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Cabina - Carmichael Index for Dublin Directory Chambers - Clifford
Dublin City Directory 1850 : Carnegie - Chamberlain
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Carnegie Carnes Carney Carolan Carolin
Carpenter Carr Carrick Carroll Carruthers
Carson Cartan Carter Carthy Cartland
Carton Cartwright Carty Cary Case
Casement Casey Cash Cashel(l) Cashill
Cashman Cass Cassan Casserly Cassidy
Castellote Castle Cathcart Cathelin Cather
Cathrew Caude Caulfield Cavanagh Cavendish
Cearley Chace Chadwick Challoner Chamberlain

R.M., 88 Bride St (basket maker)
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Paul, 2 Aldborough court (occup not listed)-spelt Carne in street listing
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Rev. Mr., 88 Meath St (St. Catherine's Roman Catholic Chapel)
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Mrs. Eleanor, 15 Grenville St (occup not listed)
Eliza, 29 Bolton St (hotel and tavern)
Henry Gore, 189 Great Brunswick St (apothecary T.C.)
James, 31 Smithfield (livery stables)
John, 2 Queen Sq West (house agent)
Thomas, 19 Mary's lane (broker)
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Edward George, Castleforbes, Sheriff St and 73 Talbot St (Esq. - Dublin and Belfast Railway Junction Office)
Frederick, 11 Talbot St (solicitor)
Hugh, 11 Halston St (eating house)
J., 35 Amiens St (corn and flour stores)
John, 19 George's quay (boot and shoe maker)
John, 29 Tighe St (broker)
John, 60 Lower Gardiner St and 16 Lower Abbey St (builder)
Robinson, 22 D'Olier St (builder)
Robinson and John, 14-16 Lower Abbey St (builders and timber merchants)
From the Law Directory (not listed at stated address)
Samuel J., 74 Dame St (solicitor)
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Miss Anne, 4 Ryder's row (occup not listed)
Humdell, 2 Florinda place, North Circular Road (Esq.)
J., 37 Amiens St (hay and oats)
James, 46 City quay (coal factor)
James and Co., 7 D'Olier St (coal merchants)
James, 61 Amiens St (coal merchant)
John, 9 Cash row (victualler)
M., 80 Amiens St (victualler)
Samuel Bell, 111 Lower Gardiner St and Mallow (solicitor)
Theresa Maria, 13-14 East Arran St (general merchant)
William, 2 Florinda place, North Circular Road (Esq.)
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Edward, Leinster Chambers, 43 Dame St (solicitor)
John, 22 Stephen St (broker)
John, 3 Haddington Road (vintner)
John, 46 Old Church St (broker)
John, 25 Gloucester place (carpenter)
John, 13 Montgomery St (carpenter)
Luke and Henry, 8 Upper Ormond quay (wine merchants)-spelt Corr in general listing
Mrs., 96 Lower Gardiner St (occup not listed)
Patrick, 24 French St (occup not listed)
Walter, 23 Hanover St East (occup not listed)
William, 24 Denzille St (provision dealer)
William, 38 Denzille St (grocer)
From the Law Directory (not listed at stated address)
George, 18 Mountjoy Sq South (barrister - Michaelmas term 1802)
W. Patrick, 23 Talbot St (barrister - Trinity term 1845)
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John, 5 Mary's abbey, Residence:Pearmount, Donnycarney (glass warehouse)
Michael, 29 Wellington quay (broker)
Robert, 30 Bachelor's walk (printer and stationer)
Robert Given, 30 Prussia St (Esq.)
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39 Stephen St (broker)-no initial or first name listed
12 Blessington St (Esq.)-no initial or first name listed
187 Great Brunswick St (Esq.)-no initial or first name listed
26 Patrick St (provision stores)-no initial or first name listed
23 Temple bar (cabinet maker)-no initial or first name listed
and Co., 36 Wicklow St (artificial flower makers)
and Battersby, 15 Westland Row (solicitors)
and Gaffney, 151 Great Britain St (grocers)-listed as Gaffney and Carroll
and O'Neill, 52 Fleet St (booksellers)
Anne, 44 Thomas St (victualler)
Christopher, 51 Mary st (looking glass manufacturer)
Christopher, 43 Barrack St (tallow chandler)
Christopher G., 5 Waterloo buildings, North Strand (stationer)-spelt Barroll in street listing
Daniel William, 44 Lower Sackville St and 77 Upper Abbey St Residence:1 Eccles St (stationer)-not listed for Abbey St address
Denis, 2 Little Mary St (clothier)
Edward, 7 Leinster market (victualler)
Edward A., 11 Eccles St (Esq.)-spelt Edmond in street listing
Edward M., 4 Hardwicke St (solicitor)
Mrs. Elizabeth, 9 Upper Mecklenburgh St (dressmaker)
Miss Ellen, 30 Aughrim St (occup not listed)
F.G., 100 Townsend St (manufacturing perfumer)-listed as John Joseph in street listing
Francis, 52 Dawson St (hotel and tavern)
Francis, 18 Bachelor's walk (cabinet maker)
Frederick, 11 Eccles St (Esq.)
