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Cullen - Cutler Index for Dublin Directory Deasy - DeVesci
Dublin City Directory 1850 : Dack - Dease
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Dack Da Cruz Dale Dalgleish Dallen
D'Alton Dalton Daly Dalzell Dance
Dancer Danford Dangan Daniel Danting
Darby D'Arcy Darcy Dardis Dargan
Darker Darley Darling Darlington Darman
Darragh Dartnell D'Aubertin Daughney David
Davidson Davies Davin Davis Davison
Davys Dawes Dawson Daxon Day
Dea Deacon Deaker Deale Deane

Robert Edward, 27 Nassau St (shoe warehouse)
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Da Cruz
John, 5 Upper Rutland St (occup not listed)
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John, 10 Binn's court (pipe maker)
John, 46 Aungier St (coal factor)
John Junior, 46 Aungier St (law stationer and scrivener)
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James, 20 Cobourgh place (occup not listed)
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Stephen, 7 Upper Baggot St (victualler)
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William, 20 North Frederick St (solicitor)
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Henry, 43 Great Britain St (tea wine and spirit merchant)-spelt Dutton in general listing
John, 5 New Church St (occup not listed)
Martha, 36 Upper Ormond quay (law stationer)
Michael, 34 Great Charles St (broker)
Mr. P., Fairview cottage, Grand Canal St (occup not listed)
Patrick, Annesley bridge, North Strand (occup not listed)
Patrick, 64 North King St (saddler)
Patrick, 180 Great Britain St (boot and shoe maker)
Thomas, 22 Bull alley (green grocer)
William, 7 and 23 Fishamble St (trunk maker)
From the Law Directory (not listed at stated address)
and Leake, 35 Marlborough St (solicitors)
John, Summerhill (barrister - Easter term 1813)
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19 Chatham St (green grocer)-no first name given
and Brady, 54 Denzille St (grocers)
and Co., 5 Nassau St (wine importers)
Anthony, 65 Aungier St (house painter)
Mrs. C., 7 Bloomfield place (occup not listed)
Charles, 9 Usher's Quay (woollen warehouse)
Denis, 131 Thomas St (grocer)
Eliza, 7 Mary's lane (clothes broker)
Lady Harriet, 4 Henrietta St
James, 35 Henry St (apothecary)
James, 6 Blessington St (solicitor)
James, 7 Bedford Row (bookseller)
James, 2 Wentworth terrace (printer)
James, 6 Cork Hill (boarding house)
John, 18 Anglesea St (tailor)
John, 164 1/2 Capel St (trimming and haberdashery)
Julia, 6 Anglesea Market (green grocer)
Mary, 35 Fishamble St (dairy)
Michael, 3 North William St (occup not listed)
Michael, 15 Temple Lane South (float owner)
Mrs., 26 Townsend St (dairy)
Mrs., 14 Talbot place (not in street listing)
Nicholas, 24 Wellington Quay (printing ink maker)
Patrick, 24 Marlborough St (doctor of medicine)
Patrick, 32 Church St (looking glass manufacturer)
Patrick, 187 North King St (harness maker)
Patrick, 4 Love lane South (no detailed street listing)
Thomas, 113 Marlborough St (grocer)
Thomas, 31 Stoneybatter (harness maker)
Ulick J., 103 Amiens St (Esq.)
