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Clinch - Comyn Index for Dublin Directory Corley -Creamer
Dublin City Directory 1850 : Comyns - Corker
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Comyns Conan Conaty Concannen Concannon
Condell Condran Conel Conlan Conliff
Conmee Conneely Connell Connelly Connery
Connick Connolly Connor Conraby Conran
Conroy Conry Considine Constable Conway
Conyngham Cooke Coolin Coonan Cooney
Cooper Coote Cope Copestake Copper
Copperthwaite Coppin Coppinger Corballis Corbett
Corcoran Cordner Cordon Corish Corker

Alexander, 10 College green, and 1-2 Anglesea St Residence:Tudor Cottage, Glen-na-geragh, Kingstown (woollen and carpet warehouse and warerooms)
Joseph, 28 Parliament St(woollen warehouse)-listed as Robert Joseph
Joseph R. and C., 1 Cork Hill (woollen drapers)
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and Byrne, 3 Eustace St (merchant tailors)
Joseph, 29 Eustace St (merchant tailor)
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A., 25 Denzille St (vintner)
Patrick, 4 Rehoboth place (occup not listed)
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Mathew, 18 Upper Dominick St (seminary)
Mrs., 18 Upper Dominick St (seminary)
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From the Law Directory (not listed at stated address)
H., 3 Upper Temple St (barrister - Hilary term 1832)
J. Blake, 18 Talbot St (solicitor)
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Edward, 28 Mary's abbey (provision dealer)
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Michael, 20 New Row West (provision dealer)
Mr., 3 Stoneybatter (occup not listed)
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Charles T., 24 Cobourgh place (professor of music)-listed as Charles F. in street listing
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Eliza, 39 Jervis St (staymaker)
John, 31 Lower Mecklenburgh St (excise)
Owen, 17 East Arran St (tallow chandler)
Patrick, 12 Poolbeg St (provision stores)
Thomas, 10 Williams place (occup not listed)
William, 95 Thomas St (chandler)
William, 4 Mary's lane (clothes broker)
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Richard, 6 Phibsborough Road (engineer)
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Maryanne, 62 Montgomery St (occup not listed)-spelt Connor in general listing
From the Law Directory (not listed at stated address)
James F., 8 Merchant's quay (solicitor)
Mathew, no address (barrister - Michaelmas term 1844)
P. Darcy, 13 Summerhill (solicitor)
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Mr., 2 Harcourt Road (occup not listed)
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D., 10 Nassau St (bog-oak shop)
Daniel, 30 Thomas Court (dairy)
Ellen and Co., 26 Gloucester place North (grocers)
Francis, 2 Upper Baggot St (provision dealer)
Gerald, 35 Upper Baggot St (Esq.)
Henry, 12 Crampton Court (vintner)
James, 3 Royal row (victualler)
James H., 4 George's place, Circular Road, and 79 Middle Abbey St (tobacco merchant)-not listed for Abbey St address
John, 24 Eden Quay (cider merchant)
Joseph, 32 Patrick St (dairy)
L., 7 Talbot St (solicitor)-see Loughnan
Mary, 7 Royal row (victualler)
Mrs., 25 Summerhill (occup not listed)
Richard, 54 Aungier St (cabinet maker)
Robert, 34 Summerhill (occup not listed)
Thomas, 19 Bride's alley (upholsterer)
Thomas, 6 Bull lane (smith in general)-spelt Campbell in street listing
Thomas, 1 D'Olier St (solicitor)
Thomas, 16 Aungier St (boot and shoe maker)
William, 34 French St (occup not listed)
From the Law Directory (not listed at stated address)
Matthew, no address (barrister - Michaelmas term 1843)
R.M., Upper North Cumberland St (solicitor)
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Christopher, 46 Cook St (dairyman)- spelt Connolly in general listing
John, 8 Temple bar (dairy)- spelt Connolly in general listing
Mr., 2 Harcourt Road (occup not listed)
Owen, 8 Summerhill North (provision stores)- spelt Connolly in general listing
Patrick, 54 Capel St (lithographer and printer)- spelt Connolly in general listing
Patrick, 1 Bailey's row (dairy)
From the Law Directory (not listed at stated address)
Charles R., Usher's quay (solicitor)
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James, 15 Fleet St (registry office)
Richard, 12-13 Sir John Rogerson's Quay (timber merchant - Residence : 99 Lower Mount St - not listed at Mount St address)
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James, 199 North King St (grocer)
Julia, 176 Great Britain St (purveyor)
William, 1 King's Inns quay (grocer)
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and Cosgrave, 2 Cecilia St (stores)
and McDarra, 18 Usher St (copper and leather merchants)
Bartholemew, 53 Great Britain St (victualler)
Bernard, 4 Little Denmark St (boot and shoemaker)
Caleb, 2 Cutpurse row (printer)
Christopher, 46 Cook St (dairyman - spelt Connelly in street listing)
Daniel, 36 Fitzwilliam place South (barrister - Hilary term 1836)
Eliza, 44 Cook St (coffin manufactory)
Eliza, 14 Great Britain St (dairy)
Hamilton, R.E., 15 Wentworth place (Esq.)