Gerald and Sons, 14 Anglesea St (tailors)
Gerald and Sons, 16 Crow St (tailors and habit makers)
Rev. Henry G., 2 Lower Berkeley St
James, 11 North Strand (occup not listed)
James, 31 Moore St (green grocer)
James, 1 Upper Mecklenburgh St (boot and shoe maker)
James Francis, 17 Charlotte St (solicitor)
John, 5 Old Church St (cabinet maker)
John, Mabbott St (tailor)
John, 52 Thomas St (victualler)
John, 151 Great Britain St (grocer)
John, 1 Fleet market (butcher)
John, 1 Albert Court East (smith)
John, 40 Golden lane (shoe maker)
John, 2 Trinity St (boot maker)
John, 18 North Earl St (occup not listed)
John Joseph, 100 Townsend St (manufacturing perfumer)-listed as F.G. in general listing
John Walter, 10 Leinster St (surgeon and apothecary)
John William, 24 Heytesbury St (draper)
Laurence, 20 Mary's lane (tailor)
Mary and Son, 42 Patrick St (size factor)-address lists Michael
Mathew, 53 Francis St (provision dealer)
Michael, 42 Patrick St (size factor)-listed as Mary and Son in general listing
Miss, 20 Smithfield (occup not listed)
Mrs., 66 Aungier St (occup not listed)
Mrs., 29 Stafford St (seminary for young ladies)
Nicholas, 41 Tighe St (slater)
Owen, 8 Binn's court (currier)
Patrick, 12 Swift's alley (tenements-indiv occups not listed)
Patrick, 71 Upper Dominick St (printer)
Patrick, 1 Pitt St (occup not listed)
Patrick, 12-13 Ward's hill (grocer)
Philip, 20 Montgomery St (labourer)
Richard, 10 Aston's quay (plumber)
Richard, 48 High St (boot and shoe maker)
Thomas, 29 Stafford St (cabinet maker)
Thomas, 51 Bolton St (cabinet maker and upholsterer)
Thomas, 22 Upper Erne St (coal factor)
W., 178 Townsend St (victualler)
William, 11 Eccles St (civil engineer)
William, 5 Parkgate St (licensed spirits, tobacco and wine)
William, 24 Cross Kevin St (address listed as vacant)
William, 17 New Row South (leather factor)
William, 49 Summerhill (address lists Mr. Carroll, solicitor)
William, 2 Nassau St (apothecary)
William, 95 Meath St (not listed at address)
William Hales, 11 Harcourt St and 15 Westland Row (solicitor)
From the Law Directory (not listed at stated address)
Alexander, 19 Mountjoy Sq South (barrister - Hilary term 1794)-address listed as vacant
John, no address (barrister - Trinity term 1810)
R., 10 Upper Pembroke St (solicitor)-address listed as vacant
Redmond, 49 Summerhill (solicitor)
W.H., 5 Lower Merrion St (solicitor)
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Charles W., 17 North Richmond St (Esq.)
