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Babington - Barroll Index for Dublin Directory Beggs - Binson
Dublin City Directory 1850 : Barron - Begg
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Barron Barry Barter Bartley Barton
Barwise Bashford Baskerville Baskin Bass
Bastable Batchelor Bate Bates Batson
Batt Battersby Battley Batty Bavier
Baxter Bayly Baynes Baynham Beahan
Beakey Beale Bealin Beamish Beardwood
Beasley Beatty Beauchamp Beaufort Beauman
Beaumont Beausire Beck Beckett Beckley
Beddy Beeby Beere Beers Beeves

Edward N., 16 St. Andrew St (solicitor)
William Newell, 85 Harcourt St (barrister - Michaelmas term 1830)
From the Law Directory (not listed at stated address)
Edward J., 9 Lower Merrion St (solicitor)
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Byrne and Co., 10 Burgh quay (wholesale wine and spirit merchants)
Benjamin, 25 Upper Oriel St (grocer)
Carton and Synnott, 111 Middle Abbey St (corn and commission agents)
Charles, 69 Upper Baggot St (barrister)
Mrs. Colonel, 14 Fitzwilliam Sq West (occup not listed)
Henry, 15 Herbert St (barrister - Michaelmas term 1832
James, 43 Wicklow St (boot maker)
James, 6 Meath St (broker)
James, 3 Chancery place and Cahir (solicitor)
James, 4 Back lane (leather seller)
James, 10 Burgh quay (grocer and spirit dealer)
James, 56 Mabbott St (provision dealer)
James, Charles St (smith)
John, 11 South Frederick St (occup not listed)
John, 15 Tighe St (occup not listed)
John, 3 Chancery place and Clogheen (solicitor)
John, 73 Upper Coombe (cart maker)
Joseph, 104 Townsend St (car owner)
Julia, 70 Mabbott St (vintner)
M., 9 Old Church St (provision dealer)
Michael, 69 Lower Gardiner St (barrister - Hilary term 1834)
Richard, 17 Leinster market (poulterer)
Samuel,M.D., 3 Flood's buildings, North Strand (doctor)
William, 25 Lower Rutland St (occup not listed)
William Norton, 14 Fitzwilliam Sq West (Esq.)
From the Law Directory (not listed at stated address)
Adolphus F., no address (barrister - Easter term 1827)
Charles Robert, 39 Lower Mount St (barrister - Michaelmas term 1845)
Edward, no address (barrister - Hilary term 1847)
J. and Son, 57 Lower Gardiner St (solicitors)
James, 5 Great Brunswick St (solicitor)
James Junior, 57 Lower Gardiner St (solicitor)
John, 43 Denzille St (solicitor)
John, 6 Bachelor's walk (solicitor)
John, 185 Great Brunswick St (solicitor)
John S.T., 1 Leinster St (solicitor)-address listed as vacant
M.T. Junior, Cork (barrister - Trinity term 1839)
R.D., 19 Mountjoy Sq South (solicitor)-address listed as vacant
Redmond, no address (barrister - Michaelmas term 1838)
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Richard, 17 Fleet St (sculptor)
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Thomas, 75 Lower Mount St (Esq.)
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and French, 46 Upper Sackville St (wine merchants)
Dunbar, 6 Fitzwilliam Sq South (Esq.)
Henry, 35 Merrion Sq South (Esq.)
Henry, 10 Clanbrassil terrace (Esq.)
James, 40 Wellington Quay (flour merchant)
John, 10 North Gt George's St (Esq.)
