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Brairton - Brophy Index for Dublin Directory Burrowes - Byron
Dublin City Directory 1850 : Brothers - Burroughs
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Brothers Brougham Brown Browne Browning
Brownlow Brownrigg Brownwell Bruce Bruen
Brunker Brunton Brush Bruton Bryan
Bryce Brydon Bryson Buchanan Buck
Buckley Buckmaster Bucknall Bugue Bulfin
Bulger Bulkley Bull Bullen Bullock
Bumford Bunbury Bunker Bunn Bunting
Burby Burdett Burdon Burford Burge
Burgess Burgh Burgoyne Burke Burkett
Burn Burne Burnell Burns Burroughs

Peter, 81 Townsend St (provision dealer)
William, 25 Queen St (Esq.)
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John, 11 South Great George's St (boot maker)
Margaret, 139 Townsend St (corn factor)
Michael, 139 Townsend St and 20 Mark St (coal factor)
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Archibald, 4 Haddington Road (Baggotrath dairy)
Archibald, 27 Dame St (gold silver laceman)
George and Co., 35 Westmoreland St (boot makers)
George, 59 New St (coal and coke yard)
George, 119 New St (dealer in coal)
Lieutenant Colonel George, Lower Castle Yard
James, 17 North Richmond St (solicitor)
John, 38 Temple bar (dairy)-spelt John Breen in general listing
Joseph, 18 South Brown St (no occup given)
Miss, 2 Platanus buildings, Upr Leeson St (no occup given)
Mr., Upper Sheriff St (no occup given)
Mr., 12 Cornmarket (occup not listed)
Mr., 2 Luke St (occup not listed)-appears as Mrs. Browne in street listing
Peter, 16 Bachelor's walk (upholsterer)
William, 95 Upper Abbey St (book keeper and general accountant)
William, 11 Clarendon market (victualler)
William, 3 Redmond's hill (trimming warehouse)
William Thompson, 140 Lower Baggot St (grocer)
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2 Wentworth place (doctor)-no initial or first name given
and Clonnes, 27 Dame St (gold and silver lacemen)
and Nolan, 21 Nassau St (paper warehouse, printing office)
A., 12 Aston's quay (dealer in jewellery, repairs undertaken)
Mrs. A., 10 Fitzwilliam St Upper (no occup given)
Charles, 37 College Green (tobacconist)
Daniel, 37 Wexford St (apothecary)
Edmond, 3 Henry St (pawnbroker)
Edward, 2 Fownes St (stock broker, agent of Eagle Life Assurance Co.)
Edward, 20 Dominick St Upper (weighmaster)
Mrs. F., 10 Anna villa, Nth Circular Rd (no occup given)
George, 40 Middle Gardiner St (painter)
Major George, 26 Upper Mount St  (35th Regiment)
Henry, 4-5 Watling St (skinner)
Henry, 9 Prince William Terrace (accountant)
Henry, 1 Albert cottages, North Lotts (no occup given)
J., 11 Bella St (provision dealer)
James,189 Townsend St (tin plate worker)
James, 4 Upper Baggot St (Italian warehouse)
James, 9 Cobourgh place (no occup given)
James, 2 College St (clothier)
John, 40 Eccles St (solicitor)
John, 9 Summer St (no occup given)
John, 39 Riddal's row (victualler)
John Adolphus, 17 South Frederick St (solicitor)
John G., 17 Herbert place (Esq.)
Launcelot, 52 Lower Kevin St 
Mrs. Margaret, 15 James' St East (no occup given)
Marmion, 2 Fownes' St (jeweller) 
Mary, 4 Charles St West (broker)
Matthew, 3 Ely place (solicitor)
Michael, Lamb's court (silk weaver)
Miss, 3 Platanus buildings, Upper Leeson St (occup not listed)
Mrs., 17 Stafford St (no occup given)
Mrs., 2 Luke St (occup not listed)-appears as Mr. Brown in general listing
Mrs., 5 Webster place, Haddington Road (no occup given)
Mrs., 2 Wentworth place (no occup given)
Capt. Nicholas, 95 Gardiner St
Pat, 30 Wexford St (provision dealer)
Paul, 11 Winetavern St (millboard manufacturer)
Peter, 3 Frenchman's lane (tenements...occups not listed)
Richard J., 103 Capel St (no occup given)
Robert, 19 George's Quay (tin-plate worker)
Sarsfield Percy, 95 Lower Gardiner St (Esq.)-listed as Sarsfield Vesey
Thomas and Co., 16-17 Grafton St (drapers)
Thomas, 52 Aungier St (house painter)
Thomas , 6 Middle Gardiner St (house painter)
Thomas, 35 North Frederick St (coach manufacturer)
W., 11 Clarendon market (victualler)
William, 73 Upper Dominick St (coal factor)
William, 3 Pembroke place (Colonel)
William, 54 Upper Mount St (Esq.)