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Edward H., 4 Harcourt St (architect)
Edward Henry, 14 York St (architect)
Mrs., 1 North Cumberland Street Lower (lodging house)
Rev. Joseph, F.T.C.D., 18 Fitzwilliam place South
William, 51 Grafton St Residence:4 Sandymount avenue (bookseller)
William, 3 Cork Hill (bonnet warehouse)
William, 27 Sir John Rogerson's quay and Dalkey (ship insurance and general agent)
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and Martin, 45 Lower Gardiner St (solicitors)
Andrew and Joseph, 3 and 53-54 Cuffe St and 57 Lower Kevin St (flour stores)
Barry and Synnott, 111 Middle Abbey St (corn and commission merchants)
P.J., 42 Bolton St (grocer and spirit dealer)
Robert, 9 Aldborough court (occup not listed)
Samuel, 72 Upper Baggot St (merchant)
From the Law Directory (not listed at stated address)
M., 45 Lower Gardiner St (solicitor)
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and Hastings, 29-31 Sir John Rogerson's quay (merchants and millers)
and Hastings, Grand Canal Docks (merchants)
and Hastings, 7-8 Barrow St (flour millers)
George, 10 Annesley bridge (plane maker)
Henry, 18 City quay (boot and shoe maker)
John, 54 Lower Mount St (occup not listed)
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Mrs. A., 4 Little Britain St (bonnet maker)
Catherine, 11 Hawkins St (tavern keeper)
G., 6 Wicklow St (merchant tailor)
John, 10 Andrew St (window blind manufacturer)
John, 78 Francis St (rag and bone dealer)
Julia Anne, 5 Werburgh St (straw bonnet maker)-also appears under Corley
Patrick, 1 Albert place East (vintner)
William, 2 Albert Court East (carpenter)
William, 96 James' St (building materials)
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Nathaniel Joseph, 35 Stafford St (occup not listed)
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Denis, 16 Halston St (poultry factor)
Denis, Egg Market (fowl factor)
Nicholas, 1 Bedford St (haystores)
Thomas, 5 Upper Liffey St (furniture warerooms)
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and Davis, 105 Grafton St (dentists)-spelt Gartwright in general listing
Amelia, 8 Merrion Sq West (occup not listed)
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Martin, 145 New St (provision stores)-listed as Early in general listing
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Edward, 32 Bride's alley (cabinet manufacturer)
Mrs. Henry, 15 Ely place (occup not listed)
Henry, 10 Hatch St (barrister)-spelt Carey in street listing
Mrs., 16 South William place (occup not listed)
Patrick, 6 Grand Canal St (turf dealer)-spelt Carey in street listing
Pierce, 24 Ely place (wax and tallow chandler)-spelt Carey in street listing
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Arthur, 1 Cash row (victualler)
George, 4-5 Cash row (victualler)
George, 55 Upper Dorset St (victualler)
John, 53 Jervis St (marble paper maker)
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Mrs., 49 Upper Leeson St (occup not listed)
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and Co., 5 Bond St (stores)
Andrew, 79 Lower Camden St (Esq.)
Denis, 39 East Essex St (grocer)
Denis, 86 Upper Dorset St (builder)
James, 19 North Anne St (provision dealer)
John, 16 Moore St (artist)
John, 21 Bride's alley (cabinet maker)
John, 5 Bedford row (provision dealer)
John, 5 Great Brunswick St (Esq.)
John, 136 North King St (hair dresser)
John, 132 Stephen's green West (perfumer)
The Misses, 38 Meath St (brokers)
Myles, 18 Queen St (occup not listed)
Patrick, 46 Bolton St (master tailor)
Patrick, 18 Aungier St (grocer)
Patrick, 65 Pill lane (provision stores)
Paul, 8 South King St (house smith)
Robert, 24 Marlborough St and 7 Tivoli terrace, Kingstown hill (solicitor)
Mrs. S., 132 Stephen's green West (milliner)
Walter, 218 Great Britain st (spirit dealer)
W.C. and G.,, Marshall lane, Bridgefoot St and Liverpool (wholesale warehouse)
From the Law Directory (not listed at stated address)
Patrick, 52 Jervis St (solicitor)
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George, 17 Upper Mecklenburgh St (Esq.)
John, 51 Poolbeg St (Esq.)
From the Law Directory (not listed at stated address)
G., Broomfield, Malahide (barrister - Michaelmas term 1808)
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Michael, 8 Meath St (broker)-spelt Cashill in general listing
From the Law Directory (not listed at stated address)
Rowan P., 28 Westmoreland St (solicitor)
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George, 29 Great Charles St (wine merchant)
Henry, 29 Great Charles St (Esq.)