Vesey, 51 Blessington St (solicitor)
William, 55 Talbot St (hotel)
From the Law Directory (not listed at stated address)
B.J., 36 Upper Dominick St (solicitor)
C.J., 16 Upper Ormond Quay (solicitor)
David, 41 Belvidere place (solicitor)
Richard G., 12 Beresford place (solicitor)
Edward, no address (barrister - Trinity term 1822)
David Bingham, no address (barrister - Easter term 1847)
David Junior, no address (barrister - Easter term 1847)
Richard, 3 Upper Dominick St (barrister - Easter term 1828)
Samuel, Dalymount, Phibsboro (barrister - Hilary term 1836)
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Major J. M., 14 North Richmond St
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Thomas, 94 Amiens St (occup not listed)
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Miss, 4 George's place North (occup not listed)
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Benjamin, 3 George's quay (vintner)
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Patrick, 18 Stephen St (haberdasher)-spelt Dungan in street listing
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Edward, 52 Charlemont St (house painter)
Mrs., 30 Lower Baggot St (occup not listed)
Patrick, 44 Grafton St (ironmonger)
Robert, 15 Golden lane (shoe broker)
T.E., 12 Upper Baggot St (Deputy Commissary-General)
William, 55 Mary St (ironmonger)
From the Law Directory (not listed at stated address)
F.J., 12 North Frederick St (solicitor)
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Patrick, 18 Foster St (blacksmith)
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Benjamin and Co., 77 Great Britain St (Parnell St) (drapers)
Mrs., 33 Lower Rutland St (occup. not listed)
Miss, 44 York St (occup. not listed)
From the Law Directory (not listed at stated address)
J., 3 Leinster St (barrister - Michaelmas term 1844)
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Arthur, 17 Chatham St (wine and spirit dealer)
James, 9 Wentworth place (bricklayer)-Darcy
James, 9 Phoenix St (provision dealer)-Darcy
John, 12 Lower Mountjoy St (solicitor)-Darcy
John, 5 Elephant lane (bookseller)-Darcy
John and Co., Usher St (anchor brewery)
John Francis, 65 Eccles St (barrister - Trinity term 1796)-Darcy
Nicholas, 1 Prince's St North (proprietor -Prince of Wales Hotel)-Darcy
Nicholas James, 2 Great Charles St (Esq)-Darcy
Patrick, 69 Middle Abbey St (law stationer and agent)-Darcy
Patrick T., 32 South Anne St (occup not listed)-Darcy
William, 1 Palmerston place (ornamental stucco worker)-Darcy
From the Law Directory (not listed at stated address)
Dominick, no address (barrister - Hilary term 1843)
George J., Hide park, Kinnegad (barrister - Easter term 1846)
J., 32 Molesworth St (barrister - Hilary term 1838
Nicholas C., 1 Leinster St (solicitor)-address listed as vacant
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John, 23 Bolton St (modeller, stucco worker and scagliolist etc.)
John and Co., 20 Bridgefoot St (stores)-corner premises to Usher St(see D'Arcy)
Martin, 11 James' St East (provision dealer)
Peter and Co., 1 Prince's St South (coal office)
From the Law Directory (not listed at stated address)
Mathew, no address (barrister - Easter term 1840)
William James, Dunshaughlin, Co. Meath (barrister - Trinity term 1834)
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Andrew, 99 Marlborough St (provision dealer)
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Mathew, 23 New Row West (wholesale perfumer)
Michael, 23 New Row West (not listed at address)
Michael, 37 East Essex St (provision dealer)
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William, 64 New St (commercial clerk)
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and Montgomery, 26 Lower Fitzwilliam St (architects)
Frederick, 26 Lower Fitzwilliam St (architect)
H., M.D., 7 Kildare St (doctor)
Henry, 11 Ely place (Esq.)
Henry F., 51 South William St (solicitor to the Bank of Ireland)
Mrs. Warren, 18 Herbert St (occup not listed)
William F., 38 Lower Baggot St (barrister - Michaelmas term 1830)
From the Law Directory (not listed at stated address)
Joseph Farran, St. John's, Roundtown (barrister - Easter term 1848)
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Joseph R., 33 Wexford St (baker)
Mrs., 4 North Frederick St (occup not listed)
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Robert, 24 Lower Baggot St (Esq.)
