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Bonassall - Brady Index for Dublin Directory Brothers - Burroughs
Dublin City Directory 1850 : Brairton - Brophy
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Brairton Bramble Branagan Brangan Branigan
Brannan Brannic Brassington Braxton Bray
Brazill Bredin Breen Brenan Brennan
Brereton Brett Brewster Brian Bridge
Bridgeman Bridgford Bridson Brien Briggs
Brierton Briscoe Briscot Brislan Brittain
Broadbent Broadhook Broadrick Brocas Brock
Broderick Brohom Broider Bronnlon Brook
Brooke Brooker Brookes Brooks Brophy

Thomas, 8 Moore St (china warehouse)
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George, 13 Aughrim St (cabinet maker)
John, 67 Bride St (occup not listed)
Thomas, 20 James' St (coach maker)
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and Bryson, 55 Smithfield and 68 Queen St (salesmasters)- spelt Brangan in street listing
Bryan, 24 Bull Alley (victualler)
James, 66 Old Church St (dairyman)-spelt Brangan in general listing
Thomas, 2 Boyne St (dairy)
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and Bryson, 55 Smithfield and 68 Queen St (salesmasters)- spelt Branagan in general listing
Denis, 29 Denzille St (land and law agent)
James, 66 Old Church St (dairyman)-spelt Branagan in street listing
Joseph, 4 Merrion Row (grocer)
L., 15 Green St (hayseed stores)
Laurence and Co., 80 North King St (nurserymen)
Michael, 164 North King St (chandler)
Thomas, 57 Queen St (occup not listed)
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A., 28 Bolton St (shell-fish warehouse)
George, 41 Parkgate St (occup not listed)
Widow, 71 Montgomery St (spirit dealer)
William, 27 Lower Mecklenburgh St (dealer)
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Joseph, 4 Merrion Row (grocer)-spelt Brangan in general listing
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Luke, 47 Lower Mecklenburgh St (labourer)
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and Gale, 5 Bachelor's walk (surveyors)
Charles P., 5 Bachelor's walk (Esq.)
R., 1 Bayview Avenue (occup not listed)
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E., 83 Grafton St (Berlin and fancy warehouse)-spelt Ruxton in street listing
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John, 42 Lower Mecklenburgh St (blacksmith)
John, 26 Westmoreland St (pianoforte and music warehouse)
Luke, 74 Summerhill (occup not listed)
Michael, 96 Old Church St (provision dealer)
William, 18 Parliament St (boot and shoe maker)
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Patrick, 45 Watling St (dyer)
William, 8 Royal row (victualler)
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and Wallace, 181 Great Brunswick St (medical establishment)
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James, 15 Blackhall row (victualler)
John, M.D., 5 Cavendish Row (doctor)
John, 41 Lower Buckingham St (builder)
John, 38 Temple bar (address shows John Brown)
John, 62 Francis St (new milk dairy)
Patrick, 37 Barrack St (baker)
From the Law Directory (not listed at stated address)
John, no address (barrister - Trinity term 1811)
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George, 104 New St (house painter)-spelt Brennan in general listing
From the Law Directory (not listed at stated address)
Nicholas, 8 Bachelor's walk (solicitor)
Patrick, 21 Bolton St (solicitor)
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and Codd, 168-9 Townsend St (commission merchants)
and Price, 66 Watling St (Phoenix brewery)
Bridget, 26 Great Ship St (dairy)
Daniel, 39 Lower Camden St (poulterer)
Denis 103 Townsend St (cooper)
Edward, 224 Gt Britain St (provision shop)
George, 104 New St (house painter)-spelt Brenan in street listing
Henry, 8 Gardiner's place (wine merchant)
Hugh, 7 Exchange St Lr (watch maker)
James, 7 Cutpurse Row (provision stores)
James, 57 Barrack St (haberdasher)
James, 22 Upper Dorset St (baker)
John, 89 James' St (Esq.)
John, 15 Northumberland Sq (clerk)
John, 6 George's Hill (bricklayer)
John, 4 Fogarty's court (stirrup manufacturer)
John, 5 Flag Alley North (shoe maker)
John, 2 Albert Court West (car owner)
John, 70 New St (no occup given)
Martin Andrew, 57 Bolton St (professor of languages-principal of the collegiate seminary)
Mrs. Mary, 17 Lower Charlemont St (occup not listed)
Mary, 6 Aughrim St (provision dealer)
Michael, 8 Bachelor's walk (solicitor)
Mrs., 17 Charlemont St (no occup given)
Mrs., 43 Tighe St (provision dealer)
Patrick, 25 Lr Temple St (no occup given)
Peter, 70 Capel St (Esq.)