William, 2 Henry St (pawnbroker)
William Humphreys, 8 Suffolk St (solicitor)
William, 39 Grafton St (coach builder)
From the Law Directory (not listed at stated address)
H., 26 Upper Merrion St (barrister - Michaelmas term 1798)
Henry, 21 South Anne St (solicitor)
Henry, 81 Talbot st (solicitor)
James, 26 South Frederick St (solicitor)
John C., 19 Upper Ormond Quay (solicitor)
Richard J., 64 Lower Dominick St (solicitor)
Robert, 50 York St (solicitor)
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Thomas, 115 North King St (master - St. Paul's Male School)-spelt Brownrigg in general listing
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Henry, 29 Merrion Sq South (Esq.)
The Misses, 29 Merrion Sq South (occup not listed)
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Mrs. Anne, 3 Preston St (occup not listed)
Elizabeth, 34 South William St (chandler)
Henry, 12 Mary's abbey (merchant)
Henry John, 1 Pembroke place (not listed at address-shows Dr. Woodward, physician)
John, 7 Denzille St (spirit dealer)
John and Joseph, 18 Holles St (wine and spirit merchants)
Mrs., 18 Adelaide Road (occup not listed)
Thomas, 115 North King St (master - St. Paul's Male School)-spelt Browning in street listing
William, 2 Bessborough cottages (occup not listed)
William H., 15 Pitt St (agent - Wicklow and Wexford Coach Office)
From the Law Directory (not listed at stated address)
and Reade, 24 Holles St (solicitors)
H.B., 1 Rathmines Road and Norrismount, Co. Wexford (barrister - Easter term 1843)-Rathmines was outside the City area proper.
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Henry, 18 Suffolk St (stationer)
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Symes, 37 Dame St (public notary and stock broker)-possibly Bruce Symes
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Col. Henry, 42 North Great George's St (Member of Parliament)
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Ralph B., 45 York St and 5 Gullistan terrace, Upper Mountpleasant avenue (solicitor)
Thomas, 31 South William St (jeweller)-spelt Bunker in street listing
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John, 45 Back lane (tanner)
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Edward, 60 Townsend St (drug merchant)
Edward, Prince's st and City quay (not listed at either address)
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William, 13 and 15 Stoneybatter (grocer)
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Ellen, 52 Lower Charlemont St (provision stores)
John, 17 Carman's hall (provision stores)
Loftus A., 10-13 Bride St, 26 Pembroke Road and Upton House, Kilmurrage, Co. Wexford (hardware merchant)
Mary, 43 Bull Alley (victualler)
Mrs. Mary, 7 Mabbott St (occup not listed)
James, 9 South King st (dairy)-spelt Brian in general listing
William, 6 Denzille St (victualler)
William, 97 Summerhill (occup not listed)-spelt Byrne in general listing
William E., 11 King's Inns quay (proprietor - Angel Hotel)
William L., 2 Camden place (occup not listed)
From the Law Directory 
James, no address (barrister - Trinity term 1823)
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and Jackson, 12 North Earl St (grocers and wine merchants)
and Symes, 37 Dame St (public notaries and stockbrokers)
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Miss, 27 Heytesbury St (occup not listed)
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and Branagan, 55 Smithfield and 68 Queen St (salesmasters)
John, 53 Barrack St (victualler)
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and Co., 36 Stephen's green North (occup not listed)
Kelly and Co., 3 Lower Baggot St (tobacconists)
Mrs., 47 Eccles St (occup not listed)
Mrs., 3 Burlington place (occup not listed)
Richard W., 3 Burlington place (solicitor)
From the Law Directory (not listed at stated address)
John B., 9 Blessington St (solicitor)
R., 16 Summerhill (barrister - Trinity term 1844)-address listed as vacant
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Henry, 3 Haddington Road (civil engineer)
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Daniel, 11 Russell place (occup not listed)
Eliza, 46 Stephen's St (broker)
John, 37 James' St (nailor)
John, 71 Patrick St (victualler)
Jonathan, 12 East Essex St (china and earthen warehouse)
Joseph, 14 Lower Sackville St (optician)
Loftus, 28 Bull Alley (victualler)
Patrick, 110 North King St (board and lodging house keeper)
Thomas, 26 Lower Mecklenburgh St (dealer)
William, 10 Temple bar (cork cutter)
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William and Co., 55 Dawson St (tailors and army clothiers)