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Martin, 80 Meath St (bakery)
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James, 53 Old Church St (harness maker)
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George, 63 Upper Gardiner St (solicitor)
Thomas William, 63 Upper Gardiner St (solicitor)
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Charles J., 32 Lower Rutland St (professor of languages)
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Thomas, 66 North King St (trimming warehouse)
William, 158 North King St (victualler)
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R., Grand Canal harbour (collector to the Grand canal company)
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and Torrens, 34 Upper Ormond quay (solicitors)
Cornelius C., 1 Rutland St Upper (solicitor)
James, 2 Wesley Terrace, Clanbrassil St (occup not listed) 
John, 16 Shaw St (occup not listed) 
From Law Directory (not listed at stated address)
Samuel, 1 Rutland St Upper (solicitor)
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Sterins, and Rowley, Leinster Chambers, 43 Dame St (Messrs.)
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James, 7 Webster place (occup not listed)
William, 4 Haddington Road (gardener)
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and Cartwright, 105 Grafton St (dentists)
and Papworth, 2 Great Brunswick St (house and land agents, architects and measurers)
Mrs. Anne, 10 Bayview avenue (occup not listed)
Miss Caroline, 29 South Anne St (millinery and dress warerooms)
Charles,M.D., 33 York St (doctor)
Charles, 60 Upper Dominick St (Esq.)
George, M.D., M.R.C.S.I., 30 South Anne St (doctor of medicine, surgeon)
George, 9 Talbot place (occup not listed)
George, 12 Middle Mountjoy St (solicitor)-spelt Davys in street listing
Henry, 9 Nelson St (Esq.)
Henry, 22 Henry St (cabinet maker)
Henry, 17 Wellington quay and St. John's, Donnybrook (solicitor)
James and W., 24 Great Brunswick St and Belfast (solicitor)
James, 27-28 Prince's St North (livery stables)
James, 8 South William St (solicitor)
James, 9 Duke St (vintner)
James Robert, 67 Lower Baggot St (solicitor)
James, 6 Blessington St (solicitor)
John, 75 Prussia St (engineer)
John, 19 Wentworth place (pianoforte repairer)
M., 47 Grafton St (surgeon and dentist)
Miss M., 5 Hardwicke St (boarding house)
Michael, 13 Mark St (coach maker)
Miss, 14 Herbert place (occup not listed)
Mr., Grand Canal harbour (occup not listed)
Mrs., 20 Russell place (occup not listed)
Mrs., 12 Russell St (occup not listed)
Mrs., 14 Richmond place (occup not listed)
Neal, 45 Upper Rutland St (solicitor)
Richard, 93 New St (grocer and provision dealer)
Samuel, 15 Annaville (occup not listed)
Samuel, 107 Middle Abbey St and North Circular Road, Phibsborough (glass, oil colours, Roman cement and plaster of Paris etc.)
Sydenham, 4 Seville place and 50 York St (solicitor)
Thomas, 37 Lower Kevin St (provision dealer)
William, 21 Westmoreland St (occup not listed)
William, 3 Mabbott St (lodging house)
William, 112 Lower Baggot St (occup not listed)
William, 4 Bull lane (scale maker)
From the Law Directory (not listed at stated address)
Francis Robert, no address (barrister - Easter term 1842)
John, no address (barrister - Trinity term 1837)
John, no address (barrister - Hilary term 1845)
John, 34 North Cumberland St (barrister - Easter term 1837)
T., 1 North Cumberland St (solicitor)
W., 68 Lower Gardiner St (solicitor)
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and Torrens, 34 Upper Ormond Quay (solicitors)
A., 22 Fleet St (jeweller)
James, 81 Capel St (Longford Hotel)
Mary, 77 Bride St (toy shop)
From the Law Directory (not listed at stated address)
Richard, 34 Upper Ormond Quay (solicitor)
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George, 12 Middle Mountjoy St (solicitor)-spelt Davis in general listing
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James, 3 Harcourt Road (Esq.)
Miss, 48 Hardwicke St (occup not listed)
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5 Phibsborough Road (coach factory)-no initial or first name
and Cobbe, 41 Wellington quay (wine merchants)
Charles H., 41 Wellington quay (wine merchant and agent for the Aberdeen Fire and Life Assurance co.)