J., 35 Townsend St (carpenter)
James, 7 Crampton court (tailor)
James, 14 Ellis Quay (baker)
James, 42 Moore St (victualler)
John, 30 Princes St North (builder)
John, 5 Audeon's arch (parish constable)
John, 77 Upper Abbey St (agent - Eniskillen, Cavan and Dublin Royal Mail)
John, 28 North Brunswick St (boot and shoemaker)
John, 8 Temple bar (dairy - spelt Connelly in street listing)
Miss, 78 Marlborough St (occup not listed)
Miss, 29 Grafton St (dress warerooms)
Miss, 38 Molesworth St (dress warerooms)
The Misses, 7 Fitzwilliam place (occups not listed)
Michael, 26-27 South King St (baker and flour stores)
Myles, 6 East Essex St (ivory turner)
Owen, 8 Summerhill North (provision stores - spelt Connelly in street listing)
Patrick, 54 Capel St (lithographer and printer - spelt Connelly in street listing)
Patrick, 3 Barrack St (rag and bone dealer)
Thomas, 44 Poolbeg St (tailor)
Thomas, 28 Cook St (bookbinder)
Thomas, 3 Little Longford St (plasterer)
Thomas, 6 Chancery place (bookseller)
Thomas, 3 Upper Abbey St (provision dealer)
Thomas, 1 Dispensary lane (shoemaker)
Thomas, 64 Upper Gardiner St (Esq.)
Thomas, 78 Marlborough St (baker)
William, 59 Lower Camden St (wine merchant)
William, 18 Bachelor's walk (wine merchant) and 19 Lotts (stores)
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14 Nassau St (jeweller)-no initial or first name
Bernard, 1 Lower Pembroke St (grocer and provision stores)
Christopher, 12 North Strand (carpenter)
Daniel, 20 Castle Market (victualler)
Eliza, 83 Patrick St (clothier)
George, 27 Great Brunswick St (solicitor)
George, 25 Great Britain St (wire worker)
Henry, 23 Cook St (currier)
James, 182 Townsend St (provision dealer)
James E., 16 Kildare St (solicitor)-appears as O'Connor in street listing
John, 38 Tighe St (broker)
John, 11 Leinster St (tea and wine merchant) - listed as Cannon in general listing
John, 6 Little Britain St (occup not listed)
John, 13 Lower Kevin St (butter crane)
John, 35 North Cumberland St Lower and 20 Eccles St (solicitor)
John, 53 Fishamble St (basket maker)
John, 58 Montgomery St (tailor)
John, 18 Chamber St (provision dealer)
John, 83 Francis St (curled hair manufacturer)
John Stewart, 25 Little Ship St (wire worker)
Joseph, 7 Clanbrassil place (Esq.)
Maurice, 12-13 Patrick St (grocer)
Maryanne, 62 Montgomery St (occup not listed)-spelt Conmee in street listing
Michael, 38 Little Denmark St (broker)
Mrs., 18 Synnott place (occup not listed)
Nicholas, 41 North King St (provision dealer)
P., 26-27 George's quay (outfitting establishment)
P., 130 Thomas St (salt merchant)
Patrick, 9 Castle St (merchant tailor)
Patrick, 36 Wexford St (provision dealer)
Peter, 12 Baggot court (provision dealer)
Richard, 1 Little Longford St (bricklayer and provision dealer)
Thomas, 60 Mary's lane (clothes broker)
Thomas, 3 Marrowbone lane (dealer in hay)
Thomas, 64 Pill lane (broker in general)
Thomas, 39 Westland Row (builder)
William, 6 Russell place (Esq.)
