, 52 Middle Abbey St (solicitor)
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and Co., 1 East Essex St (silk mercers)
James, 50 Poolbeg St (dairy - spelt Downs in street listing)
John, 2 Wexford St (dairy - spelt Downs in street listing)
John, 60 Beresford St (plumber)
John, 47 Francis St (new milk dairy)
Misses, 33 Great Charles St (occup not listed)
Patrick, 37 Stoneybatter (occup not listed - spelt Downs in street listing)
Samuel, 53 Bishop St (printer)
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James, 8 Great Brunswick St (tobacco and cigar manufacturer)
James, 22 Great Clarence place (perfumer)
James, 35 Francis St (confectioner)
Michael, 32 Mountpelier hill (occup not listed)
Patrick, 17 Portland place (occup not listed)
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James, 50 Poolbeg St (dairy)- spelt Downes in general listing
John, 2 Wexford St (dairy)- spelt Downes in general listing
Henry, 13 Hatch St (Esq.)
Patrick, 37 Stoneybatter (occup not listed)- spelt Downes in general listing
Thomas, 26 Poolbeg St (occup not listed)
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Thomas, 32 Bayview Avenue (address listed as vacant)
Thomas Edward, 188 Great Brunswick St (not listed at address)
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and Co., 78 Old Church St (rectifying distillers)
and Co., 79 Old Church St (general merchants)
and Leary, 19 Wexford St (haberdashers)
Anne, 34 Henry St (hosier)
Andrew, 158 Great Britain St (dairy)
Anthony, 37 North Summer St (clerk)
Betsy, 77 Grafton St (baby linen warehouse)
Catherine, 225 Great Britain St (chandler)
Catherine, 21 Blackhall row (victualler)
Charles, 29 Little Denmark St (cabinet maker)
Cornelius, 3 Spittalfields (bacon factor)
Daniel, 7 Cork Hill (vintner)
Daniel, 59 Back lane (currier)
Daniel, 11 Portland place (occup not listed)
Denis, 141 Great Britain St (grocer)
Denis, 129 Great Britain St (victualler)
Edmond, 135 Summerhill (rag stores)
Edward, 1 Wellington place (tailor)
Edward, Leinster Chambers, 43 Dame St (solicitor)
Edward, 41 East Essex St (wood turner)
Eliza, 5 Lower Summerhill (grocer)
Ellen, 21 Cash row (victualler)
G., 8 Townsend St (provision dealer)
Gregory, 2 Lower Pembroke St (builder)-listed as George
Henry, 7 New St (smith in general)
J.F., 42 Mary St (clothier)
James, 38 Mary St (ladies' shoe warehouse)
James, 5 Archbold place (fruit market)
James, 11 Off lane (provision dealer)
James, 47 Moore St (victualler)
James, 17 Anglesea Fruit market (fruit dealer)
James, 3 Lurgan St (egg merchant)
James, 125 Capel St (leather stores)
James Junior, 1 Anglesea Market (victualler)
James Senior, 11 Anglesea Market (victualler)
Rev. James John,D.D., 47 Westland Row (St. Andrew's R.C. Church)
John, 32 Lower Mount St (grocer)
John, 19 Upper Mecklenburgh St (occup not listed)
John, 58 Mary St (clothier)
John, 86 Lower Camden St (house smith)
John, 1 Dawson's circus (green grocer)
John, 24 East Essex St (tailor)
John, 15 Lower Summerhill (flour stores)
John, 3 Old Church St (provision dealer)
John, 25 Clarendon St (tailor)
John P. and Co., 80 Old Church St (merchants)
Joseph, 16 Westland Row (veterinary surgery)
Joseph, 41 Blessington St (F.R.C.S.I.)
Joseph, 217 Great Britain St (provision dealer)
Luke, 10 Anglesea St (not listed)
M., 8 Golden lane (shoe broker)
Malachi, 1 Usher St, 29 Usher's quay and Sandymount Strand (rectifying distiller)
Margaret, 24 Arran St East (straw bonnet maker)
Martin, 11 Little Mary St (clothier)
Martin, 136 Capel St and 6 Mary St (clothier)
Martin, 82 New St (confectioner)
Mary, 18 Townsend St (trimming shop)
Mary, 37 Stephen St (broker)
Mary, 40 Old Church St (provision dealer)
Mrs. Mary, 38 Usher's quay (occup not listed)
Mathew, 28 Little Mary St (broker)
Mathew, 101 Francis St (grocer)
Michael, 24 Arran St East (dyer)
Michael, 2 and 21 Pill lane (ironmonger - iron,steel and wire stores)
Michael, 89 Lower Mecklenburgh St (flour merchant)
Michael, 153 North King St (dairy)
Michael, 137 Cork St (dairy)
Michael, 12 Carman's hall (provision dealer)
Misses, 20 Upper Baggot St (occup not listed)
Moses, 28 Hanover lane (clothes broker)
Moses, 29 Kildare St (grocer)
Mrs., 2 Sackville place (occup not listed)
Nicholas, 28 Great Charles st (Esq.)