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Mrs. Lindsay, 13 Adelaide Road (occup not listed)
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William, 120 Summerhill (confectioner)
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and Co., 4 Wicklow St (occup not listed)
Patrick, 50 Thomas St (grocer)
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Edward Vincent, 14 Northcourt cottages (custom-house officer)
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Francis, Upper Charlemont St and 12 Ranelagh Road (not listed at address)
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and Cavanagh, 2 Smithfield (salesmasters)
Edward, 6 Bachelor's walk (steam press printer)
From the Law Directory (not listed at stated address)
James, 185 Great Brunswick St (solicitor)
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Edward, 41 Upper Sackville St (Secretary - Royal Agricultural Society, barrister - Hilary term 1828)
William, 3 Capel St (solicitor)
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George, 8 Capel St (watchmaker, goldsmith and jeweller)
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John, 4 Upper Rutland St (solicitor)
From the Law Directory (not listed at stated address)
Henry, 4 Upper Rutland st (barrister - Easter term 1840)
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Mrs., 7 Upper Merrion St (occup not listed)
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Thomas, 31 South William St (jeweller)-spelt Brunker in general listing
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Henry, 64 Great Britain St (funeral furnishing establishment, blanket and flannel warehouse)
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Anthony, 16 Harrington St (Esq.)
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John, 19 Lower Rutland St (lamp manufacturer)
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John H., 44 Rutland Sq West (barrister - Michaelmas term 1834)
Mrs., 44 Rutland Sq West (occup not listed)
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James, 59 Moore St (tea wine and spirit merchant)-spelt Barden in street listing
Mary Anne, 1 Charles St West (broker)
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Thomas, 13 Usher's island (merchant)
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Benjamin, 28 Upper Baggot St (Esq.)
Henry B., 24 Herbert place and Waltham terrace, Blackrock (Esq.)
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Edward, 10 Pill lane (tobacconist)
Thomas, 7 South Great George's St (brush maker)
William, 27 Upper Abbey St (saddle tree maker)
From the Law Directory (not listed at stated address)
John H., 26 Upper Ormond quay (solicitor)
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and Co., 79 Middle Abbey St (house and land agents)
From the Law Directory (not listed at stated address)
Francis, Oldtown, Naas (barrister - Easter term 1839)
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5 De Grey terrace (occup not listed)-no initial or first name 
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Rev., Marshalsea lane (local inspector)-no initial or first name
Catherine, 34 Lower Sackville St (confectioner)
Charles Granby, 3 Smith's buildings, Ely place (barrister - Easter term 1838)
Reverend Christopher, 83 Marlborough St (Metropolitan R.C. chapel)
Dominick, 119 Aughrim St (occup not listed)
Edward, 109 James' St (proprietor - Hog and Armour Inn - spelt Edmond in street listing)
F., 3 Talbot St (Esq.)
Francis, 43-44 and 59 Lotts and Templeogue House, Co. Dublin (corn merchant)
Francis James Junior, 5 Grenville St (barrister - Hilary term 1839)
George, 34 College green (notary public and stock broker)
Henry, 3 Whitefriar St (shoemaker)
James, 51-52 Marlborough St (pawn broker)
James Milo,J.P., 12 Kildare St and Queenstown cottage, Dalkey (barrister - Hilary term 1836)
John, 3 Little Mary St (hat mart)
John, 34 North King St (provision dealer)
John, 3 Synnott row (tenements - no detailed listing)
John, 26 Lower Temple St (bootmaker - spelt Bourke in street listing)
John, 17 Queen St (Esq.)
John, 30 Barrack St (dairy)
John, 10 Portland place (clerk)
John, 50 Henry St (cabinet maker)
John, 25 Upper Bridge St (Cashel hotel)
John, 26 Upper Bridge St (grocer)
John, 11 Whitefriar St (coach maker)
John, 79 Amiens St (grocer)
John, 39 Wicklow St (grocer)
John, 151 Church St (provision dealer)
John Hogan, 12 Kildare St (Esq. sub-sheriff County Kildare)
Joseph, 22 Exchequer St (carpenter)
Joseph, 10 Eccles St and Rossduff, Headford, Co. Galway (Esq.)