William, 32 Charlotte St (green grocer)
William, 10 Anglesea Fruit market (fruit dealer)
From the Law Directory (not listed at stated address)
H., 2 Lower Pembroke St (barrister - Michaelmas term 1839)
Sheffington, no address (barrister - Trinity term 1838)
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Laurence, 27 Upper Rutland St (Esq.)
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Alicia and Anne, 10 Ryder's row (proprietors - Western Counties Hotel)
John, 7 Mary St (boot and shoe maker)
Miss, 89 Woodstock (occup not listed)
The Misses, 67 Lower Camden St (millinery, dress and French stay warehouse)
W.S., 110 Lower Baggot St (occup not listed)
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John, 36 French St (occup not listed)
John, 3 Blessington St (solicitor)
Mrs., 124 Great Brunswick St (occup not listed)
From the Law Directory (not listed at stated address)
John, 7 Upper Gardiner St (solicitor)
Thomas, 20 Lower Dominick st (solicitor) - address lists Mr Conway (merchant)
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Thomas, 20 Lower Dominick St and Dollymount - address lists Mr Conway (merchant)
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Mrs., 24 Usher's island (occup not listed)
Patrick Daniel, 24 Usher's island (not listed at address)
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Joseph R., 15 Ellis quay (occup not listed)

Bartholemew, 60 Wellington St (tailor)
Edward, 12 Portland place (occup not listed)
James J., 3 George's place North (Esq.)
John, 9 Charlotte St (boot and shoe maker)
John, 57 Montgomery St (quill dresser)
Mr., 20 Lower Dominick St (merchant)-possibly Conroy or Conry
R., 25 Aungier St (solicitor)
Robert, 20 York St (solicitor)
From Law Directory (not listed at stated address)
P.J., 36 Upper Dominick St (solicitor)
W.A., Terrace Lodge, 22 Rathmines Mall (barrister - Michaelmas term 1846)-outside area covered by Directory.
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Joseph, 2 Wormwood gate (dairy)
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and Larkin, 24 Harcourt St (solicitors)
Bernard, 81 Meath St (grocer)
Mrs. Eleanor, 9 York St (occup not listed)
Eleanor, 30 North Cumberland St (occup not listed)
George, 24 Harcourt St (solicitor)
George, 1 Granby place (boarding and lodging house)
James R., 73 Blessington St (barrister - Hilary term 1824)
Michael, 14 Mary's lane (clothes broker)
Miss, 67 Wellington St (occup not listed)
Nicholas B., 23 D'Olier St (ironmonger)
Patrick, 28 Upper Liffey St (cabinet maker)
Peter, 100 Summerhill (occup not listed)
From the Law Directory (not listed at stated address)
and Larkin, 41 North Cumberland St (solicitors)
John William, 8 North Frederick St (barrister - Hilary term 1842
Thomas L., 31 North Cumberland St (solicitor)
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Thomas, 27 Cuffe St (dairyman)
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George, 15 Marlborough St (emigration agent)
Patrick, 64 Montgomery St (dairyman)
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and McGouran, 59 Bridgefoot St (timber stores)
Catherine, 68 Marrowbone lane (provision dealer)
Charles, 60 Back lane (gun manufacturer)
Edward, 115 Upper Leeson St (occup. not listed)
Francis, 4 Arran St East (trimming shop)
James, 14 Mary's Abbey (flour dealer)
James, 30 Clanbrassil St (military boot maker)
Joseph John, 24 New Row West (pin manufacturer)
Mary, 40 Marlborough St (occup. not listed)
Nicholas, 32 Stoneybatter (car owner)
Patrick, 15 Caroline Row, Summerhill (coal merchant)
Terence, 18 Arran St East (baker)
William, 41 Wellington St (occup. not listed)
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Charles, 93 Summerhill (occup not listed)
Edward Wilson, 73 Middle Abbey St Residence : Glenchree, Old Merrion (solicitor)
Eliza, 49 Henry St (baby linen warehouse)
Henry, 27 Mary St (coach builder)
James, 20 North Strand (clerk)
Jonathan Sisson, 9 Upper Merrion St (Esq. - listed as Jonathan G. in street listing)
Mrs. Mary, 31 Bayview avenue (occup not listed)
Mrs., 44 Manor St (ladies' seminary)
Mrs., 63 Summerhill (young ladies' seminary)
Reverend Peter, 83 Marlborough St (Metropolitan R.C. chapel)
Richard, 18 Upper Leeson St (Esq.)