Owen, 101 New St (grocer)
P., 48 South Great George's St (dairy)
Rev. P.J., D.D., 51 Great Charles St  (P.P.)
Patrick, 2 Archbold place (egg dealer)
Patrick, 2 Spittalfields (butter factor)
Patrick, 106 Lower Mecklenburgh St (tenements-indiv occups not listed)
Patrick, 46 Lower Mecklenburgh St (mason)
Patrick, 4 Castle Market (victualler)
Patrick, 9 Moore St Market (victualler)
Patrick, 30 Power's Court (dairy)
Peter, 21 South King St (dairy)
Richard, 29 Upper Liffey St (broker)
Richard, 14 North Strand (engineer)
Robert, 15 Moore St (occup not listed)
S., 13 Leinster market (victualler)
Miss Susanna, 28 Hatch St (occup not listed)
Thomas, 22 Patrick St (provision stores)
Thomas, 25 Blackhall St (printer)
Thomas, 23 Lower Ormond quay (blank card manufacturer)
Thomas, 6 Stoneybatter (coach maker)
Thomas, 9 Aughrim St (occup not listed)
Walter, 43 Lower Baggot St (grocer)
William, 5 Eden quay (house painter and decorator)
William, 5 Merrion row (ornamental confectioner)
William, 34 Back lane (leather stores)
From the Law Directory (not listed at stated address)
James, 32 Upper Ormond quay (solicitor)
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Philip, 10 Merrion Sq East (Esq.)
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and McComas, 33-34 Exchequer St (rectifying distillers)
C. and Sons, 8 Wicklow St (plumbers)
John, 109 Capel St (spirit stores)
John, 58 Capel St (spirit stores)
Thomas and Son, 3 Aston's quay (gutta percha dealers, brass founders, leather strap manufacturers)
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John, 70 Lower Camden St (account book and stationery warehouse)
John, 19 New Row West (boot and shoe warehouse)
Major, Royal Barracks, Barrack St (assistant deputy adjutant-general)
Samuel, 3 Palmerston place and Dundrum (Esq.)
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Jeremiah, 64 Jervis St (principal-Academy of St. Lawrence)
John, 16 North Cumberland St Lower (solicitor)
From the Law Directory (not listed at stated address)
William, 35 North Cumberland St (barrister - Michaelmas term 1826)
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George, Commercial buildings, Dame St (merchant)
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and Spear, 50 Marlborough St (dress maker)
Eliza M., 17 Mary's abbey (Italian warehouse)
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William, Portobello gardens, Harrington St (proprietor - Royal Portobello gardens, and manufacturer of fire works)
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William Andrew, 71 Lower Gardiner St (solicitor)
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Francis, 29 Essex quay (trunk maker)
Michael, 81 Lower Camden St (solicitor)
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Daniel, 4 Royal row (green grocer)
Denis, 66 Pill lane (tea merchant)
John, 80 Pill lane (not listed at this address in street directory - address shows a Peter Curran, grocer and spirit dealer)
Patrick, 23 Bride St (grocer, tea, wine and spirit merchant) 
Patrick, 1 Patrick St (not listed in street directory at this address - Peter Curran is listed for this address too)
Patrick, 74 Pill lane (huxter)
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Robert, 16 Whitefriar St (Esq.)
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James, 17 Grenville St (glass bottle dealer)
Margaret, 29 High Road (vintner)-spelt Drumm in street listing
Thomas, 12 Great Ship St (provision dealer)-spelt Dunn in street listing
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Edward, 31 Charles St West (broker)
G.D., 5 Upper Sheriff St (clerk)
James, 33 Charles St West (smith in general)
John, 9 Pembroke Road and Enniskillen (Esq.)
Rev. William Hamilton,D.D., 27 Lower Gardiner St 
William Bruce, 15 Mountjoy Sq East (Esq.)
William and Sons, 57 Dawson St (seed men)
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and Co., 24 Merchants quay (business not stated)
Michael, 188 Great Britain St (leather seller)
Rev. John, 20 Peter St 
William, 74 Stephen St (occup not listed)
William B., 15 Great Ship St (boot and shoe maker)
William B., 14 Hatch St (barrister - Easter term 1835 - clerk of the custodies in the matters of Idiots and Lunatics)
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James, 10 South Brown St (painter)
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Mathew, 4 Talbot place (carpenter)
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