Laurence, 12 Christchurch place (boot and shoe maker)
Margaret, 107 Great Britain St (confectioner)
Martin, 27-30 Stephens green North and 12 Kildare St and Victoria House, Lower Queenstown, Dalkey (proprietor - Shelbourne Hotel)
Martin, 11 Cuffe St (vintner)
Michael, 54 Henry St (earthenware dealer)
Michael Francis, 10 Newcomen place (clerk)
Miles, 138 Townsend St (dairy)
Mrs., 140 Stephens green West (milliner)-spelt Burkett in street listing
Mrs., 5 Haddington Road (provision dealer)
Mrs., 88 Lower Mecklenburgh St (lodging house)
Mrs., 1 Swift's alley (occup not listed)
Patrick, 1-2 Summerhill parade (spirit stores)
Richard, 72 Upper Dominick St (occup not listed)
Richard J., 10 Capel St (apothecary)
Thomas, 2 Lower Liffey St (bottle dealer)
Thomas, 36 Belvidere place (solicitor)
Walter, 93 Abbey St and 10 Nelson St (merchant and foundry coke manufactory - North Wall)
Walter, 33 Francis St (shoe maker)
Walter, 15 Prince's St North (stores)
William, 5 Lower Baggot St (grocer)
William M., 3 Upper Pembroke St (doctor of medicine)
William, 6 Norfolk Market (victualler)
William, 1 Henry St, 1 Nicholas St and 9 Trinity St (grocer and vintner)
From the Law Directory (not listed at stated address)
Henry O'Neill, 16 Summerhill (barrister - Trinity term 1844)-address listed as vacant
James, 77 Lower Gardiner St (solicitor)
James, 14 Middle Gardiner St (barrister - Michaelmas term 1843)
John, no address (barrister - Hilary term 1806)
John, 21 Blessington St (solicitor)
Joseph, Assistant Poor Law Commisioners, office Custom House (barrister - Easter term 1832)
Martin J., Tuam, Co. Galway (barrister - Trinity term 1837)
Michael, no address (barrister - Trinity term 1836)
Thomas, 65 Upper Gardiner St (solicitor)
William Joseph, no address (barrister - Hilary term 1848)
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J.B., 140 Stephens green West (importer of French flowers)
James, 45 Lower Charlemont St (wine merchant)
John, 95 Stephen's green South (solicitor)
Mrs., 140 Stephens green West (milliner)-spelt Burke in general listing
Robert, 2 South Frederick St (solicitor)
Robert, 95 Stephen's green South and Roseville, Bushfield Avenue, Donnybrook (solicitor)
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Charles, 54 Montgomery St (dealer)
James and Samuel, 114-115 Thomas St (druggists)-spelt Burne in street listing
Miss, 7 Park St East (Kildare Hotel)
Miss, 82 Summerhill (occup not listed)-spelt Burns in street listing
Simon, 112 Summerhill (dairy man)
Widow, 12 Portland Row (occup not listed)
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James and Samuel, 114-115 Thomas St (druggists)-spelt Burn in general listing
From the Law Directory (not listed at stated address)
James, 6 Foster place (solicitor)
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Miss, 81 Great Brunswick St (occup not listed)
Robert, 1 Dawson lane (billiard table proprietor)
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Todd, Burns and Co., 24 Jervis St and 47 Mary St (drapery)
Gilbert, 47 Mary St and Chapelizod (draper- Todd, Burns and Co.)
John, 4 Orr's cottages (tenements-indiv occups not listed)
John, 20 Lower Ormond quay (attorney)
John E., 23 North Strand (paper hanger and painter)
Miss, 82 Summerhill (occup not listed)-spelt Burn in general listing
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Edward H., 35 Harcourt St (barrister - Michaelmas term 1829)
Sir Edward R. Bart. Armit and Co., 18 Leinster St (army agents)-spelt Borough in general listing
Peter, 98 Lower Leeson St (barrister - Trinity term 1839)-spelt Burrowes in street listing
From the Law Directory (not listed at stated address)
H.F., 67 Middle Abbey St (solicitor)
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