Henry, 57 Middle Abbey St (agent)-spelt Cashill in general listing
Richard, 22 Brabazon St (manufacturer)
From the Law Directory (not listed at stated address)
Michael R., 2 Upper Gardiner St (barrister - Michaelmas term 1836)
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Richard, Hunt's alley, Brabazon St and 5 Wesley place, Clanbrassil St (gun manufacturer)
Henry, 57 Middle Abbey St (agent)-spelt Cashell in street listing
Michael, 8 Meath St (broker)-spelt Cashel in street listing
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Patrick, 22 Aughrim St (occup not listed)
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James, 18 High St (boot and shoe maker)
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and Boyce, 11 South William St (wine merchants)-spelt Casson in street listing
and Falvey, 45 Fleet St (wine merchants)-spelt Cassin in street listing
and Waring, 10-12 Fownes' St (wine merchants)
Edward, 35 Dame St (solicitor)
From the Law Directory (not listed at stated address)
Stephen S., 122 Lower Baggot St (barrister - Trinity term 1802)
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Peter, 16 Stafford St and Dollymount (solicitor)
From the Law Directory (not listed at stated address)
James, 1 Nelson St (barrister - Trinity term 1829)-address listed as vacant
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and Panter, 22 D'Olier St (house painters)
and Panter, 7 East Hanover St (paper stainers)
Andrew, 6 George's place South (tenements-indiv occups not listed)
Christopher, 15 Meath St (general dealer)
J., 51 James' St (horse manager)-listed as O.J. in street listing
James, 29 Thomas St (victualler)
James, 1 Lower Camden St (victualler)
James, 24 Aldborough court (occup not listed)
John, 2 Wellesley place, Russell St (address listed as vacant)
John, 8 Lower Gloucester place (printer)
John, 77 North King St (vintner)
P., 27 Wentworth place (dairy)
Robert, 54 South King St (proprietor - White Horse Hotel)
From the Law Directory (not listed at stated address)
A., 15 Upper Buckingham St (solicitor)
Robert, 15 Upper Buckingham St (barrister - Hilary term 1840)
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Signor Benventura, 3 Adelaide place (occup not listed)
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John, 68 Lower Charlemont St (Esq.)-listed as Blacker Castle in general listing
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and Graham, 66 Grafton St (outfitters)
James, 13 North Clarence St (wine porter)
George Lambert, 16 York St (solicitor)
Nassau R., 16 York St (Esq.)
Richard, 106 Lower Baggot St (solicitor)
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Antoine, 4 Nassau St (hat manufacturer)- spelt Catheline in street listing
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Thomas, 12 Blessington St (barrister - Easter term 1837)
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Graves, 20 Hardwicke St (barrister Easter term 1841)-possibly Cathrew Graves-see the Graves listing
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Richard, 3 Richmond cottages (Esq.)-spelt Card in general listing
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Daniel, 1 Grand Canal Bank (occup not listed)
George, 22 Winetavern St (provision dealer)
Henry, 11 Patrick St (victualler)
James Peter, 26 North Great George's St (musical academy)
Michael, 8 Pill lane (provision stores)
Michael, 57 Meath St (provision dealer)
Thomas, 124 Thomas St (tobacco manufacturer)
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and Bull, 2 Smithfield (salesmasters)
and O'Hagan, 19 Fitzwilliam St Lower (solicitors)
Alicia, 26 Great Britain St (china warehouse)
Francis, 25-26 Wicklow St (bookbinder)
John, 67 Thomas St (tin-plate worker)
John, 5 Baggot court (occup not listed)
Mary, 110 Phibsborough Rd (occup not listed)
Margaret, 182 North King St (chandler)
Mrs., 4 Adelaide Place (occup not listed)
Miss Theresa, 1 Hamilton row (occup not listed)
From the Law Directory (not listed at stated address)
Charles, 19 Fitzwilliam St Lower (solicitor)
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John, 19 Upper Erne St (car owner)
From the Law Directory (not listed at stated address)
Richard Augustus, no address (barrister - Michaelmas term 1847)
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William, 6 Clanbrassil place (gentleman)
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William, 54 Bishop St (builder)
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Henry, 34 Mountpelier Hill (Esq.)
From the Law Directory (not listed at stated address)
J., 12 Lower Ormond quay (solicitor)
William, 14 North Cumberland St (solicitor)
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Henry, Newcomen lodge, Newcomen bridge (occup not listed)
John, 138 Upper Dorset St (bookbinder)
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Robert Stephen, 57 Jervis St (professor of dancing)
Tankerville William, 27 Upper Mount St (barrister - Michaelmas term 1837)
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