Edward, 9 North Clarence St (no occup given)
James, 4 Phibsborough Road (factor)
James, 21 High St (leather warehouse)
John Somers, 8 Loftus lane (coach factor)
Launcelot, 27 Little Denmark St (master of boarding school, and parish clerk)
Miss, 7 Adelaide Road (no occup given)
Nicholas, 8 Christchurch place (hosiery, shirt, and trimming warehouse)
Patrick, 27 Lr Temple St (boot maker)
Thomas, 13 Belvidere place (Esq.)
Trenlon/ Frenbro(?), 150 Gt Brunswick St (solicitor)
William, 14 Duke St (boot maker)
William, 33 Fleet St (boot maker)
William, 126 Upr Abbey St (agent and dealer in British plate, crown, sheet, fluted, coloured and patent glass; oils, colours, washing soda, copperas etc.)
Yelverton, 24 Pembroke place (Esq.)
From the Law Directory (not listed at stated address)
Vesey Thomas, 11 New Sq, Lincoln's Inn, London (barrister - Trinity term 1833)
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William P., Leinster Chambers, 43 Dame St (solicitor)
From the Law Directory (not listed at stated address)
W.P., 66 Lower Mount St (solicitor)
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Arthur, 80 Summerhill (occup not listed)
Bullen, 48 Eccles St (solicitor)
Fergus, 26 Upper Ormond quay (law agent office)
Joseph and Son, 35 Kildare St (booksellers)
Joseph, 49 Stephen St (provision dealer)
Mrs. John, 17 Adelaide road (occup not listed)
M., 61 Barrack St (slater)
Rev. Maurice F., 17 Adelaide Road 
Michael, 31 Tighe St (broker)
Mrs., 8 Lower Fitzwilliam St (occup not listed)
Patrick, 7 Draper's court (turner)
Patrick, 7 Bride's alley (wood turner)
Thomas, 2 Frederick lane South (post horse master)
William, 50 Lower Dominick St (occup not listed)
William M., 8 Lower Fitzwilliam St (land agent)
From the Law Directory (not listed at stated address)
Robert, no address (barrister - Trinity term 1802)
Thomas, 26 Upper Ormond quay and Kingstown (barrister - Hilary term 1831)
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John, 13 Upper Liffey St (cabinet maker and upholsterer)
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Joseph, 7 Charlemont place (Esq.)
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Robert, 21 Eden quay (ship owner)
William, 74 Middle Abbey St and Residence: 10 Synnott place (baker to Trinity College)
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James, 24 Aungier St (boot and shoe maker)
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Hague, and Harrison, 15 Merchant's quay (merchants warehousemen)
John, 79 Patrick St (victualler)
Mrs., 20 Blackhall row (victualler)
Samuel, 20 Nicholas St (victualler)
Sarah, 12 Blackhall row (victualler)
William 6 Upper Mount St crescent (Esq.)
Willian, 41 North Great George's St (solicitor)
William A., 29 Upper Rutland St (solicitor)
William Edward, 5 Haddington Road (merchant)
William Freeman, 39 Upper Mount St (Esq.) - also listed under Freeman
From the Law Directory (not listed at stated address)
G., 15 Fitzwilliam place (barrister - Michaelmas term 1838)
John C., no address (barrister - Easter term 1840)
Joseph W., 5 Lower Mount St (barrister - Trinity term 1838)-address listed as vacant
R.A., 6 Blessington St (solicitor)
Robert S., 22 Eustace St (solicitor)
Thomas Robert, no address (barrister - Easter term 1847)
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Christopher John, 11 Henrietta St (solicitor)
Edward, 23 Upper Ormond quay (soap and candle manufactory)
Mrs., 7 Upper Sherrard St (occup not listed)
From the Law Directory
Mathew O'Reilly, no address (barrister - Michaelmas term 1848)
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