John, 12 Queen's Sq West (occup not listed)
Mrs., 125 Lower Baggot St (occup not listed)
Rev. Richard, 10 North Gt George's St
Robert, 22 Eccles St (physician)-listed as Robert Barlow in general listing
Samuel William, 6 Fitzwilliam Sq South (barrister - Easter term 1831)
From the Law Directory (not listed at stated address)
A.H., 6 Fitzwilliam Sq South (barrister - Hilary term 1845)
Edward George, no address (barrister - Michaelmas term 1835)
T.H., 6 Fitzwilliam Sq South (barrister - Michaelmas term 1844)
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W., Newcomen bridge (watch and clock maker)
William, 154 Capel St (watch maker and confectioner)
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and Sloan, 2 Stephen's green North (ironmongers)
Frederick G., 2 Stephen's green North (ironmonger)
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T., 13 Bishop St (fancy chair manufacturer)
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William Haughton, 1 Florinda place (gentleman)
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Joseph, 22 North Earl St (plumber)
Thomas, 22 East Essex St (carpenter)
From the Law Directory (not listed at stated address)
Philip William, 4 Kildare St (solicitor)
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Arthur, 33 Rutland Sq West (barrister - Michaelmas term 1845)
Daniel, 33 Rutland Sq West and Vittoria, Mallow (solicitor)
From the Law Directory (not listed at stated address)
D.C., 1 Upper Mount St Crescent (solicitor)
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Brothers, 33 Dawson St (military merchant tailors)
George, 3 Fleet Market (broker)
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Alexander, 21 Gardiner's place and 3 Clifton terrace, Monkstown (solicitor)
Henry Alexander, 21 Gardiner's place (solicitor)
James, 114 Stephen's green West (solicitor)
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Edward, 17 South Anne St (beadle and engine keeper of St. Anne's parish)
James, 62 South Great Georges St (cutler)
Thomas, 14 Stoneybatter (trimming shop)
From the Law Directory (not listed at stated address)
John, 37 Blessington St (solicitor)
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John, 8 Upper Abbey St and 132 Capel St (baker - Annsboro' Mills' Bakery)
Mrs., 3 Wilson Sq (occup not listed)
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Thomas, 27 Stafford St (tailor)
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and Carroll, 15 Westland Row (solicitors)
Miss Eliza, 14 Harrington St (occup not listed)
Mrs. Elizabeth Jane, 15 Heytesbury terrace (occup not listed)
George, 20 Lower Leeson St (barrister - Trinity term 1826)
George, 13 Haddington Road (occup not listed)
Henry, 60 Blessington St (solicitor)
John H., 44 Stephen's green East (painter)
Joseph, 10 Essex bridge (agent - Catholic Book Depository)
Miss, 7 Grafton St (milliner)
Miss, 19 George's place North (occup not listed)
Mrs., 21 Belvidere place (occup not listed)
From the Law Directory (not listed at stated address)
and Carroll, 5 Lower Merrion St (solicitors)
Edwin, 5 Lower Merrion St (solicitor)
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Thomas Cade, 55 Lower Mount St (barrister - Easter term 1794)
The above entry appears in the directory under the surname Cade,
but from correspondence with members of the Battley family, it appears
that Cade was a common middle name, so I have entered Thomas under both names.
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Espine, 59 Stephen's green East (barrister - Easter term 1819)
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William, 54 Stephen St (broker)
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John, 16-17 Trinity St (hotel and tavern)
John P., 49 Lower Baggot St (apothecary)
Mary, 73 James' St (victualler)
Thomas, 24 Barrack St (carpenter)
William, 8 Molesworth St (boot and shoe maker)
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Elisha, 11 George's hill (timber merchant)
John Frederick William, 24 South Frederick St and Tolka lodge, Finglas bridge (solicitor)
Hon. Mrs., 67 Stephen's green South (occup not listed)
Peter, 1 Stamer St, Portobello (Esq.)
Sibthorpe, 9 Capel St and 5 Sydney avenue, Blackrock (solicitor)
Thomas W., 26 Blackhall St (barrister - Michaelmas term 1838)
From the Law Directory (not listed at stated address)
Henry R., 43 Lower Dominick St (barrister - Michaelmas term 1838)
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Edward James, 9 Talbot St (Esq.)