Peter, 76 Queen St (linen warehouse)
William, 76 Nth King St (provision dealer)
William, 66 Townsend St (occup not listed)
William, 22 Arran quay (builder)
William, 4 Wentworth place (no occup given)
William, 35 South William St and Castlemarket (poulterer)
William, 9 Wellington place (no occup given)
From the Law Directory (not listed at stated address)
John O'Neill, no address (barrister - Hilary term 1848)
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David, 12 York St (doctor of medicine)
J., 49 Grafton St (occup not listed)
Joshua, 12 York St (solicitor)
Mrs., 49 Grafton St (baby linen warehouse)
Mrs., 47 Queen's Sq East (seminary for young ladies)
Thomas, 8 Moore St (china warehouse - spelt Brairton in street listing)
William, 134 Lower Baggot St (librarian)
William R., 2 Lower Baggot St (circulating library)
William Westropp, 14 Lower Pembroke St (barrister - Trinity term 1836)
From the Law Directory (not listed at stated address)
John R., no address (barrister - Easter term 1843)
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Francis, 29 Grafton St (boot and shoe warehouse)
Jane, 13 Upper Dorset St (grocer and spirit dealer)
John, 80 Lower Gardiner St (solicitor)
Matthew, 6 Parliament St (solicitor)
Matthew, 80 Lower Gardiner St (Esq.)
Thomas, 26 Aughrim St (flag merchant)
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Abraham, 26 Merrion Sq South (barrister - Michaelmas term 1819)
George, 42 Mountpelier Hill (tailor)
From the Law Directory (not listed at stated address)
E.J., 5 Prince Edward Terrace, Blackrock (barrister - Trinity term 1837)-outside area of Directory
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James, 9 South King St (dairy)-spelt Bryan in street listing
Michael, 3 Green St (provision dealer)
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M.K., 15 Bachelor's walk (occup not listed)
Robert, 15 South Richmond St (occup not listed)
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Richard, 8 Lower Dorset St (toy shop)
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Thomas, 12 Park St East (not listed at address)
Thomas and Son, 48 Lower Sackville St and Spafield, Ballsbridge (seedsmen)
W., 12 Park St East (occup not listed)
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V. and Sons, 90 Lower Dorset St (organ builders)
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Charles, 3 High St (tallow chandler)
Edward, 1 Clanbrassil St (licensed spirits, wine, beer and tobacco)
J.L., 28 South William St (Esq.)
James, 10 Halston St (factor)
James, 18 Barrack St (delph shop)
James, 32 South King St (carpenter)
John, 188 Townsend St (tin-plate worker)
John William, 49 Lower Rutland St (solicitor)
Patrick, 13 Temple lane South (car owner)
From the Law Directory (not listed at stated address)
Edward P., 8 Upper Dorset St (solicitor)-address listed as vacant
J.L., 1 Salisbury terrace, Rathgar (barrster - Hilary term 1836)-outside area of Directory
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Thomas, 42 Lower Mountjoy St (occup not listed)
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W., 19 Sandwith St (forage shop)
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Mrs. Captain, 1 Harrington St (occup not listed)
Fetherston Henry, 13 Mountjoy St Lower (solicitor)
James, 2 Jervis St (slater)
John F., Esq., 3 Summerhill (occup not listed)
Thomas, 53 High St (plumber)
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John, 65 Great Strand St (occup not listed)
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Matthew J., 59 Upper Dominick St (law agent)
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Edward, 5 Mountpelier Hill (shoe maker)
Michael, 8 Old Church St (paper stainer)
Michael, 10 Tighe St (dealer in leather)
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William, 42 Bridgefoot St, 32 Island St and 6 Usher's island (iron and metal founder)
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Richard, Annesley place (Esq.)
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Henry, 16 Copper alley (broker)
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Mrs.,120 Lower Baggot St (portrait painter)
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Andrew, 64 Mabbott St (occup not listed)-spelt Brook in street listing
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Timothy, 44 Fishamble St (saw maker)
William, 16 Essex quay (watch maker)
William H., 21 Dawson St (painter and paper stainer)
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John, 30 Park St East (chandler)
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William, 53 Meath St (silk dyer)
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Elizabeth, 2 Upper Gloucester St North (occup not listed)
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Andrew, 64 Mabbott St (occup not listed)-spelt Brock in general listing  
Joseph and Co., 10-11 Merchant's quay (woollen warehouse)
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George F., 1 Gardiner's Row (wine merchant)
Mrs. Gustavus, 25 Marlborough St (occup not listed)
John, 4 Middle Gardiner St (barrister - Easter term 1819)
William, 33 Lower Leeson St (master in Chancery, barrister - Trinity term 1817)
From the Law Directory (not listed at stated address)
R., Castlehoward (barrister - Trinity term 1825)
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William, 42 Upper Mecklenburgh St (tallow chandler)-spelt Booker in street listing
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John, 31 Aldborough court (painter)
Maurice, 90 Middle Abbey St (window glass, plate glkass, wholesale and retail paint and white lead dealer)
Maurice, 12 Prince's St North (glass warehouse)
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Benjamin, 12 Bolton St (boot and shoe maker)
Henry, 19 Little Denmark St (broker)
Henry, 13 Clanbrassil terrace (occup not listed)
Joseph, 37 Riddal's row (victualler)
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and Keene, 24 College green (dentists)
John, 3-4 Dolphin's barn lane (flagging contractor)
John, 21 Castle Market (victualler)
Michael, 15 John St West and 37 Sir John Rogerson's quay (slate and tile stores)
Patrick, 7 Palmerston place (law agent)
Patrick, 64 Dawson St (dentist)
Patrick, 38 Lower Ormond quay (not listed at address)
W., 14 Patrick St (provision stores)
Widow, 65 Meath St (broker)
William, 10 High St (woollen warehouse)
William, Commercial buildings and 13 Fitzwilliam Sq North (solicitor)
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