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Carnegie - Chamberlain Index for Dublin Directory Clinch - Comyn
Dublin City Directory 1850 : Chambers - Clifford
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Chambers Chamney Champion Chancellor Chapender
Chapman Charlemont Charles Chartres Chaytor
Cheetham Cheevers Cherry Chesnaye Cheyne
Childs Chisholm Chisnall Chittick Chomley
Christian Christie Christopherson Christy Church
Churchill Clampett Clanchy Clancy Clanmorris
Clannon Clare Clarges Clark(e) Clarkson
Classon Claxton Clay Cleary Clegg
Clemenger Clements Clemings Clibborn Clifford

Captain Daniel,5 Wilton Sq, Baggot St 
Edward Elliot Junior, Upper Queen's Inns Chambers, Henrietta St (barrister - Trinity term 1848)
James, 3 Gardiner's row (Esq.)
John, 4 Upper Abbey St and Willbrook House, Rathfarnham (printer, stationer and account-book manufacturer)
John Junior and Co., 1 Capel St (stationers)
John, 18 North Frederick St (solicitor)
The Misses, 26 Hardwicke St (occup not listed)
Thomas, 1 Lower Sackville St (solicitor)
From the Law Directory (not listed at stated address)
John, 18 North Frederick St (barrister - Michaelmas term 1811)
Michael C., Frederick St (solicitor)
Thomas, 4 Eden quay (solicitor)
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John, 14 George's place North (solicitor)
John, 13 North Strand (occup not listed)
John Edward, 14 George's place North (solicitor)
William, 14 George's place North (occup not listed)
William G., Queen's Inns Chambers, Henrietta St (barrister - Trinity term 1848)
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R.W., 49-50 Denzille St (undertaker, post carrier to all parts of Ireland)
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and Son, 55 Lower Sackville St (watch and clock maker)
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Thomas, 5 Haddington terrace (Esq.)
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and Webb, 171 Great Brunswick St (printers)
Edward, 35 Lower Erne St (spirit dealer)
Joseph, 15 Essex quay (watch maker)
Lady, 34 Merrion Sq North 
Miss, 19 Lower Leeson St (boarding school)
Robert, 1 Queen's Sq West (printer)
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Earl of, 22 Rutland sq North and Marino, Clontarf
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G., 8 Cope St (merchant)-listed as Charles Gennans
James, 61 Middle Abbey St (letter press printer)
William, Upper Sheriff St (Secretary - Dublin Glass Bottle Company)
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Archibald, 30 Great Charles St (Esq.)
John, 31 Wellington quay (broker)
Miss, 1 Mary's place (occup not listed)
From the Law Directory (not listed at stated address)
R.W., 14 Marlborough St (solicitor)
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Joshua M., 8 Belview (provision and corn merchant)
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Samuel, 8 Montague St (occup not listed)
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Patrick, 12 Nicholas St (leather warehouse)
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Robert and W., 31 Summerhill (solicitors)
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Lieutenant John C., 3 Aldborough place, North Strand (R.N.)
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Alexander, 22 Hatch St (barrister - Michaelmas term 1838
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Alexander, 31 Arran quay (looking glass manufacturer, carver and gilder)
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and Co., 14 Anglesea St (warehousemen)
Kenneth, 14 Anglesea St and Sandymount (warehouseman)
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Mrs. Rachel, 22 Talbot St and Residence:1 Montgomery St (Yorkshire flag and stone cistern yard)
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James, 5 Upper Dominick St (solicitor)
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George, 6 Belvidere place (Esq.)
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Isaac, 4 Northcourt cottages (Esq.)
John, 2 Victoria terrace, Canal Bank, Phibsborough (joiner)
Jonathan, 42 Lower Leeson St and Chief Secretary's Office, Castle Yard Upper (barrister - Hilary term 1834)
Thomas, 20 Nelson St (solicitor)
Thomas Henry, 20 Nelson St (Esq.)