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James, 6 Palmerston place (clerk)
William Thomas, 16 Arbour Hill (provision dealer)
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Cornelius, 38 Stephen St (broker)
Denis, 15 Crow St (tailor and draper)-spelt Behan in street listing
James, 14 South King St (hair dresser)-spelt Behan in street listing
John, 21 Stephen St (provision dealer)
John, 123 Capel St (importer of English and French leather)
John, 21 Werburgh St (hair dresser)
John, 24 Moore St (fishmonger to His Majesty, His Excellency the Lord Lieutenant, and His Grace the Duke of Leinster)
Patrick, 20 Moore St (victualler)
Thomas, 2 Market St (boat owner)
Thomas, 70 Montgomery St (paper stainer)
William, 113 Lower Coombe (pump borer)
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Patrick, 52 Mary St and 39-40 Stafford St (cabinet maker)
Patrick, 40 Lower Kevin St (butter crane)
Patrick, 43 Lower Kevin St (butter crane)
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George, 59 Watling St (skinner)
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Francis, 5 Francis St (provision dealer)
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B.S., 38 Lower Gardiner St (solicitor)
George, 38 Lower Gardiner St (solicitor)
From the Law Directory (not listed at stated address)
Francis, no address (barrister - Trinity term 1839)
J.N., 3 Upper Gloucester St (solicitor)
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William Haughton, 11 Westland Row (builder)
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Mrs. Deborah, 11 Herbert place (occup not listed)
Mrs., 13 North Richmond place (occup not listed)
Richard, 11 Herbert place (not listed at address)
William, 6 Clanbrassil place (not listed at address)
From the Law Directory (not listed at stated address)
Thomas J., 18 Upper Merrion St (solicitor)
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Captain William, 6 Margaret place
Edmund, 6 Margaret place (solicitor)
Francis, 7 Mountjoy Sq South (barrister - Easter term 1802, commissioner of Lunatics)
Mrs. George, 37 Upper Buckingham St (occup not listed)
James, 17 Barrack St (provision dealer)
Mrs., 22 Russell place (occup not listed)
Owen, 3 Trinity St (merchant tailor)
Pakenham, 22 Gardiner's place (apothecary)
Richard William, 27 Blessington St (Esq.)
Thomas E., 18 Merrion Sq South (doctor of medicine)
William, 9 Lower Mecklenburgh St (carpenter)
William, 10 Peter St (house painter)
William and Sons, 36 Cuffe St (occups not listed)
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Henry C., M.D., 115 Lower Baggot St (doctor)
From the Law Directory (not listed at stated address)
Edward M., 42 Fleet St (solicitor)
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Miss, 9 Hatch St (occup not listed)
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Miss, 57 Upper Mount St (occup not listed)
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Henry, 3 Seville place (Esq.)
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Henry, Broadstone (secretary to the Mid-Great Western Railway)
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Sarah, 11 Lower Temple St (occup not listed)
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James, 2 Wilme court, Christchurch place (tabinet weaver)
Mary, 2 Wilme court, Christchurch place (furrier)
Maryanne, 23 Blackhall row (victualler)
William H., Lower Queen's Inn chambers, 3 Henrietta St (barrister)
From the Law Directory (not listed at stated address)
W.H., Downpatrick (barrister - Easter term 1796)
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Catherine, 26 Eden quay (hotel keeper)
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John, 69 Lower Charlemont St (printer)
Lester, 1 Wesley place, Clanbrassil St (Esq.)
Mrs. Margaret, 69 Lower Charlemont St (occup not listed)
Thomas, 16 Molesworth St (occup not listed)-spelt Beeby in street listing
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Thomas, 16 Molesworth St (occup not listed)-spelt Beddy in general listing
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and McKee, 2 Aungier St (grocers and wine merchants)
George, 4 Upper Dominick St (solicitor)
Usher, 21 Holles St (solicitor)
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and Vance, 9 Lower Bridge St (business not stated)
James, 17 North Summer St (occup not listed)
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John, 14 Chambre St (clothier)-listed as Reeves in general listing
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and Doran, 105 Capel St (wine, tea and general merchants)-listed as Doran and Begg
Mrs., Anne, 7 Anne St, Nth Circular Rd (occup not listed)
Mrs., Anne, 45 Great Brunswick St (occup not listed)
Patrick, 5 Ormond market (victualler)
William, 173 Great Britain St (fishmonger to his Excellency the Lord Lieutenant)
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