Robert, 33 Lower Baggot St (solicitor)
Robert, 27 Mary St and Hartstown, Clonee (Esq.)
William, 19 Upper Pembroke St (gentleman)
William, 63 Summerhill (Esq.)
William Joseph, 9 Clare St (solicitor)
William S., 3 Herbert place (Esq.)
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Mrs. Anne, 31 Great Charles St (occup not listed)
Sir Charles, Bart., 91 Lower Baggot St
Dawson Richard, 6 Herbert St (not listed at address)
D.M., 35 Charlemont place (Esq.)
Edward, 10 Nicholas St (boot and shoe maker)-spelt Cope in street listing
Honourable Mrs. Louisa, 6 Herbert St (occup not listed)
Thomas, 7 Werburgh St (boot and shoe maker)
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Edward, 10 Nicholas St (boot and shoe maker)-spelt Coote in general listing
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Groncock, and Moore, 41 Dame St (lace merchants)
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John William, 42 Jervis St (Esq.)-spelt Capper in general listing
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Robert H., 82 Lower Gardiner St (solicitor)
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Morney, 88 South Great George's St (surgeon)
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Mrs. A., 51 Clarendon St (occup not listed)
Christopher, 6 Mountjoy Sq West (barrister - Hilary term 1829)
Francis, 17 Rutland Sq North (Esq.)
J. William, 8 North Frederick St (solicitor)
Mrs., 26 South Richmond St (boarding house)
Stephen, 58 Amiens St (barrister - Hilary term 1819)
From the Law Directory (not listed at stated address)
Richard J., 37 Lower Ormond quay (solicitor)-address listed as vacant
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John Richard, 19 Lower Baggot St (barrister - Michaelmas term 1820)
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David, 11 Upper Ormond quay (law printer)
Edward L'Estrange, 5 Lower Fitzwilliam St (barrister - Easter term 1840)
Daniel, 33 Westmoreland St (surgeon , dentist - M.R.C.S.I)
Henry, 106 Summerhill (Esq.)
Joseph Henry, M.D., 98 Stephen's green South (doctor)
Miss, 10 Lower Mecklenburgh St (occup not listed)
Robert, 5 College green Residence: Sandymount castle (agent and stock broker)
William, 20 College green (boot and shoe maker)
William, 1 Peterson's lane (occup not listed)
William, M.D., 27 Lower Baggot St (doctor)
William St. John, 7 Richmond cottages, Mountjoy Sq (Esq.)
From the Law Directory (not listed at stated address)
W.J., no address (barrister - Easter term 1829)
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Daniel, 11 Upper Kevin St (saddler)
Edward, 2 Lower Gardiner St (solicitor)-spelt Edmond in street listing
D. and E., Lotts (corn and flour merchants)-Residence: Arbutus lodge, Booterstown
James P., 29 James' St (merchant)
James and Co., 9 Bachelor's walk (wholesale fur manufacturers)
John, 3 Wellington St (provision dealer)
Michael E., 2 Lower Gardiner St (barrister - Michaelmas term 1840)
Patrick, 88 Great Britain St and 34 Lower Sackville St (hosier)
Patrick, 2 Haddington Road (shoe maker)
Thomas, 26 Palmerston place (Esq.)
William, 2 Cork St (nailor)
William P., 17 Hawkins St (lodging house)
William P., 92 Lower Mount St (Esq.)
From the Law Directory (not listed at stated address)
L. W., 18 Clare St (solicitor)
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Robert D. and Co., 15 Parliament St (lace manufacturer and merchant)
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Mrs., 4 Sussex terrace (occup not listed)
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Mrs., 19 Bolton St (occup not listed)
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George, 68 South Great George's St (druggist - Victoria Drug Hall)
From the Law Directory (not listed at stated address)
Snowdon, 11 Grenville St (solicitor)
Thomas W., 1 Upper Rutland St (solicitor)
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