Thomas R., 3 Hamilton row (occup not listed)
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James, 177 James' St (type founder)
James, 42 North King St (baker)
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Miss, 83 Middle Abbey St (milliner's warehouse)
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Henry, 18 Jervis St (board and lodging house)
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Charles, 35 Bishop St (cabinet maker)
From the Law Directory (not listed at stated address)
James, 193 Great Brunswick St (barrister - Easter term 1845
T., 34 Lower Mount St (solicitor)
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Fleetwood, M.D., 137 Stephen's green West (doctor)
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George, 42 Upper Erne St (occup not listed)
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John Daniel, 24 Grenville St (barrister - Michaelmas term 1838
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and Foley, 24 College green (button manufacturers to the army and navy)
F.,J. and M., 17 Thomas St (grocers)
Francis, 13 Bolton St (coach painter)
James, 54 Stephen's green East (Taxing Officer, Law Courts, barrister - Trinity term 1799)
James, 6 Crampton quay (printer, news agent and publisher of London publications)
John, 3 Fitzwilliam Sq South (Esq.)
John, 31 Middle Gardiner St (law stationer)
Michael William, 6 Harcourt place (grocer)
William, 117 Stephen's green West and 16 Anglesea St (builder)
William Henry, 54 Stephen's green East (barrister - Hilary term 1844)
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Lady Sarah, 17 Middle Gardiner St 
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John, 3 and 5 Old Abbey St (corn bruising mill)
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Henry, 14 Warrington place (Esq.)
Lewis, 23 Upper Gloucester St Residence: 14 Warrington place (solicitor)
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Green and Son, 52 Lower Dominick St (land surveyors and agents)
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17 Crow St (goldsmith)-no initial or first name-Clarke
Sir Arthur,M.D., 45 North Great George's St (doctor of medicine)-Clarke
Bernard, 122 North King St (farming implement maker)-Clarke
B.J., 9 East Arran St (boot and shoe maker)-Clarke
Daniel, 76 Dame St (Italian grocer)-Clarke
Edward P., 28 Westmoreland St (solicitor)
George, 51 Bride St (hairdresser)-Clarke
Hallwood, 48 Mary St and 56 Jervis St (draper and hosier)-Clarke
Henry, 4 Wentworth terrace (musician)
James, 80 Amiens St (shoe maker)-Clarke
James, 10 Blackhall market (butter factor)-Clarke
James, 2 Barrow St (occup not listed)-Clarke
James, 144 Townsend St (corn chandler)-Clarke
James T., 1 Merrion Sq South (Esq.)-Clarke
John, Eggmarket (butter factor)-Clarke
John, 1 Archbold place (butter factor)-Clarke
John, 9 Moore St (mattress maker)-Clarke
John, 15 Aughrim St (permit office)-Clarke
John, 9 Bedford row (provision dealer)-Clarke
John, 2 Beech hill, Grand Canal St (paymaster's office, Beggar's Bush barracks)
John F., 15 Chatham St (dairy)-Clarke
Jonathan, 13 Upper Pembroke St (solicitor)
Joshua, 13 Herbert St (barrister - Trinity term 1836)-Clarke
Laurence, 45 Cook St (undertaker)-Clarke
M., 6 White's lane South (coal factor)-Clarke
Martha, 45 Bishop St (seminary)-Clarke
Mary, 26 Usher's island (fruiter)-Clarke
Mary, 9 Ash St (toy manufacturer)-Clarke
Mrs. Mary Anne, 19 Ellis quay (occup not listed)-Clarke
Matthew, 64 Middle Abbey St (wine cooper)-Clarke
Matthew, 111 North King St (hosier)-Clarke
Michael, 19 Upper Dominick St (solicitor)
Michael, 165 North King St (dairy)-Clarke
Michael, 33 New St (watch and clock maker)-Clarke
Miss and Miss R., 10 Caroline row (professors of music)-Clarke
Mrs., 36 Stephen's green North (stay and French corset rooms)-Clarke
Mrs., 19 South Frederick St (occup not listed)-Clarke
Nicholas, 58 Great Britain St (stationer and printer)-Clarke
Nicholas, 61 Lower Kevin St (cutler)
Patrick, 126 Thomas St (feather merchant)-Clarke
Patrick, 109 Cork St (occup not listed)
Patrick D., 11 South Anne St (apothecary and accoucher)-Clarke
Peter Roe, 2 Crampton quay (wine merchant, agent to the Imperial Fire Assurance Company)-Clarke
Patrick, 185 North King St (nailor)-Clarke
Thomas, 16 Charles St West (house smith)
Thomas, 124 Lower Baggot St (Esq.)-Clarke
Thomas, 8 Shaw St (dray maker)-Clarke
William, 28 Upper Buckingham St (solicitor)-Clarke
William, 207 Great Britain St (gun maker)-Clarke
William, 21 Moore St (mattress maker)-Clarke
William and George, 10 Caroline Row (portrait painters)-Clarke
William, 75 Francis St (occup not listed)-Clarke
William, 9 Nicholas St (huxter)-Clarke
William, 7 Nicholas St (trimming warehouse)-Clarke
William, 12 Denzille St (coal merchant)-Clarke
From the Law Directory (not listed at stated address)
Edward, 4 Hardwicke St (barrister - Trinity term 1834)-Clarke
H.W.J., 37 Blessington St (solicitor)-Clarke
J.T., 30 Upper Merrion St (solicitor)-Clarke
J.J., 31 Upper Ormond quay (solicitor)-Clarke
William, 29 Arran quay (solicitor)-Clarke
William E., 61 Camden St (solicitor)-Clarke
William Hislop, no address (barrister - Trinity term 1829)-Clarke
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and Dent, 13 South William St (house painters)
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and Duggan, 2 Usher's Island (stores)
and Duggan, 30 Bridgefoot St (timber stores)
and Duggan, 39 Bridgefoot St (iron stores)
John, 3 Blackhall place (Esq.)
John, Music Hall, 12 Lower Abbey St (proprietor)
John, Northumberland buildings, Eden quay (proprietor - public weighing machine)
John, 180 New St (shoe maker)-spelt Claxton in street listing
Thomas, 29 Strand St (porter)
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John, 180 New St (shoe maker)-spelt Classon in general listing
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William Keating, 21 Peter St (Esq.)
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Abraham, 5 Sheriff St (no detailed listing)
Anne, 51 Lower Kevin St (no detailed listing)
Denis, 7 Blackpitts (provision dealer)
James, 11 Great Ship St (grocer)
James, 7 Wexford St (tobacconist)
John, 66 Amiens St (haberdasher)
John, 12 Mabbott St (occup not listed)
John, 102 Great Britain St (Italian warehouse)
Patrick, 18 Thomas Court (turner)
Thomas, 110 Great Britain St (druggist)
William, 5 Patrick St (provision stores)
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Abraham, 12 Upper Sheriff St (Esq.)
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Harriet, 11 Cobourgh place (occup not listed0
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Catherine, 7 Anglesea St (occup not listed)
Dixie, 11 Phibsborough (Esq.)
Edward, Lower Queen's Inns and Stephen's green Club (barrister - Michaelmas term 1829)
Elizabeth, 182 Great Britain St (grocer)
Elizabeth, 50 Sir John Rogerson's quay (vintner)
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Miss, 98 Upper Leeson St (occup not listed)
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and Moncrieff, 67 Jervis St (corn factors)
Mrs. Heathfield, 60 Upper Leeson St (occup not listed)
Miss Jane, 10 Charlemont place (occup not listed)
Mrs. Mary, 13 Charlemont place (occup not listed)
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John, 33 Capel St and Sandymount(wax and spermaceti chandler, oil merchant and perfumer)
John, Longford lane (lime stores)
Patrick, 9-10 Copper alley (stores)
Thomas, 1 Platanus buildings (Esq.)
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